Abbott Family Groups

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This is as far back as I've been able to go with our Abbott line: six generations before me. My great-aunt Edna said we were "Massachusetts Abbotts" but none of the genealogies have helped me find such a link. I don't know where this first ancestor, Benjamin, was born: did the family come to NC with others from NJ? Or did they come down from MD, PA or VA? I've been looking for wills that have any of our names. If you have any Abbott group with a Benjamin ... or a will with a possible Benjamin ... please contact me!


Rowan Co, NC 1750 - 1816

BENJAMIN ABBOTT, b abt 1750 place unknown, d 1816 Rowan Co, NC
parents unknown
MARY HUDGENS, b abt 1764, d 1816-7 Rowan Co, NC
dau of Elizabeth ---- and William HUDGENS
Married 16 Mar 1781 Rowan Co NC.
  1. JOSEPH ABBOTT, b bet 1783-8 Rowan Co, NC, d aft 1823
    m 13 Feb 1813 Rowan Co, NC: Lucy MYERS
  2. LUCY ABBOTT, b bet 1784-94 Rowan Co, NC, d Jun 1871
    m 11 Nov 1809 Rowan Co, NC: Abraham JACOBS
  3. WILLIAM ABBOTT, b bet 1786-90, d aft 1823
    m 23 Dec 1812 Rowan Co, NC: Hannah MYERS
  4. SARAH ABBOTT, b bet 1787-96 Rowan Co, NC, d Jul 1823 Rowan Co, NC
    did not marry
  5. STERLING H. (=Hudgens?) ABBOTT, b bet 1792-5 Salisbury, Rowan Co, NC, d abt 1864 Winchester, Franklin Co, TN
    m(1) 7 Sep 1816 Rowan Co, NC: Nancy MERRILL
    m(2) abt 1840 Moore, TN: Frances ----
  6. MARY ABBOTT, b bet 1792-8 Rowan Co, NC


source: Rowan Co deed abstracts.
17 Dec 1784. (10:159) John Brevard, sheriff, to Benjamin Abbott, in execution against Daniel Hackett on L42 debt owed Wm Brandon, for L 110.2 as highest bidder, 586 acres on the east side of Swearing Creek adj Rd Lane, Joshua Barton and McCulloh's line, granted by Granville 22 Feb 1759.
25 Mar 1785. (10:453) State grant #94 for L 43.9 specie. To Benjamin Abbott, 343 acres on Abbotts Creek adj Samuel Parks, sold as confiscated property of H.E. McCulloh.
[Other confiscated property of H.E. McCulloh, being land on Abbotts Creek, was sold to John Lewis Beard in 1785.]
Abbotts Creek runs roughly N-S, east of Winston-Salem. Near Lexington and High Rock Lake.
source: Rowan Co will of Benjamin Abbott probated 1816 names sons Joseph, William and Starlin.
source: Rowan Co will of Wm Hudgens.
source: Rowan Co deeds. Sarah had bought a house in Salisbury.
source: Rowan Co will of Sarah Abbot probated August 1823 names brothers Joseph, William and Sterling Abbot.
Child #5: STERLING (Starlin, Starling) ABBOTT
I have no estate records for Sterling.


