BRANSON Deeds in early Virginia

This chart is not complete! It's as much as I've managed to gather so far, but I didn't have enough time in Virginia to get all the Branson deeds noted. If anyone cares to add to it, I'd welcome the contribution.

Also see Bransons found in rent roll and tax records.

Source notes and abbreviations used:

  • VPB = Virginia Patent Book, followed by book and page numbers
  • NNG = Northern Neck Grants, followed by Book (A, B, etc.) and page number
  • NNS = Northern Neck Surveys, followed by Book (A, B, etc.) and page number
  • ODB = Orange Co Deed Book, followed by book and page numbers
  • orig = original
  • L&R = lease and release
BRANSONDateCountyAcres DescriptionSource
Thomas 12 Nov 1735 --- 850 at the head of the south branch of the Opeckon, nigh a cattail meadow, crossing a branch of Little Cacapon River, beginning at Jost Hite's two corner red oaks & walnut VPB#16 p385
Hite's house
Lord Fairfax to Thomas Branson  Orange  ODB#7 p34
Thomas Branson to Nathaniel Cartmell1741    ODB#8 p69
Yost Hite to Thomas Branson Orange882 ODB#8 p
Thomas Branson to Martin Cartmell13 Jan 1741   ODB#8 p
Yost Hite to John Branson 1730 to be Orange not sure   ODB 3 p?
John Branson to Paul Froman24 Jun 1730 to be Orange 300   ODB 3 p186
Thomas Jr. 3 Oct 1734 Orange 1370 On the western side of Sherrando River on both sides of Crooked Run VPB#15 p331
Gov & Council of VA to John Branson 3 Oct 1734 to be Orange 1000 Sherrando Lake, on w side of Sherrando river across Cedar Run or Creek, by the gap VPB#15 p336
Gov & Council of VA to John Branson24 Jun 1739 Frederick    FDB SC3 p324
John Branson to John Koontz24 Jun 1739 Frederick     FDB SC3 p324
John 1739 Frederick SOLD
At Mulberry Run, Crisp's lines, Cedar Creek branches
John 1739 Orange 1370 Hill on nw side Crooked Run deed from Thomas Jr.
John 28-9 Jun 1739 Orange 115 L&R
to John Dyer
part of a patent of 1000 ac at Mulberry Run in Wm Crisp's line ... down the several courses of Cedar Creek Orange deed bk p278-81
John 19-20 Nov 1739 Orange 290 L&R from
Thomas Jr.
part of a patent for 1370 ac, hill on the nw side of Crooked Run for L25; Orange deed bk p 364-7
John 1742 Frederick On Crooked Run, adj Robt McKay, formerly Wm Serjeant's
John & wife
23-4 Aug 1742 part of Orange,
"now Frederick"
100 L&R
to Chas Baker
On Crooked Run adj Robt McKay Jr, formerly in possession of Wm Serjeant for L26; Orange deed bk 5 p63-7
John 4 Jun 1765 Frederick 109 On Crooked Run, adj his own; neighbors incl Jas Remey & John PainterNNG- M p384
John 4 Jun 1765 Frederick 109 On the drains of Crooked Run, surv'd by Robt Rutherford, adj sd Branson NNG-M p384 orig
Jared 28 Nov 1782 Montgomery
& Washington
270 Burk's Fork waters, New River Summers, Annals of SW VA p878
Jarret 1 Dec 1786 Montgomery ----
Burk's Fork branch New River was to Thos Dillard, Grantee
Jarret 25 Apr 1796 Montgomery 150 On Big Reed Island, a branch of New River Grants 35 p175
Jarret 15 Oct 1798 Patrick ? On Big Reed Island, a branch of New River Co Bk 1 p574
Jared 25 Oct 1798 Patrick deed from Jas Doak & wife to "Garrett" Patrick Co Order Bk 1791-1800 cited
Jarrett 29 Mar 1800 Patrick 53 On south fork of Johnsons Creek adj McMillion Grants 45 p267
father or son?
1 Sep 1809 Patrick 112 On the headwaters of Lovings Creek adj Summers & Branson land Grants 59 p235
Jarrett 7 Oct 1812 Patrick 95 On waters of Johnson Creek adj his own land Grants 63 p289
or "Jarrott"
1798-1812 Patrick 8 deeds various in Patick CoCo deed books
Valentine 6 Aug 1810 Patrick 54 On the headwaters of Johnsons Creek adj his own land Grants 61 p46
John 1 Aug 1861 Carroll 373 On w side of Blue Ridge on Loving's Creek Grants 118 p16
Lionel B.
"Leonal B."
29 Jun 1791 Hardy 51 On e side of Lost River of Cacapon
adj his own & Wilkins's land
NNG-V p167-8 orig
+ NNS#3 p27
Lionel B. 14 Nov 1794 Hardy 156 On the waters of Kimmes(?) Run, a drain of Lost River NNG-W p469 orig
+NNS-3 p302
Lionel 14 Nov 1794 Hardy 74 On the waters of Cove Run, a drain of Lost River of Cacapon NNG-Wp434-5 orig
+NNS#3 p301-2
Lionel 17 Oct 1810 Hardy 23 Adj lands of Mathias Wilkins heirs & Jas Russell NNG-A#2 p364-5
Lionel 17 Oct 1810 Hardy 52 On Cove Run waters of Lost River, adj land of Jacob Miller & his own NNG-A#2 p365-6 orig
+NNS-A p30-31
Jonathan 13 Oct 1812 Hardy 61 On the waters of Cove Run, a drain of Lost River, adj the land of Lionel Branson's heirs &c NNG-A#2 p505-6 orig
+ NNS-A p109-110
Jonathan 20 Sep 1816 Hardy 19 On Mill Run, a drain of Lost River, adj the lands of Mathias Wilkins' heirs & Geo Wilkins NNG-B#2 p225-6 orig
+ NNS-A p285
William 30 Nov 1839 Hardy 100 On e side of Lost RiverNNG-E#2 p56
Lionel F. 1 Sep 1859 Hardy 1700 vsla note: see Harness, John G Jr this dateNNG-F#2 appendix p12-3


This was a grant from the Governor and Council of Virginia. It was followed by another grant from the Council on 24 Jun 1739. On that date, John Branson sold that land to John Koontz - or at least part of that land - need to check the deeds. FDB SC3 p 324. [return to the deed]
Also on 19-20 Nov 1739 John Branson was witness to Robt McKay Jr's sale to Thos Chester of 100 ac, AND to Thos Chester's sale to John Funk of 500 ac. [return to the deed]
Witnesses to this lease and release were Abraham Hollingsworth, Jost Hite, George Robinson. On 26 Aug 1742, the transaction was proved by JH and GR and by affirmation of Abr Hollingsworth. Were John and Isabella back in Jersey? [return to the deed]
James Remey and John Painter, mentioned as neighbors in this 4 Jun 1765 deed surveyed by Robt Rutherford, were also named in other deeds from 1754 & 1762: [return to the deed]
20 Dec 1754. James Ramey of Frederick county, 450 acres in sd co on Indian Branch of Crooked Run, adj Branson's patent, surv'd Robt Rutherford. Bk H p 586
17 Dec 1762. John Painter of Frederick county, 168 acres on Crooked Run in sd co, surv'd Robt Rutherford, adj sd Painter, John Branson, Alexander Oglesby. Bk M p 93
15 Jun 1768. John Painter Jr of Frederick county, 315 acres on Stephensburg Run in sd co, srv'd Peter Stephens, adj sd Painter, Alexander Oglesby, Mary Hains, Branson. Bk O p 158

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