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Lessons and Consulting

  • Book a free phone conversation as a first step.
  • Be ready to tell me why you want to study English now,
    what your goals are and what role English has in your life.
  • Let me know if you have your own material - perhaps from your work.
Let's make a plan!
. . .

How would we work together online?

For general skills improvement in English, I could ask you to listen to an audio file, watch a short video, or read a one-page news article, and do certain exercises with it. Topics could be world news or health, science, culture, travel, as you like.

You can send me your work before we meet, so that we do not use our online time together for something you or I can prepare alone.

I want us to talk and discuss things when we meet. I want you to have time to ask any questions you want, and to get answers that satisfy you. The goal is for you to speak English with me!

You can be sure that we'll work on pronunciation all along the way, and that I'll present new idioms to you every meeting.

For specific goals, see ideas below.

Tutoring makes maximum use of your time, because we can focus on exactly what you need.

Presentation skills

Be coached for your work, school or club presentations. Eliminate "um, uh, .." with patient guidance. Polish your accent and rhythm. Be conscious of your body language.

Social conversation

Be confident that you are being as friendly or as formal as is appropriate. Know how to adjust your language to the situation.

Business English

Your own work can be the basis for lessons, so that your business vocabulary is expanded and polished. From business emails to meetings and negotiations, we will practice what you need.

Accent correction

Proper pronunciation is always taught, but if you haven't adjusted to the stress-timed nature of English, or have trouble with certain sounds, you might like intensive pronunciation classes.

Living skills

Living in an English-speaking country now or in the near future? Learn to manage all sorts of situations you encounter in daily life.


Work with the practice materials the test creators provide. Once you've practiced, tutoring can help you with the skills you're not scoring high in. There are techniques to test-taking we can go over, as well.

Hire Pat P to edit or translate presentations or your website.
[Translations into English from Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and Danish]

Take advantage of free resources on the web, and bring your questions to me.

Beware of taking examples of business writing directly from the web.
Even Cambridge's business English test presents sentences that are stiff and trite. Much of what you find in print is outdated.

Practice English every chance you get: watching videos, reading, having conversations whenever you can.

Here are some good, free online resources for independent study.

You can take a free test online to determine your level, usually based on the European system, CEFR. One of these is Test Your Language - but of course, with Google you will find many more.