Parker Family Notes from Lancashire, England

These few records are ones I transcribed from the published parish records, available at the NY Public Library. I will be adding to them shortly. Names are modernized here, Latin form in records. The Parker family home, Browsholme, is in the West Riding of Yorkshire, but it borders Lancashire.

Whalley Parish

  • 1554 Jan 8 Robert Parker and Elizabethe Chatterton married
  • 1565 May 24 William Parker and Brigeta Smythe married
  • 1568 Oct 10 Jeana Parker, dau of Robert, baptized
  • 1573 Apr 19 Anna Chatterton, dau of Robert of "hi shottleworth", baptized
  • 1574 Jan 24 Robert Parker & Jeneta Lawe married
  • 1586 Apr 16 Thomas Parker, son of Richard, baptized
  • 1587 May 19 William Parker buried