The records here have been selected first for relevance to my SMITH ancestry, shared by many here online: I have the line of Andrew Smith who named Hopewell, New Jersey.

I have also included names that are found in early (mostly West) Jersey records, with the Quaker community at Burlington in mind. Thus Duckworth and Lister are included. I'll be adding to this page as I can.


[CC] = Coley Chapel
[HC] = Heywood's Christenings
[HM] = Heywood's Marriages
[HB] = Heywood's Burials

Extracts from "The Northowram Register" by permission of Colin Hinson who has placed conditions on the further copying of the data for other than personal use. Colin Hinson provided the transcription to the UK & Ireland Genealogical Information Service on condition that any further copying and distribution of the transcription is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety. Any references to, or quotations from, this material should give credit to the original author(s) or editors. Please check Colin's conditions.

The Coley Chapel records were Heywood's for some years, so some records were transcribed twice. Heywood makes the note, transcribed by Colin Hinson, "This long interval of almost ten yeares I was parted from the excercise of my ministerial function by the Act of Uniformity in August 24 1662. Restored again to my work by the Kings declaration March 1672 to ministerial imployment in mine own house by license." These records are of nonconformists, mostly Puritans and Quakers.

Heywood's marriage records occasionally mention the couple being cousins to each other, or the woman having been the man's servant, or the bride being 15 or younger, which would indicate that these conditions were rare enough to warrant comment. Years are sometimes unsure: the year is not written for every record. Most records keep chronological order but some entries are out of order. I have put a year in every record here, by logical appearance, with notes when in doubt, but you might consult the original transcriptions of the entries that interest you to see if you draw the same conclusion. In any case, those Yorkshire pages are a site you shouldn't miss. I hope you'll also check the readings selection on Yorkshire here in my pages.

[HP] = Halifax Parish registers
[CH] = Chapters in the Early Registers of Halifax Parish Church by Walter James Waller, Halifax 1855, Whitley & Booth
[Sc] = Register of Sculcoates
[B] = Bingley Parish register
[SMB] = St Michael-le-Belfry (York) parish register
[Paver] = Paver's Marriage Index
[Ro] = Marriages at ROTHERHAM parish, Yorkshire, England 1664-1685

Entries here are notes I've taken from published copies of the registers available at the NYPL. "Parish Register of Halifax, County of York, vol ii, Marriages and Burials 1538-1593, transcribed and indexed by E.W. Crossley" published by the Yorkshire Parish Register Society, 1914, equals all of book I of the register. Note that in the Halifax parish records, there is some question of christening and burial records being mixed (mislabelled)!
Yorkshire Marriage Registers, West Riding, volume 1, transcribed by Blagg [NYPL: ARX(Yorkshire)], selected from Rotherham records of 1540-1837.
"Paver" includes Paver's Marriage License Index, vol 1, 1630 and Paver's Marriage Licenses [Add. MS 29668]. Note that it is rare for a man to be noted as "Mr" -- obviously then a minor distinction.
[Looking for forebears of Andrew Smith of Hopewell: Paver, vol 2 has no Andrew Smith. Helen Pitt p 126, Tho Pitt p 114; the only Burnleys are found below. Paver, vol 3 has no Pitt except Jane, p 116, no Burn(e)ley, no Sarah Foster, no early Geo Foster.]

Other sources are noted at the end of each surname section.

Note that Halifax Parish Wills, vol 2: 1545 -- 1559 has no wills for any Burnley, Foster, or Pitt. There are five Waterhouse wills in it and two Smith/Smyth wills which I have transcribed here on my pages of English wills.

Notes of historical interest

From Vicar Favour and His Times:
"In 1631, the plague visited Heptonstall and Erringden, and was so virulent, that 36 deaths occurred in one month; and the towngate of Heptonstall became so deserted, that it grew grass all over. In July, same year, the plague spread to Overden; and the Halifax register in four months, contains the names of 56 persons who 'died in Ovenden of the pestilence and buryd near their own dwellings.'"
"... soldiers belonging to the royalist forces, which entered and garrisoned Halifax, after the defeat of the parliamentarians, and capture of Bradford, July 3, 1643."
In Aug 1645, "the plague attacked Halifax, being no doubt occasioned by the overcrowding &c. caused by the presence of a large Scotch army," and seems to have lasted into the following year.

From Heywood:
1682 Prince Rupert (Prince of the Palatinate in Germany, K. James Daughters son, buried Nov. 8. aged 63 [HB]
1683/4 Lady ffairfax, Lord Henry ff. wife daughter to Lady Darnick buried at Otley ffeb. 16. aged 41 [HB]
1688 or 1689 Lord Henry ffairfax of Denton buried at Denton Chap. Ap 15. [HB]
1691 James 2d late King of England dyed in france Aug 1701, aged 68 [HB]
1720 King William 3d our good king dyed Lords day morning March 8 1701/2, 52 yeares of age, much lamented. [HB]
1700 Sept. Pope Innocent 12 dyed aged 85 [HB]
1700 Oct. Charloz, King of Spain dyed aged 40, Great Revolution expected there [HB]
1700 this year dyed 7 noblemen in England: [HB]

