Robert Vauquelin

b abt 1607 Normandy, FRA? d 1698 Woodbridge, NJ.

In France: Vauquelin -- In America: Vauquellin

Robert Vauquelin had the title "Sieur des Prairies" - and thus was often referred to as Liprary (and other roughly phonetic variants) in the records. I have not been able to find where this simple title was from; perhaps it was simply too minor. I found that there is a large area within the town of Caen long known as The Prairie, from which the townspeople could collect the second growth of grass - but that is a generic label, after all. I have a bit of information and lineage of the family that I gathered in France which follows the collected records here from NY and NJ.

While I have always shared my research, finding how many people have copied and pasted my notes into their family trees to share on commercial sites and elsewhere, is disappointing to say the least. Of course the facts of names, christenings, marriages, deaths may be taken, but my notes and musings are my copyright. And since I've done the finding and transcribing of records, I'd appreciate a link to my pages rather than a grab of them.

The first official record seen so far is from 1669, below; but where is his appointment (1665?) to the post of Surveyor General? A record 10 Apr 1694 refers to Surveyor General John Barclay; Robert Vauquelin was still living - but was in his 80's. I am still looking at court and proprietors' records. He was one of the original grantees of Woodbridge, but it seems land features were named after him before 1669.

source: Woodbridge and Vicinity, p22: "Voquillen's Landing, named for the provincial Surveyor-General, was nearly opposite Pierce's Landing" -- Pierce's "was situated at the mouth of the Papiack Creek, or River as it was sometimes called, abt where Boynton's dock is now located" -- "and is well known as the 'Old Stone Dock' even at the present. It was intended to accomodate the inhabitants living on the other side of the Papiack, or Woodbridge Creek. The road leading down to it passed through Voquillen's land; and his endeavor to shut off all communication with the dock by the inhabitants provoked the latter into compelling him to re-open the highway."


source: NJ Colonial Documents: East Jersey Patents, etc., Liber 1.
"1669 Jun 12. Do. (don't have prior record) Same to Capt. Philipp Carterett, James Bollen, Robert Vauquellin and Claude Valot for land at Tapan. A marginal note says that Vauquellin resigned his interest to Capt. Carterett and James Bollen sold his to Valot, Jan 2 1670. Another note says, `This pattent is void and trowne up.'
"1669 Jun 1. Charter of the Town of Woodbridge.
"1669 Jul 30. Patent. Gov'r Carterett to Robert Vauquellin, Sieur des Prairies, for 2000 ac, bounded E by Overpecks Creek, N by James Bollen, W by Hackensack R., S by Sarah Kierstede.
"1669 Dec 20. Patent. Same to Robert Vauquellin, alias des Prairies, Surveyor General of the Province, for land in and about Woodbridge, viz't: I, a houselot of 12 ac at Vauquellin's Hill on Papiack Creek, SE the meadow of Rehobath Gannet, NW the meadow of Samuel Moore; II, 75 ac on the southside of Vauquellin's Creek, by the Indians called `now Crain Creek'; III, 7.5 ac of meadow on the southside of Papaick Creek; IV, 2.5 ac of meadow on the N side of the same creek, adj John Smith Scotchman and Obediah Hayers; V, 30 ac of meadow on the Raritan tract, not yet laid out." (Followed by boundaries of the preceeding 30 ac of meadow in 4 parcels.)
"1669/70 Mar 18. Rehoboth Gannet of Woodbridge .... for meadow ... SE of Vauquellins Hill ...." Another patent same date to Hugh Dunn of Woodbridge includes "4.5 ac of meadow on Vauquellin's Neck...".


