Sir Richard Buller

b c1579 Shillingham, Cornwall, England, d 1646/7

Richard was the eldest son of Francis Buller, who served as sheriff of Cornwall, and Thomasine Williams, daughter of Thomas Williams, a speaker of the House of Commons early in Elizabeth's reign. Richard married Alice Hayward in 1601, probably in London; she was the daughter of Rowland Hayward, an alderman who twice served as Lord Mayor of London, and Katherine Smythe, daughter of London "Customer" Thomas Smythe. Richard was "aged 37 and more at his father's death." He "was seated at Shillingham near Saltash, and represented Cornwall in the House of Commons. In the early part of the civil war, he actively espoused the cause of the parliament. His eldest son Francis was a royalist, and was one of those designed to be specially honoured by Charles II, his estates being valued at £3000/yr, which was more than those of his contemporaries." (A History of Liskeard). Richard's will was dated 30 Mar 1640; he died in Feb 1646/47 at Plymouth, Devonshire.

The sources I've found tell of the opening battles in Cornwall and the rout of the parliamentarians by the royal forces -- and after that, no more mention of Richard. I am trying to find more on his career and family. I need access to parliamentary histories that aren't available to me.

I have found some information on his property holdings in the Parliamentary Survey of the Duchy of Cornwall 1650, compiled by Norman for the Devon & Cornwall Record Society, Torquay:

He held the manor of Helstone in Trigg. "This manor lay mainly in the parish of Michaelstow, but extended into St. Tudy, Lanteglos by Camelford, Tintagel, Davidstow and Advent. It was one of the ancient manors of the Duchy, and included the important Park of Helsbury.' 'There is not any mannor or mansion house within the said mannor but the demeasnes land belonginge to the foresaid mannor and lett in lease are as followeth: 'All that parcel called and knowen by the name of the Deere Parke of Lanteglosse, lately disparked and devided into severall inclosures of meadow, pasture and arrable ground conteyning one hundred twentie six acres. 'All that other parcell of land knowen and called by the name of Helsbury Parke alsoe lately disparked and devided into severall enclosures ... conteyning by mensuracon [306 ac.].' 'Sir Richard Buller kt, by Letters Patent of 5 May 1627, the disparked parks of Lanteglosse [Lanteglos by Camelford] and Hellesbury [Helsbury in Michaelstow]. Term 99 years on the lives of John Buller (dec.), Anthony (25), and William (24), sons of Richard Buller. Rent £10 13s 4d . Imp. val. £126 8s 8d. Exceptions, etc.; to keep premises in good order and to plant 12 trees yearly. 'The timber trees, pollards and sapplins in Lanteglosse Parke are valued to be worth ... £13 2s.

He also held the manor of Trematon. "Leaseholders had some assignments 1633-1634 6d. Md. that there hath beene cutt out of Lanteglosse Parke by Mr Buller or his assignes 6 acres of coppice wood which he sould for 5 poundes the acre which amounteth to in the whole L30. 'The timber trees, sapplins and pollards groweing in the hedge rowes and other partes of the Parke of Helsebury are valued to be worth . .. £82 10s. The under woodes groweing in the said parke being 18 acres amongest which are valued divers sapplins and timber trees is valued to be worth ... £180.' next mention: 'Borough of Essa alias Saltash. The borough of Saltash was created within the manor of Trematon. Both were ancient manors of the Duchy. 'High rents or rents of assize. 'Sir Richard Buller 3 burgages, 3 half burgages, rent 2s 3d.'

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