  • 1 Duke of Gloucester heir to---
  • 2 Viscount Lansdal
  • 3 Viscount Hereford
  • 4 Lord Castlehaven
  • 5 The Earl of Exeter
  • 6 the Duke of Bedford
  • 7 the Marqvesse of Halifax

Quaker meeting places recorded:

October 1689, Mathew Lupton's house in Bradeley in Kildwick
January 1694, Wm Lupton's house in Olerthorpe, Wakefield
January 1694, John Walker's house in Bingley, Wakefield
January 1694, Joseph Hollings's house, Allerton in Bradfordale, Wakefield
January 1694, Joseph Wright's house, Hippholme, Wakefield

Quaker associations noted:

Barnsley, Oct. 1682 Abraham Brigg of Kildwicke Parish was among those holding a conventicle at the house of Elizth. Stones.
{Quakers}.-Jo : Walker, of Brayton, for conventicle œ3 fyne Roth. 1683.
Joshua Smith, of Halifax, was committed, 1679, for refusing the oath of Allegiance tendered to him. Ordered to be brought to Doncaster Sessions. He was a noted Quaker.

Positions of note:

Jan. l682 Wm Bridges mentioned as Rector of Castleford
[yes, there are many more for me to comb through; would be glad of notes from others]

Isolated records of names found in early New Jersey

Some of these names are also found in early Frederick Co, VA. Keep in mind that many entries here come from registers of non-conformists, so include many Quakers; and that the Quaker community of Burlington, West Jersey, was largely established by people from London and from Yorkshire; the two groups seem to have taken lots on either side of a dividing line.
1672 Jun 4 James ANTRAM and Alice Crossely [Ro]
1673 Jul 3 James Antram and Margaret Whaites [Ro]
1679 Nov. 13 Mary DICKINSON wife to Jere. D. buried at Halifax aged 54 [HB]
1681/2 Feb 21 Thomas FRETWELL and Sarah Bradbury, widow [Ro]
1539 Jun 2 Wm Haldesworth & Agnes Hawghton [HP]
1678 Sr Rich. HOUGHTON of Houghton Tower ffeb. aged 60 buried [HB]
1690 Aug. 4 Saml s. Willm. LUPTON, Wakefield bapt. [HC]
1681 Jul 10 Richard OGDIN and Grace Greenwood, widow [Ro]
1645 Aug 24 Mary dau Robt PARKE bapt. [CC/hC]
1644 Nov 17 Judith the daughter John SALTONSTALL bapt. [CC]
1679 John Saltonstall, Wyke, buried Jan 2-, aged 74 [HB]
1669/70 Jan 24 Nicholas SATTERTHWAITE and Helen Taylor [Ro]
1675 Oct 7 Thomas Satterthwaite and Rosamund Machion [Ro]
1665 Jun 1 John SCHOLEY and Martha TINDALL [Ro]
1667 Jul 23 Richard Scholey and Elizabeth Greene [Ro]
1678/9 Jan 23 John STOUT buried [Sc] - just making a note since I don't find records of ours in Ntts and there aren't other Stouts here
1658 June 20 Joshua S Joseph WRIGHT bapt. [CC/hC]
1659 Decem 18 Jonathan s. Joseph Wright, Hipperholme bapt. [CC/hC]
1661/2 Jan.18 Hanna d. Joseph Wright Hipperholme bapt. [CC/hC]
1675 Oct 19 Thomas Wright and Anne Kent [Ro]
1680 Nove 16 Richard Wright and Elizabeth Milner [Ro]
1687 June 9 Robt s. John Wright, Bingley bapt. [HC]
1688 Apr. 30 Joseph s. Joshua Wright [HC]



1646 Oct 18 Jermy son Sam Bridge [CC]
1653 May 31 Grace dau of Samuel Brigge [CC]
1657 May 31 Grace dau of Samuel Brigge [CC/hC] (the above, re-entered?)
Jun 27 Sarah dau Abram Brigg [CC]
1679 May 13 Anne dau Joseph Bryges of Warly [CC/hC]
1689 June 27 Sarah d Abram Brigg [HC]
1690 Dec 9 Jere s. Abra. Brigg [CC/hC]
1691 Aug 19 Han. dr --- Brigg of Holbeck [HC]
1692 Sep 18 Martha d. Abra Brigg [CC/hC]


1588/9 Feb 4 Edw Brigge and Jenet Barret [B]