source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber 1.
"1670 Dec 30. Patent to John ffrench of Woodbridge mason for: I, 10 ac of upland on the W of Vaquellins Hill, along Israel Thorncum's meadow; II, 5 ac of meadow, not yet laid out. Marg'l note: This pattent is transported to Robert Vauquellin." "1670 Dec 31. Affidavit of John French, that he has conveyed land and meadow, mentioned in his patent, to Robert Vauquellin."
source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber E, involving RV only in 1671-2:
"1671-2 Mar 17. Endorsements on the patent of Henry Lessenby of Woodbridge: I, transferring the property granted to Robt Vauquellin; II, 24 Oct 1672 transfer of sd 60 ac by Vauquellin to Gabriel Minvielle; III, 13 Nov 1694 transfer of the same by Gabriel Minvielle and wife Susanna of NY to Anthony Brockholls; IV, 14 Nov 1694 transfer of do. by Brockholls and wife Susanna to Thos Carhart." [Note that Gabriel Minvielle was commissioned 14 Oct 1684 to be Mayor of NYC.] "1694 Nov 13. Endorsement on the bill of sale from Robt Vauquillen to Gabriel Minvielle: I, G. Minvielle and wife Susanna convey to Anthony Brockholls the property deeded; 2, transfer of the same by A. Brockholls and wife Susanna to Thos Carhart; 3, G. Minvielle and wife to A. Brockholls for 75 ac; 4, transfer of the same property by Brockholls and wife to Thos Carhart."


Note that 20 Sep 1673 there was a proclamation confiscating all property in New Netherlands belonging to the Kings of France and England or their subjects.
source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber 3.


"1674 Dec 11. Order. Surveyor General la Prairie, Capt. John Pike, John Bishop senior, Francis Drake and Benj Hull to view the meadows on the other side of Raratans River and make a report thereon, at the request of the Piscataway men.
same date: "Orders: A general Court to be held at Elizabeth town; the Members of the Council to continue as Justices of the Peace; ... the Surveyor General or his deputies to remain at Newark for surveying and patenting of lands; the same to be on certain days at Elizabethtown, New Piscataway and Nevesinks."
same date: "Orders, directing how the Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas and the Surveyor General shall obtain their fees without suing at law."
source: NJCD: [Salem] Surveys, 1676.
"Laws, Orders and Acts of Assembly for the Province of New Jersey Anno 1675. Oath of office of John Bowne and John Throckmorton as Deputies for Middleton and Shrewsburry; of Robert Vauquellin as Surveyor General. Acts, to settle the Militia, to repair the arms, for building forts, to provide for shot. Act for the establishment of Courts and Court fees." 175 reversed paging.


source: Brodhead & O'Callaghan's Colonial History of the State of NY"
In July 1681, `Bullen' and `Leprery' took letters from Capt Carteret to Capt Anthony Brockholls asserting Carteret's claim to govern NJ; Brockholls rejected the argument.


source: NJ Colonial Documents, East Jersey Patents, etc., Liber 4.
"1682 Apr 14. Patent in the name of Lady Elizabeth Carteret, the Lady Proprietor of the Province, to Robert Vauquellin alias Lipperarye, Surveyor General, for 600 ac on the northside of Raraton R. and 60 ac on the southside." Same item reported Liber 4 reversed side refers to "land on both sides of Raraton R. for the Surveyor General himself and his servant, 660 ac."
Note that Elizabeth was the dau of Rd Smith.

MARCH 1682/3

Robert is in hot water.