Rowan Co, NC 1790's - Lincoln/Moore/Franklin Co's, TN mid-1800's

Family Group Record

STERLING H. ABBOTT, b 1792-5 Salisbury, Rowan Co, NC, d abt 1864 Winchester, Franklin Co, TN
son of Mary HUDGENS and Benjamin ABBOTT
NANCY MERRILL, b abt 1795 Rowan Co, NC, d bef 1836 Lynchburg, Moore, TN
dau of Nancy ELLIOT and Capt Jonathan MERRILL Sr
Married 7 Sep 1816 Rowan Co, NC.
  1. JAMES MADISON ABBOTT, b 8 Jun 1816-7 Rowan Co, NC, d 23 Oct 1864 Benton Barracks, MO
    m 8 Jun 1838 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN: Mary EVANS
  2. IRENA ABBOTT, b abt 1821 TN
    m 14 Jul 1840 Lincoln Co, TN: John SWINFORD
    m 29 Jun 1847 Lincoln Co, TN: Albert BENNETT
  4. PARTHENIA ABBOTT, b abt 1826 TN, d abt 1880 Gallatin Co, IL
    m(1) 9 Jan 1845 Franklin Co, TN: William Riley HILL
    m(2) aft 1847: Daniel NulL
  5. LUCINDA J. "LUCY" ABBOTT, b 22 Dec 1827 TN
    m aft 1840: Johnny SPRAY
  6. NANCY ABBOTT, b abt 1830 TN
    m 12 Feb 1848 Lincoln Co, TN: Martin MASSEY
  7. JEMIMA "MINA" ABBOTT, b 26 Aug 1832 TN, d 5 Jul 1911 (buried Wartrace Cemetery, Grantsburg)
    m(1) 17 Jul 1852 Johnson Co, IL: F. Louis or Lewis G. SIMMONS
    m(2) aft 1854: Eli REAGIN / RAGAN
    m(3) aft 1857: Robert C. NELSON
  8. BENJAMIN ABBOTT, b abt 1833 Lincoln Co, TN
  9. CYNTHIA JANE ABBOTT, b 13 Feb 1835 TN, d 22 Oct 1918 TN
    m 28 Apr 1856 Lincoln Co, TN: William Burton "Buck" HISE
  10. MARY ABBOTT, b abt 1836 TN, d Pope Co, IL
    m: Elliott Evans ERVIN
  11. SUSANNAH Y. ABBOTT, b abt 1837 TN
    m 14 Oct 1860 Lincoln Co, TN: James RODEN
  12. WILLIAM ABBOTT, b abt 1837 TN, d Sep 1853
    m: Nancy BENNETT


Husband: STERLING H. (=Hudgens?) ABBOTT
source: Rowan Co will of Benjamin Abbott probated 1816
names sons Joseph, William and Starlin.
source: Rowan Co will of Sarah Abbot probated August 1823
names brothers Joseph, William and Sterling Abbot.
source: 1840 Lincoln Co TN census
one male under 5, one 5-9, and Sterling in his 40's; one female under 5, 2 age 5-9, and wife in her 30's.
m(2) abt 1840 Moore/Franklin Co TN: Frances ----
source: 1850 Lincoln Co TN census p897-193.
Sterling reports age 55, b NC. Owned RE $184. Wife Frances (?) b NC. Rowan Co marriage record names Nancy Merril; Biog record reports Susan Merrill; 1850 census has Frances.
4 kids at home. In 1850, a boy 11-15 should be reported, but he is no longer in the household; no older children are.
source: 1 Aug 1860 census Franklin Co TN district #7, Winchester P.O.
Sterling Abbott age 65, day laborer, b NC, illiterate; Frances age 50, b NC, illiterate; Margaret age 17, Delila age 15, Sophia M. age 12; all kids b TN. Of the 9 households on the page, 4 report owning RE, but Sterling does not. He is one of the poorest, reporting only $25 PE, as did one neighbor; 2 others estimated $50, one nothing!, two $100, three $140-150 and one $400. How could it be that he didn't own his land in TN at this time?
source: material received from James Slankard of SC. "Samuel Richard Randolph Family History" citing information "taken from Allan R. Edwards book of 1959." Says Logan Randolph went to live with Henderson Abbott and married Henderson's only child; that Henderson was the son of Sterling Abbott of TN. I don't know anything more about Henderson, or where he may fit in.
source: 1840 Lincoln TN census
There is a boy under 5 plus a boy aged 5-9 in the family. Neither is with his father in the 1850 census, so whichever Benj was, he left home before 1850.