1677 Rich Brigg of Healy died at Michaelmas aged 70 [HB]
1678 ffeb. 28 Michael Briggs of Batley aged 66 [HB]
(probably 1678: records are a bit mixed) Edw. Briggs an old Kendal carrier, a good man, great ffriend to minrs, (bro't up a son a scholar, Preacher, not confirming went beyond sea, died) this good old man died Dec. 4, aged 64 [HB]
1679 Susan Brigg, with child by Tim Stocks, he ran away refusing to marry her, was deliver'd and died, Aug 18. Roger Stocks took care of it [HB]
1682 James Brigg of the Mountain in Shelf was seized Dec 8, died 12 aged 82 [HB]
1683 Martha Brigg of Northourum buried Mar 23. aged 72 [HB]
1683/4 James Briggs wife of Mountain buried ffebr. 6. aged 70 [HB]
1695-6 Jan. 31 David Brig of Carhous, Shelf, bur. at Halifax, aged 66 [HB]
1696 Nov. 13 Samuel Brig of Shelf hall buryed at Halifax aged 81 [HB]
1696/7 Jan. 28 Martha Brig of Shipden bur. at Halifax aged 80 [HB]
1700-1 feb 20 Esther Bridg of Savil green bur. at Halifax aged 77 [HB]
1700 Mary Brig bur. at Halifax dyed of a feaver, aged 40 [HB]
1701/2 Mch. 18 John Brigs wife of Shipden bur. at Halifax, aged 66 [HB]

Yorkshire Archeological Society, vol 123, Parish Register Society Publications [ARX(Yorks)1959]
Wm Brygge of Heptonstall . Nov 1440. Daus Isabell, Margaret, Alice, Agnes. Sons John, William.
Wm Brig, parish of Halifax, Oct 1533, pr Apr 1534. Richard Brig of Warley. Sir Rd Brig, priest. John Brig, Edw abrig, Tho Brig of Warley. John Smyth was one of three supervisors. Executors: John Brig, Tho Brig of Warley. No relationships are stated in the text of the will!



1538/9 Mar 20 Johanna filia Roberti Burnelay de Halifax sep. [HP] (this is with baptismal records: shd it be "bapt" and not "sep"?
1539 Jun 5 Jacobus filius Jacobi Burnelay de Schylff bapt. [HP]
1540 Apr 1 Johannes filius Richardi Burneley de Halifax bapt. [HP]
1540 Nov 15 Agnes filia Roberti Burneley de Halifax bapt. [HP]
1645 Nov 16 Mary dau Jo Burneley bapt. [CC/hC]


1540 Jun 7 Johannes Burneley et Alicia Holgate married [HP]
1636 Ann Burnley, spinster, Bradford and Stephen Langley, stapler, St Olave. London [Paver vol 1]
Mary Burnley p 122 [Paver vol 1]
Isabel Burneley p 119 [Paver vol 1]
Jno Burneley p 125 [Paver vol 1]
1661 Wm Burnley, gent, 25, Batley and Eliz Hick, spinster, 22, Leeds, married at Leeds [Paver v2]
1663 Tho Richardson, agric, 36, Branham and Mary Burnley, spinster, 28, Collingham, married at Collingham [Paver v2]
1669 Apr 28 Josias Brooke, gent, 45, Beeston and Mary Burnelay, spinster, 37, Batley, married at Rothwell [Paver v2]


1538/9 Mar 20 Johanna filia Roberti Burnelay de Halifax sep. [HP] (this is with baptismal records: shd it be "bapt" and not "sep"?
1541 Apr 30 Johanna filia Johannis Burneley de Skircote buried [HP]
1556 Margareta filia Ric. Burnley de Halifax bur? [HP]
1551 Dec 27 Will'm Burnley de Skercot buried [HP]
1553 Apr 4 Genet vx witti Burnley de Skercot bur. [HP]
1577 Apr 30 Rd Burneley de Skircot buried [HP]
1644 Nov 16 Mary dau Jo Burneley [CC]
1676 July 23 John Burnley of Shelf bur. at Coley lay 11 weekes in great misery almost eaten away with vermin, head in sores [HB]



1657 May 17 Abraham, son of Abraham Duckworth [CC/hC]
1660 May 13 Jonathan s. Abraham Duckworth bapt. [CC/hC]


1676 Sat. june 17 Abraham Duckworth bur. at Halifax [HB]
1680 March 30 Ester Duckworth of Barnes hill buryed at Halifax [HB]
1696 Robert Duckworth of Halifax a Quaker bur. at Harwood well Oct 30. 1090, a speaker, dyed of feaver (shd be 1696) [HB]
1700 John Duckworth dyed prisoner at Halifax bur. there feb 26. aged 50 [HB]



1658/9 March 6 Patience d Isaac foster, Shelfe [CC]
1659/60 March 20 Isaac s Isaac ffoster [CC]
1679 Oct 21 Mary dau John ffoster of Thornton [CC]
1692 Apr 8 Judith dau Wm ffoster [CC]
1695 July 16 Jonas s. Jonas foster, Denham [CC]
1697 Nov 15 Rebecca d Jonas foster of Denham [CC]
1695 Apr 12 Thomas s Thomas foster in Denham [CC]
1696 May 7 Abraham son Thomas foster, Denham [CC]
1697 Nov 15 Judith dau John foster [CC]
1700 May 19 John son John foster, Denham [CC]
1679 Oct 21 Mary d. John ffoster of Thornton [HC]
1692 Apr 8 Judith d Wm. ffoster [HC]
1695 Apr 12 Thomas s Thomas foster in Denham [HC]
1695 July 16 Jonas s. Jonas foster, Denham [HC]
1696 May 7 Abraham s. Thomas foster, Denham [HC]
1697 Nov 15 Judith d. John foster, and Rebecca d Jonas foster of Denham, both bap. [HC]
1700 May 19 John s. John foster, Denham bap. [HC]