source: NJ Colonial Documents. Journal of Governor and Council
Att a Councill held the 5th day of the 1st month called March Anno Dni 1682/3. Present: Tho Rudyard D Governor & Prpr; William Penn & Saml Groome, Prpr; Coll Lewis Morris, Capt Berry, Capt Palmer, Capt Sandford, Law Andres & Ben Price, of the Counc.
Agreed that a message be sent to the house of Deputys to desire a Conference this afternoone upon the substance of the Bill for Disenableing severall prsons &c - to bee sent by Capt Berry and Captn Sandford
A peticon of Capt Baker psented here and read
As to the peticon for his 1200 Acres of land for wch hee had a warrt and delivered the same to R Vauquillin late Surveyor - Agreed that the matter bee heard and Considered to-morrow moorneing 8th a Clock R Vauquillin haveing notice thereof -
And as to the 2d peticon agreed that tomorrow moorneing hee bring in a particular of his Charges - that the substance of the peticon may bee further Considered -
7 Mar Post Meridiem. Capt Vickers paprs called over.
A bill sent drawne from the Deputyes for devideing the Province into Countyes read and agreed unto
A bill sent from the Deputyes agt Sam'l Edsall and Robt Vauquellin - read, the Consideration of this bill deferred untill to morrow morning
Agreed that an Order bee sent from this board requireing Robt Vauquillin late Surveyor generall to bring here forthwith the Journall of his Surveyes of land laid out in this Province. Adjourned till 7 a Clock tomorrow moorneing.
1682/3 Mar 8 post Meridiem. "A bill to disenable Sam'l Etsall and Robt Vauquillin from beareing further office charge or truste unlesse they make publick Acknowledgment & being read in Councill its ordered that a Coppy of the bill bee sent to each of them, and delivered to Captn Vickers who has undertaken to send forward the Same forthwith to them that they may be here the 12th instant -
A Message from the house of Deputyes to desire a Conference - Its agreed that a Conference bee had with the house of Deputyes at four this afternoone att Isaac Whiteheads and that it bee managed by Captn Palmer Captn Berry and Captn Sandford -
The Conference was had and the members of the Councill retourned - reporting that the Conference desired was upon the bill to Rectify abuses in Some late Records -
A Message from the Deuptyes desireing a free Conference - which was granted, the persons above ordered to manage the Same, and to Carry with them the Entryes of Pattents and Surveys recorded by Capt Vickers, and the Lady Carteretts order to pattent noe land after 25th March 1682 under a penny pr Acre - Adjourned to 7 A Clock tomorrow moorning
Att a Councill held 9th day of 1 mo called March Anno Dno 1682/3. Present Tho Rudyard Dt Governor & Prpr, Sam'l Groome Prpr; Coll Lewis Morris, Capt Sandford, Capt Palmer, Capt Berry & Ben Price, of the Counc.
A Bill for severall Lawes in East Jersey read amended and agreed to be Carryed to the house of Deputyes by Captn Palmer Captn Sandford and Ben Price
A Message from the Deputyes as followeth vizt An answer to a bill presented to this house March 8th 1682/3 for the rectifieing abuses in some late Records - It is the Sence of this house, that there hath been many Erregular and unjust Entreys made in the publick records of warrants Scertificates and patents Since March 1682 - And that the person or persons guilty thereof ought to receive punishment according to the merritt of their Offence - And that noe person ought to bee disseased [would be dis - seized] of his freehold or any wayes destroyed but by the Lawfull Judgmt of his peers -
March 9th 1682/3 - Pr Joun Bound Speaker of the house of Deputyes. Adjourned till 2 afternoone
1682/3 Mar 20. "The peticion of Edw: ffox Servant to Robt Vauquillin read and agreed that Robt Vauquillin haveing notice thereof appeare with his Servant at this board on Thursday next to Answer his said Servants Complaint against him and that all witnesses for either party thereto alsoe Attend - "
1682/3 Mar 21. "Forasmuch as many peticions and Addresses have bin & are dayly made and presented to the Governor & Councill for Lands to bee laid out in Right of former Claimes & by virtue of warrants granted by the late Governor & Councill, and some to be Redressed agst alledged wrongs done to them therein by Robt Vauquellin the late Surveyor Gen'all. An in asmuch, as so many returnes of Surveys made & pretended to be made by the said Surveyor Generall and Entred on Record there are no dates thereunto nor mencion made by what warrants or when the lands therein mencioned were Surveyed, which is apparently Contrary to the Express direction in the generall Concessions of thie province, and Contrary to the Duty of the said Surveyor Gen'all, & may tend to the prejudice not onely of the proprietors but alsoe Inhabitants & many the freeholders of this province - And the said Surveyor gen'all altho Summoned to appeare before the Governor & Councill refused soe to doe - It is therefore ordered that the High Sheriffe of the County of Middx forthwith repaire to the house of the said Robert Vauquellin & him bring before the Governor and Councill there to Answer to such matters as are and shall be objected against him, and that the said High Sheriffe alsoe make search & bring with him to this board the said Surveyors Journall of Surveys & warrants for the Surveys of land granted and laid out dureing the time hee was Surveyor Generall. The better to Evidence & make out the truth of matters now Depending before this board & that cannot bee Determined without a due inspection into & examineing the Same - Adjourned to 7 A Clock tomorrow-moorneing"
The Councill for the meetings reported hereafter consisted of the Deputy Governor, Capt Berry, Capt Palmer, Capt Sandford, Benj Price.
1682/3 Mar 22. "The petition of William Johnson of Rahway in the County of Essex yeoman against R, Vauquellin which being read it's Ordered that Robt Vauquellin have notice thereof in Order to the further proceedure therein -"
1682/3 Mar 23. "Robt Vauquellin was here, Inquirey being made for his Journall of Surveyes - hee answered hee had none nor anything more of Surveyes then was entred on the Records."
"Edward ffox & Robt Vauquellin being here the matters op'ned on both sides - It's ordered by the Councill that hee goe home to his Master & his Master take care of him as his Servant.


