Colonial, Quaker and early Republic Records of the NJ - VA BRANSONS and some associated families

Antram/Antrum, Borden, Day, Fernly, Fawcett, Haines/haynes, Matlack, Ridgway, Scholey, Shinn

and a couple more names I follow: Boyden, David.

Source Key:

  • B = Burlington Monthly Meeting Records, Burlington Co West Jersey (began 1678)
  • CR = Crooked Run Monthly Meeting records, Warren Co VA
  • FrCoVA = Abstracts of Wills, Inventories & Administration Accounts of Frederick Co VA 1743-1800 by J.E.S.King, Gene'l Pub, Baltimore 1980
  • H = Hopewell Monthly Meeting records, Frederick Co VA
  • HLSV = History of Lower Shenandoah Valley
  • P = Philadelphia Monthly Meeting records, PA (began 1682)
  • S = Salem Monthly Meeting records, West Jersey (began 1676)

Note that numbered months are from Quaker records so 1=March. Entries here are chronological, at least by year; I might cheat on monthly order to keep related records together. Use your browser's "search" ("edit/find in page") function to check for your surnames.

YearMonth/DayEvent or Record
16808/31Mary SCHOLEY dau of Robt mar John Rogers of Nottingham at Tho Lambert's house, Nottingham (B)
16819/9Dinah, dau of Samuel & Elizabeth BORDEN, born (B)
16826/6Lewis David rocf Redstone Gen'l Mtg, Pembroke co, S Wales (date is certif) (P)
nothing more on this name, but other Davids
16823/12John Day rocf Ashwell MM, ENG (date is certif)
1685-1690Children born to John & Elizabeth Day: (B)
  1. Elizabeth 9-20-1685
  2. Mary 9-13-1688
  3. Sarah 8-9-1690
16868/4Thomas SCHOLEY ltm Sarah Parker
16883/25John Day gct England
1694-1695Entries for Thomas and Mary SHINN:
son Tho b 11-6-1694; son Samuel b 2-15-1695; Tho died 11-9-1695. No indication which Tho died, but as there are no further entries for children, it may be the father; and there is a likely entry for the son below in 1753. (B)
16958/24James Boyden of PA mar Miriam Rowley of Burlington at Burlington (B)
16962/16Mary Boyden, dau of Jas, Bucks, PA mar Daniel Radley of Phila at Jas Boyden's house (P)
169710/8John SCHOLEY & Rebecca Benet, both of Burlington, mar at Tho Williams's house (B)
169910/24Ann, dau of John & Rebeckah SCHOLEY, born
  SHINN family: see Mount Holly MM
17069/21Edward Barton & Sarah Day, both of Burlington, mar at the house of John ---
17112/2John SCHOLEY gct Chesterfield MM to marry (B)
1711to 1729Children born to John & Frances SCHOLEY (B):
  1. Susannah 12-4-1711/2
  2. John 11-22-1714/5
  3. Thomas 12-5-1718/9
  4. Mary 12-24-1720
  5. Esable 2-28-1721
  6. Samuel 5-25-1723
  7. Rebecca 8-3-1725
  8. Sarah 6-6-1727
  9. Jonathan 8-3-1729
17139/17William Matlack son of Wm mar Ann ANTRUM dau of John, all of Burlington, at Burlington MH (B)
1719to 1734Children born to Samuel and Mary SHINN: (B)
  • Mary b 3-16-1719 d 9 yrs
  • Alis b 1-20-1721
  • Sarah b 6-16-1723
  • Tho b 5-2-1725
  • Mary b 12-3-1727/8
  • Eliz b 4-14-1730
  • Marcy b 10-31-1733/4
  • 17254/7James ANTRUM reported marriage to Mary "Mackelutch" (B)
    (of the family of the Maclatche on BRANSON will?)
    17257/24Mary Boyden rmt Jacob Shute (P)
    17291/3Thomas SCHOLEY & wf rocf Chesterfield MM Ireland dd 1728/9-12-6 (B)
    1735/61/16Martha ANTRUM m. John OSMUND in Springield (B)
    Martha is dau of Thomas ANTRUM of Burlington (& Sarah Taley?)
    17393/17Mary ANTRUM m. Solomon SHINN in Springfield (B)
    Mary is dau of Thomas ANTRUM of Burlington (& Sarah Taley?)
    Solomon is son of James SHINN of Burlington
    1739and laterMatlack names found in Phila, mostly family of Timothy (P)
    1740to 1773entries for children of Solomon & Mary Ridgway (B)
    sorry, didn't note individuals
    1743 Rebecca SCHOLEY rmt Joseph Wright (B)
    1743OctProbate of Benjamin BORDEN's will, of Orange Co VA;
    names Wm H(F?)earnly and wife (BB's dau), dau Hannah Rogers, dau Rebeckah BRANSON et al (FrCoVA)
    174310/1John ANTRUM m. Priscilla Haines in Springfield (B)
    John is son of John ANTRUM of Burlington
    Priscilla is dau of Daniel Haines of Burlington
    17441 MarChas Baker sold to Sam'l Earle "25 acres of land more or less, on the Cruked Run, being part of a grant to Jost Hite, who sold to John BRANSON, who sold to Baker." (HLSV)
    1744MayThomas BRANSON's estate in Frederick Co admin'd by Thomas Jr and John BRANSON (FrCoVA)
    1744MaySamuel SHINN charged by first grand jury of Frederick Co VA for selling liquor without a license
    1746 Rent rolls of Frederick Co, VA, show:
    • John BRANSON 243, John BRANSON 291
    • Thomas BRANSON 421
    • Benjamin BORDEN 3143
    • Jacob Chrisman 200
    • John PAINTER 155
    • John VanMeter 885, John VanMeter 1786
    • Hites: Isaac 300, Isaac 300, John 266, John 1050, Joist 266, Joist 449, Joist 499, Jos P 608