1632 Oct 8 Geo Foster, Addle and Ann Moss, Leeds, married at Adle [Paver vol 1]
1639 John Foster, yeoman, 22, Weston and Ann Hirde, spinster, 24, Keighley, married at Keighley [Paver vol 1]
1651 Aug 31 Wm Foster and Sarah Shacklestone [B]
1668 Alex Foster, clothier, 24, Leeds and Sarah Hirst, spinster, 20, York, married at St Martin Coney St or Spinnergate [Paver v2 p129]
Geo Foster, agric, 30, Kirkby Misperton and Isabel Storr, spinster, 23, New Malton. Either place [Paver v2 p161]


1698 April 2 Abraham foster of Denham buryed at Howarth, aged 74 [HB]
1701 Apr 9 John foster of Denham bur. at Thornton Chappel, a good man aged 84, drove beasts on friday dyed Lords Day morning [HB]
1701 Apr 9 John foster (another of that name) of Denham bur, aged 63 [HB]
1702 Apr 11 Mathew foster, of Cottingly had not been well but breathed his soul exp--ly by his wife, aged 74 [HB]


What is this rare name doing here? Well, actually it may relate to Richard Stout's mother (Bee or Gee ... ); and while he was b c1611 in Burton Joyce, NTT, the name turns up so rarely I have made note of these records.
1591 Oct 4 Wm Gee, son to Mr Gee [SMB]
1591 Oct 11 Wm Gee, son to Mr Gee within the mynster yard, was bur [SMB]
1610 Feb 10 Elsabeth, dau of Sir Wm Gee, knight, bapt [SMB]



1644 Nov 3 Sara the daughter of Jo Lister [CC]
1647 June 27 Mary daughter of John Lister of Brier [CC/hC]


1541 Aug 7 Wittmus Lyster et Effan~e Watrhowse [HP]
1672 Aug. 1 John s. Joseph Priestley of York and Sarah Lister of the over briar marryed [HM]
1682 Nov. 15 Mr John Lister & Mrs Bathshua Pickering [HM]
1690 Apr 13 Mr John Lister of Maningham & Sam Lister of Overbriars datr [HM]
1695 May 16 Mr Saml Lister of Shipden Hall and Dorothy Priestley [HM]
1696 June 9 ---- and Martha Lister married at Bradford [HM]
1698 feb 18 William Lister of Bingly mar. ---- Dobson of Cottingly both of these young men stole their wives (previous record not incl here) [HM]
1699 June Mr James Lister, Apothecary in Halifax & d. Willm Issot of Horbury [HM]
1700-1 Jan. John Terry of High Bently marryed Mary Lister of Wibsey Mr. John Listers daughter [HM]


1676? Mr. Lister, Vicar of Wakefield Jan 17. aged 80. vicar 50 years [HB]
1677 Mr Tho. Lister of Shipden Hall Jan 30. aged 80. blind 12 [HB]
(1682-1691) ---- Lister near Bradford burd July 28, aged 80. Mr Jo. Listers grandffather [HB]
(probably 1689 or 1690: records are a bit mixed) Mr Wentworth of Empsal a young Heir of œ8000 p. an. came to Thornton with his half Bro. Lister died of Small Pox, Aug' 8, aged 18 [HB]
(probably 1689 or 1690: records are a bit mixed) Capt Lister of Maningham bur. ffebr 9. aged 60. a great man in his time [HB]
(probably 1690 or 1691: records are a bit mixed) Mr Tho. Lister son of Mr Saml L. of Shipden Hall buried Apr. 5. aged 34 [HB]
(probably 1691: records are a bit mixed) Mr John Lister (Mr Sam. L. son of Shipden Hall, a sad young man bur. Aug. 9 [HB]
1692 Mrs Esther Lister of Shipden Hall died in bed by her husband Jan 26, aged 60 [HB]
George Boyl of Shelf was laughing, fell down in a palsey fitt in the ffold May 8, at Jos Listers near Wibsey Slack 1693, aged 75. He was of the same family near High Town that the Earl of Burlington came from [HB] (incl for the mention of where this one Lister lived)
1695 feb 17 Mr John Lister of Horton buryed at Bradford [HB]
1696 July 20 Joseph Listers wife of Thornhill bridg buryed, aged 70 [HB]
1697 Ap. 19 Joseph Listers wife Sarah bur. at Bingley, ag. 65 [HB]
1698 Mr Lister of Thornton in Craven Esq dyed in the South unmarried left Sir John Kays youngest son 1500 a year, brought to be buryed at Almondbury Nov [HB]
1700 June 20 Mr John Listers wife of Ovenden (widow) buryed at Bradford, aged 70, Mr Ellison preacht [HB]
1701 Jan. 8 Mr Joseph Lister of Horton bur. at Bradford aged 50 [HB]