source: Colonial History of the State of NY" by Brodhead & O'Callaghan.
In 1683, Robt Vauquellin was one of the commissioners named to run the boundary between NY and CT. Col. Thos Dongan was the Governor of NY at that time.
source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber A.
"1683 Nov 23. Robt Vauquellin, alias Leperary, to John Robinson" (merchant, of NYC) "for 600 ac on the northside of Raraton R., as granted by patent of 14 Apr 1682."


source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber D.
"1688-9 Feb 4. Deed. Robt Vauquelline, alias Lepperary, of Woodbridge, to James Emott of Amboy Perth, for 40 ac, N, E and S unsurveyed land, W the Two Miles Brook; 12 ac of meadow, SE Wm Johnston, SW a small creek, NNW and W Sam'l Marsh sr & jr, N and NE a large creek."


source: Colonial History of the State of NY citing English mss, vol 38 p 92.
Apr 1692 Robert Laprairee petitioned "for compensation for goods taken from him by the soldiers." [Records from the time of Governors Ingoldesby & Fletcher.]


"1695 Oct 24. Agreement. Robt Vauquellin of Woodbridge with John Loufebourrow; the last to grind for the former 100 bushels of grain, the first to allow making a milldam on his meadow N of Craine Creek."
source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber D.
"1695 Dec 31. Quitclaim. Robt Vauquellin alias Lipprary of Woodbridge to Thos Lawrence, Derick Epkee of New Hackinsack, Bergen Co, and partners, for his estate, etc., to a certain lot betw. Old Hackinsack and John Demaree N and S, Overpeeck Cr. on the E and Hackinsack R. on the W."


