Source: First Settlers of the MO Territory, vol 1

Grants from American State Papers, class 8, Public Lands

NYPL call APR (MO) 84-2482

These first items are instances of Pattersons giving testimony re: land claims presented to the US commissioners, from various persons seeking confirmation of grants issued by the previous governor; they are copied just to show the presence of Pattersons in MO these years. It seems all these claims were rejected by the commissioners. In fact, reading over the two thick volumes of these hearings gives the idea that the commissioners were just going through a formality to deprive all the early settlers of land, so it could be regranted /resold! But later I did find some confirmed land claims, including some presented by Pattersons. Does anyone know more about this process?

Volume 1
Andrew Patterson, a claim for 351 arpents & 50 perches on Byrd's Creek, district of Cape Girardeau, produces as a special permission to settle, List A, on which claimant is #72 for 300 arpents; a plat of survey dd 2 Dec 1805 signed B. Cousin, & countersigned Antoine Soulard, Surveyor General. 6 Feb 1810: not granted. [!] p57
Wm Patterson, claim for 970 arpents situated on White waters, district of Cape Girardeau, produces as special permission to settle, List B on which claimant is #24 for 650 arpents, + a survey of 970 arpents dd 27 Feb 1806.
2 May 1806 Geo Bollinger says claimant settled sd tract in Oct 1803, built a cabin thereon & moved his family on the same; that he did in 1804 clear 10 ac, raised a crop & has actually inhabited & cultivated it to this day; had on 23 Dec 1803 a wife & 9 children. 3 Feb 1810 majority voted against the grant; commission voted 650 arpents.
Volume 2
1809 Mar 28 Wm Patterson, sworn, says that, abt 1797 or 1798, he saw a cabin which was called Williams's cabin, & that it was situated abt 300 yds NE of Edmond Hodges's house; he also passed sd cabin 2 or 3X/wk in 1797 & 1798, since when it was removed away; that he never saw any person inhabiting it, nor any cultivation near it. [This case refers to land near "Flouresont Village" - the only one I know of is Florissant, a suburb of St. Louis in the north part of the county.] p26
1808 22 Jun Benj Patterson, sworn, says that permises were improved in 1798 & 1799, in which yrs they were cultivated & inhabited, & constantly for the 3 following yrs, as the property of the claimant [=Louis Coignard on bayou St Thomas, district of New Madrid]. p110
1806 10 Mar Richard Jones Waters, assignee of Benjamin Patterson claiming 400 arpents situated on St Isidore, district of New Madrid, survey of land 6 Mar 1798, deed of transfer from Benj P 8 Feb 1806. Geo WIlson says the sd land was actually settled & cultivated by Benj P in 1797 & that he did prior to & on 1 Oct 1800 actually inhabit & cultivate the same. p111
1808 30 Jul Benj Patterson testimony re: land on bayou St Thomas district of New Madrid. p113 [someone else's claim, not BP's land]
1811 26 Jul John Patterson, claiming 1000 arpents of land situated between the town of New Madrid & village of Little Prairie, district of New Madrid, produces to the Board a notice to the recorder, Testimony 30 Jul 1808 Luke Devoir says in 1802 this tract was inhabited & cultivated, & constantly to the present time; 12 ac now in cultivation; a wife & 3 children in 1803. [This claim was NOT granted! Even with JP's family reported to have occupied it!]
1811 26 Jul Benoni Patterson, the heirs & representatives of, claiming 950 arpents between New Madrid & Little Prairie. 30 Jul 1808 Luke Devoir sd BP in 1802 inhabited & cultivated & constantly to Mar 1807; 14 ac then in cultivation; wife & 3 children in 1803. [Claim not granted!]
1808 30 Jul Claim of Hiram Patterson, heirs & reps of, 750 arpents between New Madrid & Little Prairie. Luke Devoir, witness, sd in 1802 the land was inhabited & cultivated & constantly to Mar 1807. 16 ac then in cultivation; HP above age of 21. 26 Jul 1811: claim not granted.
1808 30 Jul Benj Patterson Sr claiming 1100 arpents between New Madrid & Little Prairie. Witness Luke Devoir says in 1803 this was inhabited & cultivated, & constantly to this time. 31 or 32 ac now in cultivation. Wife & 4 children in 1803, besides which he (BP) provides for & supports in his family 4 other children. 26 Jul 1811: not granted. p114 (these 4 last entries)
A spring near the Glaize aux Biches was near Wm Patterson's survey. p168 [I don't know where that is.]


Another source: land warrants in MO from War of 1812 service. Albert, Alexander, James and John PATTERSON are listed. If anyone has these files from the National Archives, please let me know if you've identified the families.