I have excerpted some of the records relating to lines I'm following. As I've gotten these notes from two different sources, not all have file references. Will be trying to get some of these records copied; would welcome a partner or some partners in the effort. The asterisks mark the files I would most care to have, as they would be direct ancestors.

See my reference chart for regnal calendar years.

Record initials indicate:

C: Chancery Series
W & L: Courts of Wards and Liveries Series
E: Exchequer Series
Estate of:FilesRegnal DateEquiv
BASSETT, James 2 Jas I1604
BASSETT, John 3 Edw IV1463
BASSETT, John, knight 1 Henry VII1485/6
BASSETT, John, knight 20 Henry VIII1528
BASSETT, William 33 Edw I1304/5
BASSETT, William 7 Rd II1383/4
BASSETT, William, mil 22 Rd II1398/9
BASSETT, William 14 Edw III1340
BEAUMONTE: BEAUMOND, Joan, wf of Tho 1 Henry VI1422/3
BEAUMONTE: BEAUMOND, Thomas, mil 29 Henry VI1450/1
BEAUCHAMP: BEAUPRE, Ralph de  3 Edw III1329
BLOYON (sic), Alanus   
BLOYON, Ralph son & hr of Alan, proof of age  
BOTREAUX, Elizabeth, wf Wm 12 Henry VI1433/4
BOTREAUX, William 30 Edw I1301/2
BOTREAUX, William son & hr of Wm, proof of age 
BOTREAUX, William 15 pt1 Rd II1391/2
BOTREAUX, William & Elizabeth 18 Rd II1394/5
BOTREAUX, William, chiv, dec'd 18 Rd II 13 Henry IV1411/2
BOTREAUX, William, mil 2 Edw IV1462
*BulLER, Francis C Vol 356,108; W&L, Bdle 54, 29; 58,10814 James I1616
*BulLER, Richard C Vol 105, 52-3 Ph & M1555?
CAMPO ARNulPHI, John 27 Henry VI1448/9
CAMPO ARNulPHI, William 33 Edw I1304/5
CARMYNOW, Alice, wf of Ralph 4 Henry VI1425/6
CARMINOW, Joan, dau & hr of Tho 19 Rd II1395/6
CARMINOW, Joan, wf of Tho 19 Henry VI1440/1
CARMINOW, John, Esq son & hr of John #99 8 Henry V1420
CARMINOW, John 1 Edw VI1547
CARMINOW, Katherine, wf of Tho 13 Rd II1389/90
CARMINOW, Catherine 30 Henry VIII1538
CARMINOW, Nicholas 30 Henry VIII1538
CARMINOW, Philippa 12 Henry VIII1521
CARMINOW, Richard, arm 2 Henry IV1400/1
CARMINOW, Roger 2 Edw II1309
CARMINOW, Thomas 12 Rd II1388/9
*CARMINOW, Thomas, mil #4621 Henry VI1442/3
CARMINOW, Thomas, arm 21 Henry VI1442/3
*CARMINOW, Ralph, chivat Bodmin; #1110 Rd II1386/7
CARMINOW, William 15 pt2 Rd II1391/2
*COURTENEY, Emelina, wf of Edw C, 1545 Edw III1371
COURTENAYE, Thomas Inquis de herede tantum C, 155 Rd II1381
CORTENEY, Edw, Earl of Devon C, 757 Hen V1419
COURTENAY, Hugh, Earl of Devon C, 29b10 Hen V1422
*COURTENAY, Hugh, chiv. C, 303 Hen VI1431
COURTNEY, Alian. d & h of Phil, wf of Hugh C, 215 Hen VI1433
COURTNEY, Edw C, Vol 55,10225 Hen V1437
COURTENAY, Phillip mil.C, 293 Edw IV1463
COURTNAY, Thomas, Earl of Devon C, 486 Edw IV1466
COURTENEY, Matilda, wf of Hugh C, 417 Edw IV= 1467
COURTENAY, Richard C Vol 53,43; E, File 171, 1924 Henry VIII1532
COURTNAY, Wm, knt C Vol 58, 110; E, File 175, 34; 177, 228 Hen VIII1536
COURTENAY, John C, Vol 129, 14; W&L, Vol 8, 923 Eliz I 1560
COURTNAY, William C Vol 207,128; W&L Vol 21, 5527 Eliz I 1584
COURTENAY, Lawrence C, Vol 242, 10337 Eliz I1594
COURTENAY, Richard C, Vol 526, 89 Chas I1633
DANIELL, Nich C Vol 301, 8; W&L Bdle 39, 1086 Jas I1608
HAWKIN, Elizabeth W&L,m Bdle 58,769 Jas I1611
HORSEY, John C Vol 81, 29425 Hen VIII1533
HOUGHTON, Joan E, File I, 224, I13 Henry VII1497
LANGFORD, Robt W&L Bdle 58, 6613 James I1615
LANGFORD, Wm C Vol 95, 11: W&L Vol 6, 106 Edw VI1552
ORCHARD, John 1 Chas I1626
POLLARD, Matthew 5 Jas I1607
POMERAY, Edw 24 Henry VI1445/6
POMERAY, Edw, knt 30 Henry VIII1538
PRIDEAUX, Humphrey 15 Jas I1617
PRIDEAUX, John, son of John 9 Henry VI1430/1
PRIDEAUX, Nich 19 Chas I1644
PRIDEAUX, Peter 9 Edw II1315/6
PRIDEAUX, Roger 24 Eliz1581/2
PRIDEAUX, Wm 7 Eliz1564/5
PRYDYAS, Thomas 30 Edw I1301/2
PRYDYAS, Thomas 4 Edw II1310/1
ST AUBYN, Blanche 36 Eliz1593/4
ST AUBYN, John, chiv 9 Rd II1385/6
ST AUBYN, John, chiv 10 Rd II1386/7
ST AUBYN, John, chiv 14 Rd II1390/1
ST AUBYN, John 7 Henry V1419
ST AUBYN, John 32 Eliz1589/90
ST AUBYN, John 16 Chas I1641
ST AWBYN, Tho 2 Chas I1627
SERGEAUX, Joan, sis & hr of Rd 1 Henry IV1399/1400
SERGEAUX, Philippa, wf of Rd 1 Henry IV1399/1400
SERGEAUX, Rd & Philippa 17 Rd II1393/4
SERGEAUX, Rd, chiv 1 Henry IV1399/1400
SYDENHAM, Joan, widow 30 Henry VIII1538
de TONY, Robt & Matilda 3 Edw II1309/10
TRELAWNY, Anne C Vol 482, 91; W&L Bdle 89, 32213 Chas I1637
TRELAWNY, John C Vol 31, 1208 Henry VIII1516
TRELAWNY, Jonathan, knt. C Vol 282, 82; W&L Vol 28, 322 James I1604
TRETHERFF, Reginald, arm. C, 684 Edw IV1464
de TREVERBYN, Walter & Andrew SOLENNY 30 Edw I1301/2