source: NJCD: EJ Deeds, etc., Liber F.
"1673 Sep 5. Will of Robert Vauquellin of Woodbridge leaves all his property, real and personal, to his wife Jeane. Witnesses: James Bollen and Samuel Moore." "1698 Oct 10. Letters testimonial with preceding will annexed, issued to the widow Jeane Vauquellin." He certainly made out his will in good time.
source: NJCD: Calendar of Wills. See NJ Arch 21 p288 & Middlesex Wills.
"1698 Oct 10. Inventory of personal estate of Robt Vauquellin alias Leprery of Woodbridge. L 184.10.6 incl some French books, L5; surveying instruments L1; 6 silver spoons, 4 forks and a small cup, L4.19; made by John & Ezekiel Blomfield."
Rambling on: some questions and notes:
Dutch sometimes called him "Vorklain."
Wondering if there was a son and any continuation of the name here. There was an estate entry 1778 Oct 27 for "Vanculen, Andrew" of Gloucester Co NJ, Intestate; administration granted to Jacob Vanculen of Salem Co. Fellowbondsman: Aquilah Barber of Gloucester Co. Lib 16, p508. That name doesn't come up much - and phonetically is a variant of the surname.
The family is a noted line in Normandy, apparently near Caen and the Orne River (roughly).
An interesting item from the Colonial History of the State of NY, vol X, p 1003, citing Paris Documents XVI is the record of someone who seems of that family line, here in records of the Canada campaign 1 Jun - 15 Sep 1759 up the St. Lawrence, etc. This is the editors' note, citing "Memoires sur le Canada" in "Collections of Quebec Literary & Historical Society" 1878 p 138.
"M de Vauclain, Lt in the navy, commanded the naval forces. He was a descendant of one Vauclain of Yvetaux, who had been a preceptor of Louis XIII; his family was rich and opulent, yet he had never commanded anything but merchantmen, but had so distinguished himself that the minister had cast eyes on him in preference to all others to confer on him a particular command, and engaged him to proceed to Canada where he commanded the frigate Atalante."
This "Vauclain" identified as Yveteaux is definitely a Vauquelin, as they carried the title; see the second family line, below.
East Jersey Under the Proprietary Governments: A Narrative of Events
East Jersey Under the Proprietary Governments: A Narrative of Events - another scanned reprint with quality issues, probably best on Kindle
East New Jersey Land Records, 1702-1717 (Books H, I and
East New Jersey Land Records, 1702-1717 - transactions often predate these recording dates; book has further notes and records
New Jersey biographical and genealogical notes from the volumes of the New Jersey archives
New Jersey biographical and genealogical notes from the ... archives Not a great reproduction but 99 cents for Kindle edition


JEAN-FRANCOIS VAUQUELIN, Ecuyer, Seigneur du Defert, demeurant dans la Ville de Carentan, Diocese de Coutances, Generalite de Caen, Province de Normandie, epouisa le 9 Mai 1714 Charlote-Anne GREARD, fille de Georges-Julien Greard, Ecuyer, Sieur du Tourp, d'Anneville, &c. & de Caterine DE STE MARIE. De ce mariage il a eu pour fils, Jaques Vauquelin-du Defert, ne le 22 Juillet 1715 & recu Page du Roi dans sa Grande Ecurie, le 20 Decembre 1730 sur les Titres qu'ils a produits, & qui justifient que ledit Jean-Francois Vauquelin eut pour pere & mere,

Antoine-Leonor Vauquelin, Ecuyer, Sieur du Defert, & Jeanne-Antoinette SCELLE, mariee le 6 Avril 1668, fille de Jean Scelle, Ecuyer, Sieur d'Artilli, & de Marie SANTERRE. Ledit Antoine-Leonor, fils d'

Anne Vauquelin, Ecuyer, Sieur du Defert, & d'Anne POISSON, qu'il epouisa le 19 Mars 1628, comme fille unique de Maitre Louis Poisson, Avocat, & de Charlote DE MILLIERE; Que ledit Anne Vauquelin fut reconnu noble depuis l'an 1428 par Ordonnance de M. le Roi-de la Poterie, Commissaire departi dans ladite Generalite de Caen, du premier Mars 1641· & que des le 4 Octobre 1627. il avoit fait un partage avec Robert Vauquelin, son frere aine, Ecuyer, Sieur de Beaumont, & Jean Vauquelin, son frere puisne, Ecuyer, Sieur de la Chapelle, en preference de Suzanne DE CARBONEL, leur mere, mariee alors en troisiemes noces, avec Louis LE MARCHAND, Ecuyer, Sieur de Rassouille, des biens qui leur etoient echus par la mort de leur pere, nomme noble homme

