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Why study with Pat P?

Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language
30-hour Advanced Grammar teaching certificate

I used some pandemic months to refresh my credentials.
Certificate in teaching business English
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She specializes in working with professionals. She will not be teaching you the language of teenagers. She will help you sound as educated as you are.

Having studied ten languages besides English, she understands what learning another language involves.

Having worked at an executive level abroad, she has experienced immersion in another culture.

With a passion for grammar and language arts, she will guide you to a polished level of English, even without focusing on rules.

She is patient and kind and has an irrepressible sense of humor.

classical music, art, theater, wine, cooking, travel, history, genealogy, web programming
- all of which add to the vocabulary and jargon she can help with.

In Pat's words

From the very first (1978!), I loved teaching English to people who had come to live in America, whether temporarily or for good. To see my adult students grow in confidence and start to feel at home was very rewarding. In New York, I taught many college students and business professionals who would only be spending one to four years in the U.S., as well as immigrants who'd had to make their way from possibly illegal entries to the working world: some of the most privileged, and some of the least. It seemed an honor to get to work with each student I had. Everyone has a fascinating story. And everyone is happier with a boost in confidence and skills. That is what drew me time and again to return to teaching: the satisfaction of seeing someone become ever more assured and skillful, enjoying life all the more for the new competencies acquired. I like to support positive attitudes, hope, generosity, and joy in life. My students always touched my heart and enriched my life, so that I naturally hoped to bring some benefit to theirs. After my years in the Virginia countryside, away from the wonderful international environment of NYC, I'm thrilled to realize that teaching online can let me once again work with students from all over the world. Can't wait to meet you!

School experience

  • Accent on Language, NYC
    1990-1998 160 E 56 St, taught classes - at all levels, but most often the very beginners or most advanced - of college students and adults from all over the world who were in the US for a month to a few years. Became school Director during the transition period after the school was sold by its founder.
  • Accent on Language, NYC
    1979-1981 16 E 52 St, tutored mostly employees of the Brazilian Consulate and executives of Merck Corp.
  • ¡Aprenda inglés ya!
    Formed a partnership to tutor with flexible methods, as well as to do translations of legal documents from Spanish to English
  • Berlitz Schools, Miami and Coral Gables
    Tutored mostly Central and South American immigrants to the US
  • Berlitz School, St. Louis, MO
    Tutored at the homes of Monsanto managers on temporary assignment to the U.S.

Tutees from:

  • Citibank, NA, NYC
  • Morgan Stanley, NYC
  • The Juilliard School, NYC
  • Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC
  • The New School, NYC

Created and taught English programs for:

  • The Bank of Korea, NYC, for their top executives
  • Andin International, 609 Greenwich St, NYC 10014, for jewelry factory workers and support staff
  • Merlite Industries, Inc., 114 Fifth Ave, NYC 10011, for jewelry factory workers
  • Cashier Training Institute, 1540 Broadway, NYC, for immigrants training to be bank tellers

Other experience

  • wholesale banking
  • retail banking
  • syndicated loans
  • treasury funding
  • letters of credit
  • real estate lending
  • private banking
  • brokerage
  • mutual funds
  • life insurance
  • health insurance
  • real estate MLS
  • innkeeping
  • translating
  • restaurant reviewing
  • magazine copy editing
  • text editing
  • multilingual websites
  • T-sql db queries
  • c-sharp programming
  • html 5 webpages
  • bootstrap websites