First update in a long time. Since December 2008, I've been caught up in parent care. My folks now live with me year round in Virginia.  While the series of hospitalizations, rehab stays, emergency room visits, and truly countless doctor appointments absorbs us, there's not much of it I'd write about here.  Thus the neglect of what had been a pretty active site for about 15 years.  I'm going to make an effort to tend to these pages more regularly again, and will post info about what's been added and updated.  I have given hardly any time to genealogy since moving to Virginia, putting all my efforts into my bed and breakfast.  I still have some wills in my files to put up here.  Will try as I can to gather more materials - there certainly is a wealth of it nearby.  Hope to find my old genealogical correspondents still come to visit these pages from time to time.  Would be glad to hear from you: leave a comment when you visit, please, and catch me up on what you're doing!