Rowan Co, NC c 1815 - Lincoln Co, TN 1830/1840 - Pope Co, IL 1850-on

JAMES MADISON ABBOTT, b 8 Jun 1816-7 Rowan Co, NC, d 23 Oct 1864 Benton Barracks, MO
son of Nancy MERRILL and Sterling H. ABBOTT
MARY EVANS, b 12 Mar 1819 NC, d 30 Jul 1889 Golconda, Pope Co, IL
Looking at Eli/Elijah/Ellit/Eliot Evans names for the parents of Mary.
Married m 8 Jun 1838 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN.
  1. WILEY ABBOTT, b 28 Apr 1838 TN, d 23 Dec 1867
    m 28 Mar 1861 Pope Co, IL: Amanda SCHUFFLEBARGER
  2. JOHN S. ABBOTT, b 26 Jun 1840 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN, d 15 Mar 1915 Hammond, IN
    m 21 Feb 1861 Pope Co, IL: Cornelia CRAIG
  3. THOMAS ABBOTT, b 8 Apr 1842 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN, d 29 Jun 1929 Pope Co, IL
    m 23 Dec 1867 Pope Co, IL: Mary Ellen CONNER
  4. JAMES MADISON ABBOTT JR, b 23 Apr 1843 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN, d 29 Aug 1909 St Louis, MO
    m abt 1868 IL: Mary Angeline SLAGLE
  5. ELI ABBOTT, b 21 Dec 1844 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN
  6. STERLING HOLOMAN ABBOTT, b 21 Mar 1846 Lynchburg, Moore Co, TN, d 15 Feb 1899 IL
    m(1) 23 Sep 1866 Pope Co, IL: Julia JENNINGS
    m(2) 30 Dec 1877 Pope Co, IL: Sarah E. PHILLIPS
  7. NANCY ANN ABBOTT, b 2 May 1847 TN
    m 25 May 1882 at Mrs. Abbott's house, Golconda, Pope, IL: Elisha W. GREEN
  8. WILLIAM ELLIT ABBOTT, b 17 Jun 1849 Murfreesboro, Rutherford, TN
    m 16 May 1869 Pope Co, IL: Martha Jane BELL
  9. SARAH LUCINDA ABBOTT, b 19 Oct 1851 Golconda, Pope Co, IL
    m 6 Dec 1872 Pope Co, IL: Francis M. DEWITT
  10. MARY D. ABBOTT, b 15 Oct 1853 Golconda, Pope Co, IL
  11. SUSAN JEMIMA ABBOTT, b 1 Jul 1857 Golconda, Pope Co, IL
    m 25 Mar 1877 Pope Co, IL: Thomas G. CLORE
  12. SPENCER JOHNSON ABBOTT, b 1 Feb 1859 Golconda, Pope Co, IL, d 25 Mar 1938 (buried Old Morley Cem)
    m 12 Sep 1883 at Starling Abbott's house, Golconda: Matilda Fanne PHILLIPS
  13. ELIZA JANE ABBOTT, b 8 Apr 1860 Golconda, Pope Co, IL
    m 29 Nov 1879 Golconda, Pope Co, IL: James T. HOWELL
  14. GEORGE W. ABBOTT, b 31 Jan 1862 Golconda, Pope Co, IL


