"Cod. Lambeth 272 contains a list of the householders in 93 out of the 107 parishes in the city of London, together with the rentals paid for the houses and the tithes paid. The return was compiled by the clergy and aldermen of London in response to an order of the king in Council dated April 22, 1638." Dale chose to transcribe only the rents, not the tithes. "Three hundred copies only printed for the editor," notes the NYPL catalog.

This page mostly contains lookups I made for others; thought they could be useful to others searchers besides those who contacted me about this text, which is available at the NY Public Library, call number ARX (London). The order here is that of the book, which is arranged by parish. Lookups were: Boon, Hampson, Hopkins, Kirby/Kerby, Parker, Whitehead. There were no entries for Bedford, Buller, Josselyn, Marlowe, Shockley, Streeter, Stout, Strickland.

May 21, 1638. A certificate made by the parson to the King's Most Excellent Majestie by the names of the parishoners that pay Tithe to him, the estimation of what rent they pay, & the tithe that they now pay him by the yeare as followeth:

ParishStreet (rarely entered)NameRentM.S. page
All Hallowes BarkingMark Lane--- Kirbie£125
All Saints StayningBiliter LaneJohn Hopkins£342a
All Saints Stayningfor two housesMr Boone£4042a
All Hallows on the Wall Mr Kerby£546a
St Andrew Undershaft Mr Boone£1653
St Augustinetwo shopsEdward Kerby£667a
St Augustine Edward Kerby£1267a
St Botoph Billingsgate Master Thomas Hopkins£1679a
St Christopher le Stocks Mr Hopkins£1484
St Helen's within Bishopsgate R... Hopkins£ 2/10131
St Helen's within Bishopsgate Francis Kyrby£11131
St Helen's within Bishopsgate Thomas Smith£8131
St Helen's within BishopsgateCrosseby Househeld by E India Co£160131
St James within Aldgate Thomas Whitehead£7135
St James within Aldgate Thomas Hopkins£4136a
St James GarlickhitheMaiden LaneKerby£16139
Rectory of St Leonard's, Eastcheap"& for another house"Mr Richard Parker£25165
St Leonard's, Foster Lane Richard Hopkins£10169
St Leonard's, Foster Lane John Hopkins£8170
St Margaret Pattens Whitehead£5187
St Mary Aldermary Mr Hopkins£10191
St Mary Bothawnot rent; signed this listBenjamin Kirkby, curate 195
St Botoph without Bishopsgateleasing the livingWm Kirby£120209
St Martin Ludgate Widow Hopkins£6225a
St Martin Ludgate widow Whitehead£ 7/10226
St Martin Ludgate Gilbert Whitehead£9226a
St Martin's in the Vintrey The Widow Whitehead£2233a
St Martin's in the VintreyBrickehill LaneRichard Parker£10234
St Michael Bassishaw Thomas Hopkins£10244a
St Michael Bassishawprob nr Guild HallJohn Whitehead£7247
St Michael QueenhitheTrinity LanePhil Hampson£9258
St Olaves Hart St Mr Kirby£60282a
St Olaves Old Jewry Edw Boon£12293a
Trinity the LessQueenehith wardRd Hamson, parish clerk£4313
St Andrew Holborn Mr Hampson£20318a
St Andrew Holborn Mr Whitehead£8319a
St Andrew Middlesex Mr Kerby£8323
St Andrew Middlesex Mr Boone£14325a
St Botolph without Aldersgate William Parker£6342a
St Botolph without AldersgateFides AlleyJohn Hopking£8343a
St Botolph without Aldersgate4th precinctRichard Parkerno entry346
St Botolph Aldgate Peter Kirbye£2362
St Botolph Aldgate Habacuck Kirbye£3366a
St Botolph Aldgate Edmund Parker£2368
St Botolph Aldgate William Branson£2369
St Botolph without Bishopsgate Francis Parker£6 379
St Botolph without Bishopsgate Pamer and Kerby£20 386