I'll add info from other counties as I can. Here are the VSLA records and Pittsylvania Co indices.

from the VSLA electronic card index
26 Jul 1765James ShockleyHalifax400Patents 36:805 Both sides Little Pye Creek
1 Aug 1772James ShockleyPittsylvania354Patents 40:864 Both sides Little Turkey Cock Creek
1 Sep 1780James ShockleyPittsylvania348Grants D:188 Both sides Long Branch of Little Turkey Creek, adj Copeland
1 Sep 1780James ShockleyPittsylvania412Grants E:626 Both sides Little Turkey Cock adj his own land
24 Jun 1785Richard ShockleyMontgomery360Grants Q:222 On Little Reed Island, a branch of Big Reed Island, a branch of New River
15 Sep 1789Levi ShockleeFranklin339Grants 19:634 On Owens Creek & Pigg River
28 May 1796Meredith ShockleyMontgomery100Grants 34:262 On waters of Reed Island adj Rd Shockley & Tho Ogle
8 May 1798Charlton ShockleyPittsylvania235Grants 40:157 On branches of Little Turkey Cock Creek, adj Adkins, Smith & Camell
24 Oct 1800Josiah ShockleyGrayson160Grants 46(1799-1801):416 On Little Snake Creek, waters of Big Reed Island & New River
1 Nov 1804Davis ShockleyMonongalia145Grants 53:470 vsla note: see Willson, Tho & Davis Shockley, same date
1 Nov 1804Davis ShockleyMonongalia416Grants 53:476 vsla note: see Willson, Tho & Davis Shockley, same date
12 Feb 1805Davis ShockleyMonongalia389Grants 55:39 Beg. on the rd leading from Morgantown to Dunker Creek, corner to land surv'd for Ph Lowes & Wm Dawson
13 Mar 1805Davis ShockleyMonongalia47Grants 55:79 Adj land of Demune Howard
22 Nov 1805Davis ShockleyMonongalia70Grants 55:341 vsla note: see Willson, Tho & Davis Shockley, same date
22 Nov 1805Davis ShockleyMonongalia33Grants 55:345 vsla note: see Willson, Tho & Davis Shockley, same date
23 Jun 1806Davis ShockleyMonongalia86Grants 54:500 adj Coverdel Cole, Wm Watkins, Ph Shiveley
24 Jun 1808Davis ShockleyMonongalia258Grants 57:283 vsla note: see Morgan, Evan B & Davis Shockley, same date
14 Mar 1808John ShockleyMontgomery80Grants 57:86 South fork of Roanoke
30 Nov 1838John ShockleyGrayson45Grants 39:276 On waters of Little Reed Island
8 Sep 1842John ShockleyGrayson54Grants 93:264 On waters of Little Reed Island
31 Oct 1848Richard ShockleyCarroll81.5Grants 101:84 VSLA note: see Hardy, Andrew J & Rd Shockley of same date
1 Jul 1852Legrand ShockleyCarroll402Grants 107:275 On waters of Little Reed Island
1 Jul 1852John ShockleyCarroll400Grants 107:276 On waters of Little Reed Island, joining sd Shockley, Ogle, & Legrand Shockley, etc
1 Aug 1854John ShockleyCarroll489Grants 110:94 On waters of Bobbitts Creek
1 Apr 1859Legrand ShockleyCarroll6.5Grants 116:134 On waters of Bobbitts Creek
28 Nov 1771Jas ShockleyWm Peake2:372
28 Nov 1771Margaret (wife) & Jas ShockleyLevi Shockley2:377
25 May 1775Rd ShockleyJeremiah Ward4:142
24 Aug 1775Rd ShockleyDavid Ross4:162
28 Aug 1777Levi ShockleySam'l Calland4:391
20 Nov 1781Jas ShockleyElisha Walker6:210
15 Jul 1783Jas ShockleyCharlton Shockley7:84
16 Aug 1784Charlton ShockleyFrancis Henry7:343
21 Mar 1796Jas Shockley SrJas Shockley Jr10:328
21 Mar 1796Jas ShockleyCharlton Shockley10:329
18 Apr 1796Jas Shockley SrMargaret Shockley10:368
16 Apr 1798Tho ShockleyJesse Buley(?)11:255
20 Sep 1802Eliz (wife) & Jas ShockleyWm Swanson13:92
20 Sep 1802Tho ShockleyJohn Smith13:101
18 Oct 1802Charlton ShockleyJohn T Muse13:137

There are many more Shockley deeds, but I didn't copy all the later ones; there were no others for Richard and none for Isaiah or Josiah, as I was looking for.

28 Nov 1771Levi ShockleyJas Shockley & wife2:377
25 May 1775Rd ShockleyJeremiah Ward4:147
10 Mar 1782Charlton ShockleyWm Peake6:259
15 Jul 1783Charlton ShockleyJas Shockley7:84
15 Mar 1784Tho ShockleyBenj Holland7:233
21 Mar 1795Jas Shockley JrJas Shockley Jr10:328
21 Mar 1795Charlton et alJas Shockley10:329
18 Apr 1796Charlton et alestate of Jas Sr10:368
18 Apr 1796David, Mar, Jasestate of Jas Sr10:368
20 Oct 1800Tho ShockleyDan'l Crider Sr & wife12:210
19 Apr 1819Robt Shockley--- Herndon22:344
16 Sep 1833John Shockley--- Toiler(?)35:269