1621 May 27 Katherine ye dau of Andrew Smith bapt [SMB; note, no other Andrew Smith entry in the index]
1623 May 12 Francis, son of Mr Wm Smith [SMB]
1626 Jul 8 Jane, dau of Mr Wm Smith [SMB]
1629 Jul 4 Charles, son of Mr Wm Smith [SMB]
1630 Sep 2 Christopher, son of Mr Wm Smith [SMB]
1631 Nov 25 Elizabeth, dau of Mr Wm Smith, Clerk [SMB]
1634 Apr 14 Judeth, dau of Mr Wm Smith [SMB]
1636 Oct 25 Edw, son of Mr Wm Smith, Clerk [SMB]
1641 Feb 17 Geo, son of Mr Wm Smith, Clerk [SMB]
1644 Dec 1 Susan dau Jeremy Smith [CC]
1644 Dec 1 Edith dau Michael Smith [CC]
1646 May 1 Samuell son Mich. Smith [CC/hC]
1646 Oct Jeremy son Abrah. Smith [CC]
1646 Feb 21 Susan dau Jo Smith [CC]
1646 Apr 10 Sam son Henry Smith [CC]
1646 Apr 10 John son Rich. Smith [CC]
1646 Aug 5 Tymothy, son of Wm Smith [SMB]
1647 May 8 John son Robt Smith [CC]
1647 May 8 Nathan son Jere Smith [CC]
1647 Nov 29 Wm, son of John Smith [SMB]
1648 Nov 14 John, son of Wm Smith [SMB]
1651 Apr 22 Wm, son of Wm Smith [SMB]
1652/3 Feb 3 John son of Robert Smith [CC]
1652/3 Feb 24 Isaac son of Isaac Smith of Hungerhill [CC]
1653 Jul 20 Susana dau of Samuel Smith [CC]
1653 May 1 Mercie dau of John Smith [CC]
1653 May 31 John son of John Smith of B-- [CC]
1653 April 1 Joshua sonne of Isaac Smith of Northorom bap. [CC/hC]
1655/6 feb 3 John son of Robert Smith [CC/hC]
1655/6 feb 24 Isaac son of Isaac Smith of Hungerhill [CC/hC]
1655 April 28 Mary the doutr of Isaac Smith of Northourom bap. [CC/hC]
1656 feb. 23 Martha doutr of Isaack Smith of Northourom bap. [CC/hC]
1656 Jul 20 Susana dau. of Samuel Smith [CC/hC]
1657 May 31 John son of John Smith of B-- [CC/hC]
1658 21 James [dau](sic) Robert Smith of Priestley green [CC]
1659/60 Mar 19 Dinah dau Isaac Smith [CC]
1660 Nov 18 Mary dau Robert Smith, Priestley green [CC]
1660 Dec 11 Samuel son Abraham Smith, Northourum [CC]
1660 Dec 1 William son James Smith, Norwood green [CC]
1664 Jan 12 Grace dau of Andrew Smith bapt [Sc]
1679 May 20 John s. Robert Smith of Southourum [CC/hC]
1680 Nov. 28 Elihu s. Robert Smith of Southourum [HC]
1688 Aug. 26 John s. Isaac Smith of Collier Syke [CC/hC]
1692 Apr 15 Martha d. Isaac Smith [HC]
1690 June 13 Mary d. Isaac Smith [HC]
1694 Aug. 27 Isaac s. Isaac Smith, of place [HC]
1699 Apr. 21 Isaac son of Mr. Mathew Smith, bap. [CC/hC]
1699 July 28 John s. John Smith bap. [CC/hC]