Jean Vauquelin, II. du nom, Sieur de Beaumont, dont le mariage fut acorde le 5 Janvier 1596 avec ladite Suzanne de Carbonel, lors veuve de Philipes D'AUXAIS, Sieur & Patron du Defert, & fille de noble & puissant Seigneur Messire Giles de Carbonel, Seigneur de Chasseguai, Chevalier de l'Ordre du Roi, & d'Antoinette DE MONCHI. Que ledit Jean Vauquelin, maintenu noble par Ordonnance des Commissaires deputes pour le regalement des Tailles dans la meme Generalite de Caen, du 2 Janvier 1599 etoit employe au service du Roi dans ses Armees, ainsi qu'il est justifie par une Lettre que le Seigneur de Canisi, Lieutenant de Roi, lui ecrivit de la Ville de S. Lo, le 16 Octobre 1590 portant que l'assistance qu'il avoit eue de lui par le passe, lorsqu'ils servoient ensemble Sa Majeste, lui donnoit ocasion de le prier dans celle qui se presentoit encore pour le Service du Roi, & pour le repos de ses bons Sujets, de continuer sa bonne volonte & de se tenir pret a monter a Cheval dans trois ou quatre jours, & que comme ils ne seroient dehors que peu de tems, il n'etoit pas besoin de grand apret pour ce petit voyage, dont il lui faisoit part par expres; & que ce Jean Vauquelin etoit fils unique de noble homme

Robert Vauquelin, Ecuyer, Sieur de Beaumont, & de Perrette ANGER, lequel Robert Vauquelin comparut au Greffe de 1'Election de Coutances, le 21 Fevrier 1540 pour y produire sa Genealogie ecrite en papier signee de lui, sauf a la verifier si besoin etoit; Que le 9 Mars 1548 il fournit au Roi son aveu d'une Chapelle dont il etoit Patron, & de plusieurs heritages situes au Village de Beaumont, mouvans de la Chatellenie de Carentan; & qu'il eut pour pere,

Jean Vauquelin, I. du nom, Ecuyer.

D'Azur, a un Sautoir d'Argent engrefle, & acompagne de quatre Croissans d'Or, poses un dans chaque angle du Sautoir.

From the Archives Departementales de Seine-Maritime

Blasons contenus dans les registres mémoriaux de la Cour des Aides 1575-1789

VAUQUELIN (Robert), 1652 (juin)

d’azur au chevron d’or accompagné de 3 croissants d’argent, 2 en chef et 1 en pointe. Support : 2 lévriers d’argent colletés de gueules. Timbre, cimier et lambrequin

Certainly could be our Robert; I will try to learn more about this grant of a crest. It's a new lead for me. The Cour des Aides (concerned with taxes and financial privileges) was set up in Rouen (Seine-Maritime) possibly 1450, confirmed in 1462. Another was established in Caen (where we expect to find Vauquelin) in 1638, but two courts in the same province were unnecessary (and there was rebellious activity in Caen) so they were merged in 1641, to stay in Rouen.

VAUQUELIN Family as given in the Armorial cited above

  1. 1 - Jean Vauquelin, Ecuyer
    1. 2 - Robert Vauquelin, Ecuyer, Sieur de Beaumont, b bef 1522? (assume at least 18 when called to show his linage)
      m. Perrette Anger
      1. 3 - Jean Vauquelin (only son), Sieur de Beaumont
        m. 5 Jan 1596 Suzanne de Carbonel (dau of Giles de Carbonel & Antoinette De Monchi)
        1. 4 - Robert Vauquelin, eldest son: IS THIS OURS??? This Robt (in 1627?) signed over some of his inheritance to his mother
        2. 4 - Anne Vauquelin (yes, middle son), Ecuyer, Sieur du Defert
          m. 19 Mar 1628 Anne Poisson (only dau of Louis Poisson & Charlote de Milliere)
          1. 5 - Antoine-Leonor Vauquelin, Ecuyer, Sieur du Defert
            m. 6 Apr 1668 Jeanne-Antoinette Scelle (dau of Jean Scelle, Ecuyer, Sieur d'Artilli & Marie Santerre)
            1. 6 - Jean-Francois Vauquelin
              m. 9 May 1714 Charlote-Anne Greard (dau of Georges-Julien Greard, Ecuyer, Sieur du Tourp, d'Anneville, &c. & Caterine De Ste Marie)
              1. 7 - Jaques Vauquelin-du Defert, b. 22 Jul 1715
        3. 4 - Jean Vauquelin, youngest son
        1. Suzanne de Carbonel
          m1 Philipes D'Auxais, Sieur and Patron du Defert
          m2 Jean Vauquelin, Sieur de Beaumont
          m3 Louis Le Marchand, Ecuyer, Sieur de Rassouille

