James Bollen

b 1629 ENG, d abt Mar 1682/1683 Woodbridge, Middlesex, NJ.

James Bollen was Justice of the Peace and Secretary of the Province of New Jersey. He and Robert Vauquelin were associated with Philip Carteret, and thus involved in the conflicts over who had the right to govern New Jersey. The story needs writing up; this collection of archival references to James Bollen is just a start in that direction. I'd welcome hearing from others who are working on sorting out these times, and from anyone who's found other good sources.

source: "Annals of Staten Island," J.J. Clute [NYPL: IRM (StIs) 88-382].
Says Philip Carteret sailed for NY with 30 English and French emigrants. The boat was driven into the Chesapeake; while stuck there, Carteret forwarded dispatches to Bollen, who was commissary at the fort in NY, and also to Nicolls.
A little later, says that Capt James Bollen, an officer of the fleet, received a grant of land in Staten Island. Doesn't say when!
A Justice of the Peace (seen in May 1677 records) and Secretary of the Province from at least 1665 until his death in spring 1682/3. The early records of NJ (1665-1667) appear in his handwriting.
President of the Court (in Woodbridge - apparently for the colony) 1678-1681 at least - seen in NJ Archives extracts.
source: NJ Colonial Documents: East Jersey Patents, etc., Liber 1.
"1673 Jun 6. Patent to James Bollen, Secretary of the Province, for a neck of land on the E side of the Delaware, called Swarten Hook (Black Hook) over against Christaine Creek."
[Salem Deeds, #5. "1691 Aug 18. Deed. Henry Jeanes of Penn's Neck, Salem Co, W Jersey, yeoman, to his son Nath Jeanes of the same place, planter, for 240 ac, part of the 540 ac granted under the name of Swart Hook by Dep Gov John Berry to Sec Jas Bollen 6 Jun 1673, sold by sd Bollen to Justa Anderson of Cristiana Cr 28 Aug 1677, & assgn'd by sd Justa to present grantor 3 Jun 1679."
source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc. Liber 3.
1676 Mar 31. Commission for a special court of Oyer et Terminer at Woodbridge to try an action between John Ogden sr and John Cooper of LI: John Berry, President, Wm Pardon, Laurence Andrissen and James Bollen assistants.
source: NJ Colonial Documents, East Jersey Deeds, etc., Liber A.
"1681 Mar 28. Directions and instructions for James Bollen, Secretary of the Province, given by Lady E. Carteret."
source: NJCD: Calendar of Wills.
"1682 Mar 27. Bolin, Bollen, Capt James - Secretary of the Province. Inventory of estate. L 63 - real estate. L 85.9.11 1/2 - personal estate, including a maid servant L7, made by John Pike, Sam'l Dennes, John Blomefild, Sam'l Moore. See Middlesex Wills.
"1682 Sep 28. Sale of personal effects to: Capt Greenland, Cornelius Longfeld, Mr Denise, Mrs Allis Rouse, Mr Liprarey, John Bromfeld, Benj Hull, Ann Bollen, Matthew More, John Durham; bringing L 93.15.1
"12 May 1683 adm of estate to Sam'l Moore & Nathaniel Fitzrandolph; & bond."
"1683 May 10. James and Anna, children of James Bollen, late of Woodbridge, Secretary of the Province, who died intestate, select Samuel Moore and Nathaniel Fitzrandolph, both of Woodbridge, as their guardians."
"1683 May 12. Letters of administration on the estate of James Bollen granted to Sam'l Moore and Nath'l Fitzrandolph."
same date: "Bond of the foregoing adminstrators."
source: New Jersey Colonial Documents. Journal of Governor and Council.
At a Councill held 1682/1683, Present: The Deputy Governor, Coll Lewis Morris, Capt Palmer, Capt Sandford, Benjamin Price
The bookes and papers relateing to the publick concernes of the said Province and which Capt Vickers the late Secretary had delivered to the Governor now brought here and Inspected which are as followeth vizt:
  1. One bound booke writt by Capt Blollen late Secretary deceased one Side Entituled the Reccord of Lands from the yeare 1665 to the yeare 1677 the other side of the book Entituled Reccord of Articles Conveyances and Leases for Land &c.
  2. One other bound booke writt and Entred by the said Capt Bollen Titled on one Side Reccord of those that have take and Subscribed the oath of Allegiance to the King and fidelity to the Lords Proprietors of New Jersey Anno Dmn 1665 the other side of the book titled the Reccords of Concessions Warrants &x granted by the Governor of New Jersey Anno 1665
  3. One other bound booke writt and entred by Capt Bollen Titled Reccord of Warrants for the layeing out of land and the Surveyors Certificates Anno 1675 1676 The other side thereof titled Reccords of Pattents for Land Anno 1678.
  4. One bound book writt and entered by Capt Vickers the one Side conteyning 15 folios being the Entry of the Retorns of Surveyes Indian Pattent and Inventoryes of Estates of persons deceased The other Side Containeing fol 36 being the Entry of Indian Graunts the Governors Pattents for Land and Entryes of the present Proprietors Deeds for this Province and Some other matters.
  5. A paper book not bound but about a quire of paper Sticht up and writt by Capt Vickers one fol and a peece of the Retornes of Surveyes and a license for a marriage entered in a leafe att some distance from the former.
  6. A Trunk of Capt Bollens papers putt into order by the Governor Clerk and Cattalogued - but whether all not known the said trunk being broke open and the papers promiscous when delivered - The trunk were Capt Bollens papers and all bookes entred by Capt Bollen were by the mutuall consent of the said Governor and Councill and also the Deputyes in their last Assembly sealed up in the said Trunk as this Councill is Informed broke open by Capt Vickers & al without consent of the Deputyes.

source: English America and the Restoration Monarchy of Charles II" by J.M. Sosin (U NE 1980). Sosin's 3-volume set is in my library: and for sale.