source: National Archives, Bounty land files; Act of 55-80 W.T. 34185
Veteran James M. Abbott, 1836, private. Service: Capt. Tipps, Col. Bradford, TN Mounted Volunteers, Florida War 1836.
Served 18 Jun 1836 - 17 Jan 1837.
Discharge certificate refers to Gen. Armstrong's Brigade and is signed by Armstrong.
James volunteered in Lynchburg and was mustered in in Fayetteville. As they were mounted volunteers, we can assume the troops rode south to FL, through Alabama and southern Georgia. When his six months were up, he was discharged in New Orleans.
He married the year of his discharge, and started a family in Tennessee. About the 11th year of their marriage, the couple relocated to Golconda, Pope Co IL. James claimed land there, from the Shawnee Town land office, in 1850 with the bounty certificate he had for his Seminole War service. In 1855, he applied for a second grant of land, based on Congress's new allocation. His first request was sent back from Washington with the note that the signatures on the two bounty requests didn't match! So James had to gather people who knew him and make affidavits to the Pope Co clerk in support of that 2nd bounty land application.
source: 1840 census, Lincoln Co TN district #1
James Abbott: 2 males under 5, 1 male and 1 female 20-29.
Jonathan Merrel Sr and wife, James's grandparents, then in their 70's, plus his uncle Jonathan Merrel Jr, he and wife in their 40's, with kids, are enumerated soon after JMA.
source: Biographical Record of Johnson, Massac, Pope and Hardin Counties, IL. &uot;... a soldier in the late war and died while fighting for the Stars and Stripes, was born in NC in 1814, and was a son of Sterling Abbott, who was a native of the same State, whence he removed to TN ... (JMA) learned the trade of a blacksmith in his younger days but did not follow it many years. In the fall of 1848 he emigrated to this State" (IL) "with his family, making the removal with teams and cooking and camping by the way. On his arrival he selected a tract of Government land five miles south of Golconda, erected a log house, and commenced at once to clear a farm, upon which he resided until his enlistment in 1864 in Company K, 136th Illinois Infantry. He did his duty faithfully at the front, but the extreme hardships to which he was sujected were too much for him to bear, and the same year he died in the service, ... and ... was laid to rest at St. Louis.
His wife survived him many years, her death occuring on the home farm in 1889. She, too, was a native of NC, her maiden name being Mary Evans, and her parents were Elliott and Elizabeth (Speck) Evans."
N.B.! I have entered those names, but do not trust the accuracy of this report. I have not been able to find any record confirming the names.

Listings of children are inconsistent.
Dau Ann / Mary Ann is not listed in Bible record copied into widow's pension file.
source: Jonathan Abbott, Blytheville AR, had an exact birthdate.
source: 27 Jul 1870 census Golconda Pope IL
Husband absent; has died in the Civil War, 1864.
Mary reports RE $2000, PE $300.
Kids here: Mary Ann 22 (?), Lucinda 16, Susan J 13, Spencer J 10, Liza Jane 10, Geo W 8.
Add'l persons in hshld: Julia Gordon 33, Maggie Gooch 16, Hannah Dayhuff 14, Mathilda 12.
Next hshld is that of son Thos, age 28.
source: 16 Jun 1880 Pope Co IL census
Mary age 61, in hshld of son John and his wife Cornelia and their 5 kids, along with dau Anna.
Died age 70. Buried in Pope Co, IL, 100F Cemetery, twnshp 13 S range 7 East sec Row 26.


Pope Co, IL > Scott Co, MO 1860's - 1930's

Spencer Abbott
SPENCER JOHNSON ABBOTT, b 1 Feb 1859 Golconda, Pope Co, IL, d 25 Mar 1938 (buried Old Morley Cem)
Son of Mary EVANS and James Madison ABBOTT
MATILDA FANNE "FANNIE" PHILLIPS, b May 1863 Paducah, McCracken Co, KY, d 19 Feb 1943 Morley, MO (buried Old Morley Cem)
Dau of Milta K. MOSLEY / MOSELY (undocumented) and Richard Lee G.B. PHILLIPS
Married 12 Sep 1883 at his uncle Starling Abbott's house, Golconda, Pope Co, IL.
  1. FREDERICK ABBOTT, b 4 Nov 1884 Washington, Pope Co, IL, d Feb 1967 Northridge, LA, CA
    m(1+2) 1 Jul 1908 Scott Co, MO, divorced, remarried & redivorced: Virginia Mary "Virgie" HAWKINS
    There were 3 children born to this couple.
    m(3) aft 1958 Los Angeles Co, CA: Siddie ----
  2. WALTER ABBOTT, b 18 Nov 1888 Pope Co, IL, d 22 Apr 1908 Scott Co, MO (buried Oakdale Cem, Commerce)
    Died unmarried.
  3. name unknown, b bef 1898 and d bef 1900
  4. EDNA MARY ABBOTT, b 21 Sep 1901 Harrisburg? IL, d 3 Feb 1996 Chaffee, MO
    m abt 1935 (as his 2nd wife): Ezra FRANCIS, b 7 Jul 1885 MO, d Oct 1969 Oran, MO
    There were no children born to this couple.