1539 Jun 8 Jacobus Smyth & Eliz Whytheyd [HP]
1539 Nov 10 Antonius Smyth & Margareta Stansfeld [HP]
1539 Oct 26 Will' Townehend et Alcia [sic] Smyth [HP]
1541 Jun 19 Jon~es Smyth et Isabella Clayton~ [HP]
1541 Jul 3 Ricius Grenewod [parish of] Eland et Agnes Smythe [same parish] [HP]
1542 Jun 5 or 15 Edw'rdus Haldeworth et Helena Smythe [HP]
1617 Jun 10 Wm Smith and Mabbell Agglesfield [SMB]
1618 Nov 23 Wm Smith and Ann Hemsley [SMB]
1628 May 22 Wm Smith & Elizabeth ffeatherstone married by licence [Sc]
1636 Jennet Smith, spinster, Beeston and Geo Gamble, agric, Leeds, married at Beeston [Paver vol 1]
1638 Andrew Smith, barber surgeon, 30 and Rosamond Senior, widow, Wakefield, married at Wakefield [Paver vol 1]
bet 1666 & 1678, John Smithe & Elling Gibson [Sc]
1671 John Sandall, yeoman, 28, Idle and Margaret Smith, spinster, 21, Bradford. Bradford or Tong [Paver v2]
1674 Henry Burdett, yeoman, 26, Harwood and Ann Smith, spinster, 23, Kildwick. Kildwick or Otley, 1674 [Paver ML]
1674 John Smith, clothworker, 30 and Jane Shipley, spinster, Leeds. Beeston or Armley [Paver ML]
1674 John Kent, yeoman, 20, Chapel Allerton and Rebecca Smith, spinster, 19, Pudsey. Armley or Bramley [Paver ML]
1674 John Smith, grocer, 24, Skipton and Eliz Walker, spinster, 18, Ilkley, married either place [Paver ML]
1674 Jas Wadsworth, yeoman, 26, Sheffield and Ruth Smith, spinster, 24, Ecclesfield. Either place [Paver ML]
1675 Jun 1 Wm Smith, clerk, 28, Goodmanham and Ann Fairfax, Spinster, 20, Whitby, married at Thornton [Paver ML]
1678 Aug. 6 Robert Smith of Priestley green married Joshua Hopkins daughter of Northourn. [CC/hM]
1679 Jun 19 ffrances Smtih & Mary Kirton [Sc]
1679 ffeb. 17 James Oates & Hannah Smith [HM]
1680 Ap. 26 John Ramsden & Grace Smith [HM]
1680 Apr. 27 Joseph Hainworth & Eliz. Smith [HM]
1683 Oct. 16 Mr Smith & Mr Harrisons dr. [HM]
1683 Nov 19 John Smith & Martha Wells [Sc]
1683 or 1684, Jan. 1 Mr Tim Smith of Leeds & Mrs Knightly Hickson [HM]
1693 Nov. 14 Matthew Smith of Mixenden and Susanna Datr of Lieutenant Sharp of Horton [HM]
1695 May 7 Mr Whately of Skipton, Apothecary, and Mrs Smith whose husband died in Y. Castle [HM]
1696-7 feb. 11 John Smith my clark and Rebecca Viccars marryed at Halifax, daughter of John Viccars of Thorp near Idle [HM]
1697 Aug. 2 Mr. John Smith of Wakefield and Mtris Mitchel marryed [HM]
1696-7 feb. 11 John Smith my clark and Rebecca Viccars marryed at Halifax daughter of John Viccars of Thorp near Idle [CC]
1699? Feb 17 James Oates & Hannah Smith [CC]
1680 Apr 26 John Ramsden & Grace Smith [CC]
1680 Apr 27 Joseph Hainworth & Eliz. Smith [CC]
Oct 16 Mr Smith & Mr Harrisons dau [CC]
Jan 1 Mr Tim Smith of Leeds & Mrs Knightly Hickson [CC]
Nov 14 Mr Matthew Smith of Mixenden and Susanna Datr of Lieutenant Sharp of Horton [CC]
May 7 Mr Whately of Skipton, Apothecary, and Mrs Smith whose husband died in Y. Castle [CC]
1697 Aug 2 Mr. John Smith of Wakefield and Mtris Mitchel [CC]
1700 May William Wilkinson of Wyke & Elizabeth Smith, widow, marryed at Halifax [CC/hM]
1701 June Mr Samuel Smith of York & Mtris Margaret franckland of Rawthmel marryed [CC/hM]


1575/6 Feb 4 Margret Smythe de Northouru buried [HP]
1620 Jan 12 Wm Smith, a prisoner that dyed at Mr Outlayes, bur [SMB; probably Ottley's]
1652 Oct 8 Wm Smith servant to aldr. Dickinson bur [SMB]
1657 a child of Micael Smith buried 7. 1657 [HB]
1665 Nov 30 Daniel son of Andrew Smith buried at Sculcoats [Sc]
1665 feb 18 Grace dau of Andrew Smith buried [Sc]
Did the deaths of these children help Andrew decide to emigrate - because of conditions? or was it mainly opportunity or religion?
1678 James Smith of Northourum very well on Lords Day Aug 25, died 27 buried 30 his sister buried day before ancient 1678 [HB]
1679 Dec 3 Jno Smith of Cottingham
1681/2 Mar 12 James Smith of Norwood Green died, ag. 80 [HB]
1681 ffebr. 23 Mrs Smith buried out of Salford aged 63 [HB]
1682 Isaac Smith of Northourum buried June 14, aged 76 [HB]
1682 Isaac Smith's widw of Collier Syke in Northourum buried Nov. 2. aged 70. [HB]
(probably 1690 or 1691: records are a bit mixed) John Dickenson heard Mr Smith on thursday Dec 25 bur. Jan 1. small pox, purples, hopefull [HB]
1696 July 6 Robert Smiths wife buried at Coley Chappel, aged 73 [HB]
1696 Dec. 24 Robert Smith of Shelf buryed at Coley chappel aged 86 [HB]
1697 Ap. 1 Michael Smith of Hove Edge buryed at Lightcliffe, aged 81 [HB]
1697/8 feb. 22 Martha Smith wife Isaac Bently of Northourum bur. at Halifax, aged 66 [HB]
1699 May 19 Mr John Smith preacher at Deanhead bur. there aged 82 [HB]
1700 Sept. 19 Timothy Smith of Shelf bur. of a feaver at Halifax, aged 47 [HB]
1700 July 21 James Smiths wife of Great Horton bur at Bradford aged 74 [HB]
1700 Mr John Smiths wife of Wakefield (Mtris Mitchel, daughter to Willm Wilton) dyed of small pox Lords Day Night Apr. 21, bur. Apr 24 aged 40 [HB]
1701 May 7 John Smith my Clark dyed of Smallpox bur at Halifax [HB]