    HLSV says it was in this year that Thomas and John BRANSON came into possession of (the) 600 acres of land left them by their father.
    17462/7 Jonathan BRANSON reported marriage to Alice Atkinson (B)
    174810/6Sarah BRANSON, wf of Wm, died (P)
    17492/3John BRANSON and wife Martha OSMOND get Burlington NJ certificate to Hopewell and report their marriage
    174911/1Lionel BRANSON reported marriage to Rebecca Rodgers (B)
    1750 Isabel SCHOLEY rmt Jacob Ridgway (B)
    1750 Land holders of Frederick Co VA include:
    • Jacob Hite
    • Wm Fearnly
    • Bethany Haines
    • Abraham & Joseph Haines
    • John PAINTER
    • Thomas Reese
    • Edwin Rogers
    • Mary Spurgeon
    • Abraham VanMeter
    • Henry & Isaac VanMeter
    • Isaac VanMeter
    • Jacob VanMeter
    • John VanMeter
    • (George Washington)
    • (Maj. Lawrence Washington)
    17532/27Thomas SHINN of Northampton, an elder, died age 58 (B)
    1753 9/3 John ANTRUM married out of unity; wife Elizabeth rec'd by request
    17546 - Lionel BRANSON and William BRANSON disowned by Hopewell for "disunity" - so have moved to VA without requesting a certificate to another meeting, I suppose
    175512Thomas BRANSON and wife Martha and child get Hopewell certificate to Warrington PA; rec'd there 17-7-1756
    17568/23Mary BORDEN, dau of John, died (P)
    175712Elizabeth BRANSON gets Burlington certificate to Hopewell
    1759 John BRANSON, Frederick Co rent roll
    17603/3John BRANSON, wife Martha, dau Martha BRANSON; also Thomas BRANSON, Anna BRANSON, Amelia OSMOND & (E)unis OSMOND all get Burlington certificates to Hopewell
    17604/7 John ANTRUM Jr gets Burlington certificate to Duck Creek
    17605/5BRANSON group in 3/3 entry don't move as expected and John returns the certificates to Burlington MM
    17608Thomas BRANSON Jr rec'd at Hopewell from Burlington
    17613 Thomas BRANSON married out of the unity (H)
    17615 John BRANSON, wife and dau's Martha and Ann rec'd at Hopewell from Burlington (Ann is a separate entry); also Amelia & (E)unice OSMOND
    176110John BRANSON co for Crooked Run Mtg
    1761 Mary SCHOLEY rmt Job Ridgway (B)
    17627 Samuel SHINN Jr rec'd at Hopewell from Evesham NJ
    17634/25Tho BORDEN (Burden) rocf Evesham MM dd 1762-11-4 (S)
    1763-1768entries for children born to David & Jane Ridgway (B)
    sorry, didn't note individuals
    17642Samuel SHINN reported married out of unity & disowned (H)
    17643Anna (nee BRANSON) SHINN disowned (H)
    176412Elizabeth (nee BRANSON) Corder reported marriage out of unity and disowned (H)
    1764 John BRANSON, Frederick Co rent roll
    Thomas BRANSON, patentee, Frederick Co rent roll
    17653/7Tho BORDEN & Amey Silver of Salem Co mar at Piles Grove MH, NJ (S)
    17691Martha BRANSON m Thomas Fawcett (H)
    Martha is dau of John BRANSON and Martha of Frederick Co.; Thomas is son of Richard Fawcett and Rachel of Frederick Co.
    (children: John b 14-1-1770 m Mary PAINTER; Richard b 22-9-1771; Martha b 3-11-1773; Rachel b 24-3-1775)
    17691/2Daniel ANTRUM, wife Susannah, children Rachel, Levi & Edith get Burlington certificate to Hopewell
    17695/1John ANTRUM, wife Elizabeth, children Caleb, Mary, Esther, Joshua & Elizabeth get certificate from Burlington to Hopewell
    176910/2Tho BORDEN dis, disunity (S)
    1769 first SHINN certificate to Hopewell VA
    1770NovProbate of John BRANSON's will, naming dau Anna SHINN, dau Elizabeth Corder, dau Mary Duckworth (wife of John), dau Martha Fawcett, grandson John BRANSON, wife Martha BRANSON, son-in-law Thomas Fawcett. Witnesses: Mary Ellis, Andrew McKay (FrCoVA)