Spencer was an itinerant Christian minister; preached in southeastern MO and in Baton Rouge, LA; maybe in Arkansas and elsewhere? Would like to hear from anyone with leads.
I haven't identified Fannie's family in the censuses or elsewhere, but an online correspondent has given her mother's name. We believe she is a sister of Sarah E. Phillips b 22 May 1854, who married Spencer's older brother Sterling six years before Spencer and Fannie had their marriage in Sterling's house.


Scott Co > St Louis, MO 1880's - 1950's

Freda's wedding to Bert Mineman

1) a Mineman? 2) Fred Abbott 3) Virgie Hawkins Abbott 4) Bridegroom Bert Mineman 5) Bride Freda Abbott 6) Matron-of-honor Geneva Abbott Patterson

FREDERICK "FRED" ABBOTT, b 4 Nov 1884 Washington, Pope Co, IL, d Feb 1967 Northridge, LA, CA
son of Matilda Fanne PHILLIPS and Spencer Johnson ABBOTT
VIRGINIA MARY "VIRGIE" HAWKINS, b 15 Mar 1886 Commerce, Scott Co, MO, d 8 Sep 1956 St Louis, MO (buried Oakdale Cem, Commerce)
dau of Clara (Clarinda?) Frances ROBINSON and Thomas E. HAWKINS II
Married 1 Jul 1908 Scott Co, MO, divorced; remarried and redivorced St Louis, MO.
Dorothy Abbott - not a twin, just a double image Children:
  1. DOROTHY ALDORENA ABBOTT, b 25 Jun 1910 Illmo, Scott Co, MO, d 14 Sep 2001 Tampa, FL
    m(1) and divorced abt 1931 Mr. BRODY
    m(2) 18 Mar 1939 St Louis, MO: Orville WATERS
  2. GENEVA HELEN ABBOTT, b 21 Feb Commerce, Scott Co, MO, 19 Mar 2011 Middlesex, VA
    m 15 Jul 1939 Kansas City MO: Donald S PATTERSON, b 1917, d 2012
  3. FREDA ABBOTT, b 23 Mar St Louis, MO, d 25 Dec 2004 Milan, ITA
    m(1) abt 1942 St Louis, MO, and divorced: Bertram MINEMAN; wedding photo above
    m(2) abt 1960, and divorced c1970: Emo GRIGOLO, b c1922 Italy, d 1990? Lugano, Switzerland


Married again after retirement to Siddie --- in Los Angeles Co, CA.

Dorothy retired from a long career with Famous-Barr Co, St Louis, where she worked with fine china and crystal.
Attended a Methodist church in the St Louis area.
Geneva has had a lifelong career as an artist. She and Don lived in St Louis until Don's retirement in 1980.
Studied commercial art at Hadley Vocational School, Saint Louis, after graduation from Central High; worked as a commercial artist and shoe designer at International Shoe Co. in St. Louis until the late 1940's. Quickly became a member of the active artists' section of the St. Louis Artists' Guild and was often an officer of the association. Past President of the St. Louis Independent Artists. Active with the Ruth Kelso Renfrow Club and the Monday Club (Webster Groves). An exhibitor in many local and regional juried shows with her oils, watercolors and copper enamels. Landscape artist and portraitist for the most part. Geneva continues to paint, to sell her work and to execute commissioned work, and to exhibit. Visit her online gallery!
Member of First Presbyterian Church, Hilton Head, SC. Earlier: Ladue Chapel; Friedens' United Church of Christ; Giddings-Boyle Presbyterian Church, all in the St. Louis area.
Freda was a soprano, and had a long career in opera in Italy.