1658 March 14 Susanna d John Walker [CC]
1677/8 Mar 4 Thomas son Thomas Walker, Westercroft [CC]
1677/8 Mar 4 Martha dau Thomas Walker, being twins [CC]
May 12 Joshua son Thomas Walker, Westercroft [CC]
Sep 10 Sarah dau Robt Walker, Bingley [CC]
1682 Mch 28 Mary d. Thomas Walker, Ouru [CC/hC]
1694 Apr 8 Han. dau Robt Walker, of Bingley [CC]


1639 Geo Pitt, tanner, 23 and Olive Walker, spinster, 20, Felkirk, married at Felkirk [Paver vol 1] assuming these are the parents of Olive Pitt who married Andrew Smith (The only other Pitt marriage there: Rd Pitt, clothier and Hannah Kirke, spinster, Leeds. Leeds, 1635 [Paver vol 1]
1658 Nov. 2 Jeremiah ffield Judith Walker maryed at Coley [HM]
1674 May 1 Abraham Whittaker of Tingley, Woodkirk parish and Elizabeth Walker of Burstall parish, publisht, marryed [CC/hM]
1674 John Smith, grocer, 24, Skipton and Eliz Walker, spinster, 18, Ilkley, married either place [Paver ML]
1676 Sep. 27 John, eldest son of John Kershaw of Norwoodgreen marryed Martha d. Joshua Walker of Rushworth Hall at Bradford [HM]
1679 May 13 Danl Walker of Lightcliffe married one from Leeds formerly his servt. [HM] [CC]
1680 Apr 6 Mr. ffrancis Maud of Alverthorpe & Mary Walker of Walterclof [CC/hM]
1683 Apr. 14 Mr Jere Bentley of Ealand & Judith Walker of Walterclough. She bore a son Sept 22 [CC/hM]
1683 ffebr 16 John Mitchel stole away Abra. Walkers Datr. married her. she 15 year old [CC/hM]
1684 May 29 John Hanson & Mary Walker [CC/hM]
1686 May 14 Joshua Wright & Han. Walker married [HM]
1691 June 23 John Walker and Judith ffoster [CC/hM]
1693 June 11 Rich Scarborough and Mrs Mitchel (Abra Walkers datr) [CC/hM]
1697/8 Feb 19 Mr John Walker ---- dau to Wm. Rawson [CC]
1698 feb. 19 Mr John Walker mar. feb 1697/8 be married ---- dr to Wm. Rawson [HM]
1699 Oct 28 Mr. Green of Robert-town in Burstall parish and Achsah dau Daniel Walker at Burstall [CC]


1676 July 5 Will Walker aged 80 bur. at Halifax [HB]
1676 Will. Walker of Folds bur. ffeb. 18 [HB]
1678 A woman died suddenly who liv'd at Wm Walkers near Walterclough Dec 21 [HB]
1682 John Walkers widow at Hoyl bur. July 30, aged 70 [HB]
1688 or 1689 Anne Walker (Mr Langleys Dau) Abra Walkers wife of Waterclough buried June 18 [HB]
(seems to have died two months after marriage - all records near it are 1687 and 1688) John Mitchel of Crow Nest in Lightcliffe (that married Abr. Walkers daughter ffeb. 16. 1688,) buried Apr 8, not 21, surfeit fever. [HB]
(probably 1689: records are a bit mixed) Sarah Walker of Walterclough buried May 3. aged 50 [HB]
(probably 1689 or 1690: records are a bit mixed) Danl Walker of Lightcliffe buried his wife Oct. 22 [HB]
(probably 1689 or 1690: records are a bit mixed) Danl Walker himself buried Oct 26 left a daughter Achsah abt 6 years of age, themselves abt 40 [HB]
1695 Nov. 20 Mr Abraham Walker of Walterclough buried at Halifax aged 66 [HB]
1695-6 Jan. 22 Edmund Walker, Huthersfield bur. there, a rich man [HB]
1696 June 8 Richard Walker of Ratcliff bridg a strong Quaker, buryed at Knot mills, aged 80 [HB]
1697 Apr. 18 Joseph Walker of Bingley at meeting Lords day twice died tuesday morning , Palsie, aged 71 [HB]
1701 Apr. 30 John Walker of Bingly bur there aged 66 [HB]
1702 April 17 Richard Walker of Bingly, long melancholy, now better, was found dead in his bed, buryed aged 64 [HB]

Further WALKER records:
Halifax Parish Wills, vol 1: 1389 -- 1544, #64 John Walker of Southowram. 23 Aug 1507. Wife Helen. Daughters Alice and Agnes. Pr 28 Oct 1507.
Halifax Parish Wills, vol 2: 1545 -- 1559, only 2 Walker wills:
#81 John Walker, Halifax 6 Aug 1551 John Walker [1551 Oct 6 John Walker de Hiperom sepult] of Lyeghclif in parish of Halifax. Wife Mary, son John Walker, servant John Scholfeld, bro-in-law John Saltonstall; Jennet Scholfelde, dau of Edw Scholfelde, servant Wm Grenegeld; Isabell and Agnes, daus of Edw Scholfelde; Jenet Walkar, Agnes, & Isabell, my daughters. Supervisors: Tho Smith, Geo Bothes, John Saltonstall, bro-in-law. Witnesses: Tho Smith, John Saltonstall, Rd Dicconson.
#226 Hugh Walker, parish of Eland. 10 Dec 1558. Hughe Walker of the parish of Eland. Tho Walker my bastard son, George Hirst my brother, wife Ellyne Walker. Pr 22 Mar 1558/9. Tho Walker was not then 21, nor married.


