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These are offered only for "trivia" interest: to tell us some of the concerns of our ancestors.

I was scouring the published Surrey parish records that are available at the New York Public Library [Surrey: Abstracts of Parish Records, Civil and Ecclesiastical, 1928], looking for records of ancestors that I did not find. Nevertheless, these items made interesting reading that others might also be surprised by. Note that I do not have the detailed lists twice referred to, as the available published record only told of their existence; we would have to go to the parish for more details.
I would welcome hearing from anyone more informed about these events who would like to add some commentary.

unspecified year
Chiddingfold Parish ecclesiastical records include "lists of briefs, one of which is for:
"Thirty distressed Protestants natives of Hungary who serve upon the gallies of Napole."
unspecified year
Womersh Parish volume 2 of ecclesiastical records lists briefs, one showing the sums given by each individual,
for the redemption of the English captives taken by the "Turkish pyrates."
Chobham Parish had a special rate collected
for the "opetale" (hospital) and "maimed men."
Newdigate Parish Register shows a collection was taken
for the redemption of "slaves taken by Turkish pyrates."
Long Ditton Parish ecclesiastical account book notes a special subscription was made
for the redemption of Turkish prisoners.
Horsell Parish ecclesiastical books show a collection
to ransom Michael and Peter Kys, Hungarians, taken and imprisoned by Turks [3s 6d],
and for the redemption of slaves out of Turkey by ye great briefe [20s 8d]
Newdigate Parish Register shows a collection was taken
for the relief of Irish Protestants.
Merton Parish ecclesiastical register #2 includes a detailed subscription list for "ye collection in Merton parish for
"ye slaves in Morocco, gathered ye 2nd week in Lent, 1700/01."
(note that I haven't got the list; the available published record is only an abstract)
Ash Parish Register of ecclesiastical memoranda includes:
a terrific storm throughout the country.
Dorking Parish ecclesiastical records, in the vestry book, notes
innoculations against smallpox "now raging in 70 houses in the parish."

Parker Records

In early days of looking for my Richard Parker, one text led me to think he was from Surrey, England; he was not; but perhaps these entries will be of use to other Parker searchers.

Source: Surrey Record Society Publications (1935)

Vol 36 reports the Surrey Session Rolls, Oct 1661, for which the Venire Facias list includes Richard Parker, yeoman of St. Olave Southwark.

Vol 35 contains this record:
Surrey Quarter Session Rolls midsummer 1661
"Edw Blunt, Rd Parker, Geo Smyth, Robt Conoway, Tho Haines & Nch Ranfeild, yeomen, (all) of St. Olave, being Supervisores Anglice scavengers there, allowed the common places there to be filled with mud ... ever since 10 Jul 1661, whereby they are flooded and the liege people of the king ... cannot pass by ... to their grave damage ... in evil example ... and against the peace ..."
Footnotes indicate "exon' per Certif' et fin' vi. d." for all the men named here.

The Jury panels, Quarter sessions rolls midsummer 1661, Hundred of Godalming, include Rd Parker of Godalming. That record led me to:

The "Parish Register of Godalming," Surrey Parish Register Society Pubications [NYPL: ARX(Surrey)1904]


  • 1653 Jan 29 Dorothy dau of Edw VENN and Joane his wife
  • 1660 Jun 21 Richard son of Rd PARKER and Joan his wife
  • 1661 Dec 23 Henry son of Rd PARKER and Joane his wife
  • 1663 Sep 24 Joane dau of Rd PARKER and Joane his wife
  • 1665 Aug 21 Mary dau of Rd PARKER and Joane his wife


  • 1648 Apr 2 Edw VENN and Joane DENIOR
  • 1649 Jul 16 Rd CHITTY and Joane DENIOR
  • 1655 Dec 1 Rd PARKER and Alice RAPLEY
  • 1659 Sep 6 Rd PARKER and Joane VENN
  • 1685 Rd PARKER and Mary EDWARDS


  • 1653/4 Jan 30 Dorathy dau of Edw VENN
  • 1653/4 Feb 6 Francis wife of Rd PARKER
  • 1666 Sep 19 Rd PARKER, a child wido.yeeds; destemper.

I don't understand the last notation, "wido.yeeds," and no key explained it. Any clues?