    17713George SHINN, wife Rachel, children Elizabeth, Mary & Israel rec'd at Hopewell from Burlington certificate dated 1769/2/6
    17719/2a new Thos Fausett and son John arrive at Hopewell from Ballenderry Ireland; the next yr John marries a 1st cousin and is disowned; then Thos Fausett is disowned for marrying out of unity; and they are no longer mentioned at Hopewell]
    17725/25Tho Barton buried, age 65 (P)
    177212Thomas BRANSON disowned (H)
    1773 Thomas BRANSON, patentee, Fauquier Co rent roll
    So he had moved a bit east, but I have no specific land records for him in these 7 years.
    17797/27Meriam BRANSON rocf Haddonfield MM (S)
    17799Thomas BRANSON restored to unity (H) & granted certificate to New Garden MM, NC
    177910William BRANSON and Elizabeth are in Stafford CO;
    marriage of son Abraham recorded in Hopewell
    177911Eunice BRANSON of Stafford Co m Wm Wright (H)
    17814/5Hannah Fawcett m Caleb Antram (H); Hannah is dau of Richard Fawcett & Rachel of Frederick Co.
    (Caleb I imagine is son of John Antram & Elizabeth who moved to Hopewell in 1769; so he might be abt age 26)
    17828Sarah BRANSON rec'd by request at Crooked Run
    1782  Jarret and Thomas BRANSON are both on the Montgomery Co tax list.
    Brothers or father and son? 1 tithable, no slaves, 3 horses, 6 cattle. Thomas didn't have land, but Jarret did. I imagine that this is the father living with a son.
    1782to 1787Jarrett and Thomas BRANSON were both taxpayers throughout these years in Montgomery Co.
    Amos Holloway and Elizabeth SHINN declare their intention to marry (at Crooked Run);
    Amos cancels the notice because Elizabeth has died
    178310Sarah BRANSON m Thomas Fawcett (CR)
    Sarah is dau of Wm & Elizabeth BRANSON of Stafford (dec'd)
    178311/1 Jesse Holloway replaces Thomas Fawcett as overseer of Crooked Run PM (at TF's request to be relieved)
    178312/17 John Holloway m Mary SHINN in Stafford, VA (CR)
    John is son of John Holloway & Margaret of Stafford Co.
    Mary is dau of George SHINN & Rachel of Stafford Co.
    (children: Geo b 1784-9-26; Jesse b 1786-12-1)
    17842Rachel BRANSON m Abel Holloway (CR)
    Rachel is dau of Wm & Elizabeth BRANSON of Stafford (dec'd)
    1784 6Thomas BRANSON, wife Jane & children Robert, Hannah, Thomas, David, (E)unice & Jacob rec'd at Crooked Run from New Garden NC on certificate dated 1784/4/24
    178410Ann (nee Rea) BRANSON reported married contrary to discipline; disowned 8 months later for it (CR)
    William BRANSON reported married contrary to discipline (CR)
    17875Jonathan SHINN rec'd at Hopewell from Burlington on certificate dated 1786/8/7
    178712Beulah (nee PAINTER) BRANSON reported married contrary to discipline, to first cousin; disowned the next month (CR)
    17881/30Miriam BRANSON & Tho Norris, both of Salem Co, mar at Salem MH (S)
    17885Thomas BRANSON, Andrew McKay, Thomas "Fossett"(surely Fawcett), Daniel Brown & Isaac Perkins appointed by CR to attend quarterly mtg
    178810 Jonathan SHINN reported married out of unity & disowned (H)
    1788-1810entries for children born to William & Mary Ridgway (B)
    sorry, didn't note individuals
    17902Jacob BRANSON rec'd at Hopewell from Crooked Run
    17911David SHINN rec'd at Hopewell from Mt Holly NJ 1790/8/5
    17913David SHINN's children Samuel, David & John recrq (H)
    179112Jacob BRANSON granted certificate to Crooked Run
    179212/12Eunice Fernly m Richard Fawcett (CR)
    Eunice is dau of Thos Fernly & Martha