See my updated Waterhouse descents.


1539 May 14 Ricardus filius Roberti Waterhowse de Sowerby bapt [HP]
1539/40 Jan 11? Gilbertus filius Roberti Waterhowse de Skyrcote bapt [HP]
1539/40 Jan 17 Agnes filia Thome Waterhowse de Skyrcot bapt [HP]
1540 May 9 Johannes filius Johannis Waterhouse de Hyperome bapt [HP]
1540/41 Feb 8 Isabella filia Johannis Waterhouse de Sorby bapt [HP]
1540/41 Feb 11? "eodem" Richardus filius bast. Edmundi Waterhouse et Agnetis Dyconson bapt. [HP]
1541 Apr 22 Richard son of Jacob Waterhouse of Schybdene bapttized [CH]
1541 Sep 12 Sibella dau of John Waterhouse of Warley baptized [CH]
1541 Oct 12 Robert Waterhouse of Sowerbi baptized [CP]
1582 Jun 8 Mychaell fil. Lawranc. Waterhowse de Skircot [HP]
1644 Nov 3 Nathanyell son of Anthony Watterhouse [CC]
1652/3 Feb 3 Anteney son of Anteney Wattrous [CC]
1652/3 Anteney sonne of Anteney Wattrous in, janewary bapt. [CC/hC] same as above?


1539 May 6 Nicholaus Beldon de Ottelay et Sibella Waterhouse [same parish] married [HP]
1539/40 Jan 18 Will' Mychell et Elizabetha Waterhouse married [HP]
same year? Apr 22 Mr. Bairstow of Chester married Dorothy dau Mr. Waterhouse of Bradford [CC]
1540 Oct 11 Thomas Stoke & Eliz Waterhowse [HP] [CH]
1540 Nov 9 Johannes Waterhouse & Elizabetha Helewell [CH]
1540 Nov 22 Robert Clarke of Byrstall & Isabella widow of Tho Waterhouse
1541 Jul 4 Johannes Beamonte/Beamgate [parish of] Eland et Agnes Waterhowse [same parish] [HP]/[CH]
1541 Aug 7 Wittmus Lyster et Effan~e Watrhowse [HP]
1541 Aug 8 Thomas Lacy et Agnes Watrhowse [HP] [CH]
1661 Tho Thorndike, gent, Leeds and Christiana Waterhouse, widow, Birstall, married either place [Paver v2]


1538 Nov? 20 Richard Waterhouse buried [HP]
1538/9 Mar 30 Isabella nuper relicta Georgii Waterhose bur [HP]
1539 Jan 28 Johannes Waterhouse de Halifax buried [HP]
1530 May 3 Thomas son of John Waterhouse of Sowerby buried [CH]
1540 Jul 18 Micheall son of Edw Waterhouse of Skyrcote buried [CH]
1540 Sep 25 Johanna dau of Robert Waterhouse of Skyrcote buried [CH]
1540 Dec 26 Richard son of Robert Waterhouse of Sowerby buried [CH]
1541 Jul 18 Richard Waterhouse of Skyrcote buried [CH]
1563 Sep 22 Susanne filia Johis War'house de Skyrcote bur? [HP]
1567 Mar 12 Susanna filia Henrici Waterhouse de Sourbe bur? [HP]
1578 Jul Susan fil. Johis Waterhowse de Halyfax sepult. [HP]
1585 Jun 27 Lawrance Waterhouse de Skircote buried [HP]
1637 Oct 2 Susan Watterhouse buried Bingley parish [B]
1644 Nov 3 Nathanyell the sonn of Anthony Watterhouse [CC]
1678 Nathl Webster that married Mary Mr Waterhouse dr. got the foul disease they say at London in Oct, died Dec. 28, buried at Bradford [HB]
1678 Mrs. Waterhouse of Bradford died suddenly Jan. 18 [HB]
1678 Jan. 31 Mrs Sharp (Mr Tho. Sharps mother) of little Horton was at Mrs Waterhouse funeral Jan 21, died aged 63 [HB] (incl for the note of the funeral)
1687 Aug. 12 Isaac Waterhouse of Washerlane found dead in bed [HB]
1697 Oct Mr Waterhouse of Ponfrit bur there aged 80 [HB]
(most near this 1699/1700 but another 1680 mixed in so yr unsure) Ant. Waterhouse of Blake hill buried Jan 20. aged 80 [HB]