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Politically Slanted Idiom Illustrations

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Real news, fake news, no news?

Until recent months, it seemed that reporters in the U.S. would never do more than let Trump say anything he liked, with no challenge. It was all allowed to stand, reported in print and video without contradictions, no matter what his fictions were. No one called him on anything. They didn't challenge him to tell the truth. Now there is more fact-checking, even applied to Trump's tweets. Too little, too late? He has repeated the same lies for months, knowing that a lot of people will believe anything they repeatedly hear.

When someone tries to challenge a statement in a press conference, usually Trump will clam up, giving no answer, and then often stalk off, abruptly ending the session. Other times he may insult a reporter while refusing to answer a question. He slings dirt at anyone who doesn't admire him. Many reporters get cut off short, and never get their questions out at all.