    VAUQUELIN Family as given in the Biographical Dictionary

    1. 1 - Jean Vauquelin, Sieur de la Fresnaye, b. 1535 La Fresnaye, near Falaise, d. 1607
      m. 1560 Anne de Bourgueville, had four sons and four daughters in a happy marriage
      Was in Matignon's campaign against Montgomery during the civil wars, and was wounded in the siege of St Lo. Henri III named him Lt Gen at Caen. Henri IV named him president of the council ("presidial") at Caen
      1. 2 - Nicolas Vauquelin, oldest son, Sieur des Yvetaux, b. 1567 La Fresnaye, d. 9 Mar 1649
      2. In 1595 he was Lt Gen (at the "bailliage" of Caen) in his father's place. In 1606, chosen preceptor of César de Vendôme, illegitimate son of Henri IV and Gabrielle d'Estrées (but legitimized in 1585). In 1609, made preceptor of the dauphin (letters patent signed by the king). Never married. Loved a harp player known as "La Dupuits"
      3. 2 - Guillaume Vauquelin
      4. 2 - son
      5. 2 - son

VAUQUELIN entries in the Registers of the Protestant Church at Caen, 1560-1572

7 Oct 1563 - baptism (by Le Bas) of Abigail, dau of Colas Vauquelin (deceased) and Jeanne, his wife, of Vaugueuz, presented by Richart Le Prestre.
1565 - baptism of Jehan, son of Nicolas Vauquelin and Helaine, his wife, of (quarter) St Pierre, presented by Robert Postel.
Sunday, Aug 18 - baptism of Marie, dau of Guillaume Vauquelin and Ysabeau, his wife, of (quarter) St Pierre, presented by Guillaume de Marne of St Jean. Performed by Me (that's a titular abbreviation) Gilles de Guette, minister of the reformed church, at Mimbrey, during the service he gave this morning at the hall of wheat/grain, in the city of Caen.
baptism of Magdalene, dau of Jehan Guernel and his wife Anne, of St Julien, presented by Guillaume Vauquelin of St Pierre.

What's with the dates, you wonder? I got hold of this at the last moment one day at the NYPL and didn't have time to finish searching for the dates involved. Hope the rather narrow span of 12 years and a chronological presentation here will suffice as I see no possibility of accessing the source again.

VAUQUELIN NOTES in Le registre de l'officialité de CERISY 1314-1457, par M.G. Dupont

A chance find, just noting Norman records of the surname; will try to find other registers.

Curie Officialis Cerasiensis

[2 Mar 1320] Inquisition facta apud Duos Gemellos per nos fratrem Lucam Pictoris, officialem Cerasiensem, 1319 die dominica post festum beati Albini. Nomina juratorum sunt hec: .... Colinus Vauquelin ...
So, just a note of jury service by a Colin Vauquelin.
[5 Mar 1315] Die mercurii. ...l'Espee, junior, diffamatur de Rohasia uxore Colini Vaquelin, alias Porion. Mulier fatetur famam. Negat factum. Abjuraverunt se invicem. Solus cum sola non habitabunt, nec se commiscent, et dimisimus eos ista vice. Vir contumax.

Also on this site: Biographical notes on James Bollen.