    17943/31Samuel BRANSON, minor, rocf Haddonfield MM dd 1794-2-10 (S)
    179512/16Jacob BRANSON of Stafford m Rebeckah Holloway (CR)
    Jacob is son of Wm & Elizabeth BRANSON of Stafford
    Rebeckah is dau of Asa & Abigail Holloway of Stafford
    1796FebProbate of will of Robert Haines, naming wife Margaret, sons Robert and Noah, Amos, John and Nathaniel (youngest). Execs: wife, Thomas Fawcett, Thomas Smith (FrCoVA)
    1796 3/16William Fe(a)rnl(e)y m Hannah Fawcett at Crooked Run MH
    Wm is son of Thomas Fernly & Martha
    Hannah is dau of Thomas Fawcett & Martha of Frederick Co.
    Wm b 1774/5/22 d 1799/1/29, Hannah b 1778/11/17
    1796OctProbate of Samuel Baker's will, naming sons James and Samuel. Execs: friend Maj. Thomas Massie et al (FrCoVA)
    1800 Southside families: North Carolina census shows BRANSON households:
    • Henry Rnd 299
    • John Stk 558
    • Joseph Cht 195
    • Leonard Stk 566
    • Levi Cht 194
    • Levi Cht 220
    • William Stk 558
    • Zacheriah Stk 575
    18059/24Jacob BRANSON, wife Rebecca (Holloway), children Abigail, Isaiah, Phoebe & Lydia rec'd at Concord MM, Ohio on 6/29 certificate from Crooked Run and 9/21 certificate from Short Creek (It is noted that Hopewell sent many families to the Concord MM in Ohio in the years 1803-1805.)(Also note that in 1837 a son of Jacob & Rebecca BRANSON of Fayette Co PA married at Pike Run; same wandering couple?)
    18072/14Abigail SHINN died (B)
    18082/2Martha BRANSON, Frederick coWill, Bk 8 p356Inv & Accts, Bk 8 pp 486, 488, 489
    180910/15Mary BORDEN died, age 25 (P)
    1810 "Gerrard" BRANSON and all his sons, then grown - Thomas, John, "Gerrard Jr.", Valentine, Andrew - are in the Patrick Co census.
    None own slaves. The father has 6 horses; the sons, 3 each except Andrew who has 1. That seems average for the area; slaveowners are relatively few (10%?) with 6 or 7 slaves being a lot; many people do not own horses, a very few own 6 or 7.
    1810 Crickard's index of 1810 VA census
    Only BRANSON hshlds in Frederick Co are Ann's & Rebecca's
    so all males have moved on
    Fawcett: Elijah, John, Tho Jr, Tho Sr
    Corder: Benj, Jas, Patty
    No SHINN
    1811 Lionel BRANSON, Frederick co Inv & Accts, Bk 9 pp 41
    1812 Rebecca BRANSON, Frederick coWill, Bk 9 p147Inv & Accts, Bk 9 pp 234
    18137/14Ann SHINN, dau of Asa & Sarah, died, age 25 (B)
    181310Mary BRANSON m Jos Fawcett (H)
    Mary is dau of Abraham and Sarah
    182411/25Sarah SHINN, widow of Asa, died
    182612/12Sarah SHINN, dau of Asa & Sarah, died, age 43 (B)
    18271/4Mary BORDEN died (S)
    1827 Abraham BRANSON, Frederick coWill, Bk 14 p41Inv & Accts, Bk 15 pp 216, 218, Bk 16 p391
    1832 Sarah BRANSON, Frederick coWill, Bk 17 p125Inv & Accts, Bk 17 pp 252, 253, Bk 18 p274
    18332/13John SHINN died, age 76
    1834 Alfred SHINN, son of Tho & Abigail, died (B)
    1846 Sarah Ann BRANSON, Frederick co Inv & Accts, Bk 22 p 94
    1853 Robert BRANSON, Frederick co Inv & Accts, Bk 23 pp 359, 362
    1854 William P BRANSON, Frederick co Inv & Accts, Bk 24 pp 41

    Later Branson wills in Frederick Co, VA:

    • Joseph, 1878, Bk 33 p 254
    • Nathaniel B., 1898, Bok 41 p 42
    • David W., 1906, Bk 43 p 340
    • Jana W., 1916, Bk 45 p 365.

    Just a note for further searches: Wythe country, VA, deeds have no Branson, McGowan or David as grantee.


    Branson land in VA * * * Branson wills

    Buddy Duckworth has posted some early Duckworth records on a Rootsweb page. No direct Branson connection there but the families were contemporaries in early Burlington county.