Branson Family Groups

These groups are my sure BRANSON ancestry, starting 6 generations before me.

Jared & Sarah Thomas & Susan David & Sally next ...

SARAH ---- and JARED BRANSON Family Group

Jarred - Jarrett - Gerard, as you will

JARRED BRANSON, b abt 1752-4 VA (Frederick Co?), d 1831 Gasconade Co, MO
assumed to be son of Thomas Branson and ?
SARAH ----, b abt 1755, family unknown.
Married abt 1775 VA, no record found.
  1. JOHN JEFFERSON BRANSON, b 1776 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA, d 1830
    m 15 Dec 1803 Patrick Co, VA: Sarah (Sally) DILLARD
  2. THOMAS BRANSON, b 1778 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA, d 1851 Third Creek, Gasconade Co, MO
    m abt 1800 VA: Susan MCGOWAN, family unknown
  3. ANDREW BRANSON, b 1779 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA, d bet 1843-7 Gasconade Co, MO
    m abt 1810 VA or TN: PEREBY
  4. MARY ANN BRANSON, b 1780 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA
    m 10 Jan 1811 Patrick Co, VA: Luster HANES (HAINES)
  5. JARRED E. BRANSON Jr., b 1783 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA, d 9 Mar 1867 Third Creek, Gasconade Co, MO
    m(1) 12 Mar 1807 Patrick Co, VA: Frances EAST
    m(2) 1851 Gasconade Co, MO: Theodora TALBERT
  6. VALENTINE BRANSON, b 1785 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA, d Nov 1876 Woollam, Gasconade Co, MO
    m(1) 7 May 1807 Patrick Co, VA: Susanna EAST
    m(2) 1 Apr 1832 Gasconade CO, MO: Cely (Sarah, Seely) BECK


source: Lewis P. Summers, "Annals of SW VA 1769-1800, Botetourt, Fincastle, Montgomery, Washington & Wythe Co's", p 878 & 918.
Land surveyed for him in Montgomery & Washington counties, VA 1782 (300 acres). 28 Nov 1782 Grantee 270 ac Burk's Fork Waters, New River.
source: Montgomery Co VA tax lists.
Taxpayer 1782-1787 (as was Thomas: father or brother?). 1782 tax list: 1 tithable, no slaves, 2 horses, 2 cattle, and land. Thos did not have land; so they were settling/working together?
source: Montgomery Co VA Grants 35 p 175
25 Apr 1796 Jarret Branson 150 ac on Big Reed Island, a branch of New River.
1 Dec 1786 Grantor; Thos Dillard, Grantee, --- ac Burk's Fork branch New River.
sources: Patrick Co VA Deeds Book 1 p 574; Grants 45 p 267, 59 p 235, 63 p 289
15 Oct 1798. This would be when Jarrett E. (=Jr.) was only abt 15, so it must be Jarrett Sr.
29 Mar 1800 Jaret Branson 53 ac on south fork of Johnson Creek adj McMillin.
1 Sep 1809 Patrick Co Garrett Branson 112 ac on the headwaters of Lovings Creek adj Summers & Branson land. Father or son?
7 Oct 1812 Patrick Co Jaret Branson 95 ac on waters of Johnson Creek adj his own land.
All together, "Gerrard" or "Jarrott" Branson is grantee in 8 deeds in Patrick Co from 1798 to 1812.
source: 1810 Patrick Co census
"Gerrard" Branson is found, as are all his sons, then grown: Thomas, John, "Gerrard Jr.", Valentine, Andrew. None own slaves. The father has 6 horses; the sons, 3 each except Andrew who has 1. In the area, slaveowners are relatively few (10%?) with 6 or 7 slaves being a lot; many people do not own horses, a very few own 6 or 7 as Jared does.
source: Marion Co TN deeds
1824 Jarrett Branson Sr. has a land deed. (Thomas has deeds 1824, 1826; John has deeds 1822, 1826.)
source: 1810 Patrick Co VA census: 1 tithable, no slaves, 1 horse.
source: 1815 Bledsoe Co TN tax list. (Thomas and Valentine are also listed.)
source: 1830 census Gasconade Co MO: 3 slaves.
source: Will dd 31 May 1839, rec 4 Sep 1843, pr 17 Aug 1847.
Security was posted by Solomon & Leroy McGowen, among others. The History of Gasconade Co reports he died in 1839, but that is not correct: the will was written that year.
source: Gasconade Co will book 1821-1860
17 Aug 1847 Guardian appointments were made for his underage children: Valentine for Rolla M; Joseph M. Burgess for Louisa L; Andrew for Hanry C (sic) & Sina P.


THOMAS BRANSON, b 1778 Burks Fork, Carroll Co, VA, d 1851 Third Creek, Gasconade Co, MO
son of SARAH ---- and JARRED BRANSON SR.
SUSAN MCGOWAN, b bef 1787 probably in VA, d aft 1850 Gasconade Co, MO
parents unknown
Married abt 1800 VA - no record found.
  1. SARAH BRANSON, b 20 Jun 1801 VA, d 9 Sep 1900 Osage Co, MO (buried Baker Cemetery, Osage Co)
    m(1) abt 1830 TN: James BAKER
    m(2) FERGUSON
  2. MARGARET BRANSON, b abt 1805 VA, d aft 1857 Gasconade Co, MO
    m 29 Dec 1833 Gasconade Co, MO: George MASSIE
  3. ANDREW JACKSON BRANSON, b 9 Feb 1807 VA, d Apr 1895 MO (buried Judge Cemetery)
    m: Mary J. ----
  4. REUBEN BRANSON, b 13 Mar 1808 Grainger Co, TN, d aft 1857 Osage Co, MO
    m(1): Sarah CRISMON
    m(2): Harriet SLATER
  5. DAVID BRANSON, b 17 Jan 1810 Grainger Co, TN, d 9 Mar 1881 Rolla, Phelps Co, MO (buried Rolla Cemetery)
    m(1) 14 Jun 1832 Gasconade Co, MO: Sarah Ann "Sally" DAVID
    m(2) 1846 MO: widow Elizabeth CAMPBELL HAWKINS
  6. NANCY BRANSON, b 20 Feb 1816 TN, d 3 Mar 1904 Linn, Osage Co, MO
    m 10 Jan 1836 Gasconade Co, MO: James POINTER
  7. ANN CAROLINE BRANSON, b 1818 TN, d aft 1857 Bates Co, MO
    m 14 Apr 1839: Benjamin SIMPSON
  8. JARRED BRANSON, b 1819 TN, d abt 1857 Marion Co, TN
    m 14 Dec 1839 Gasconade Co, MO: Sarah "Sally" BUMPASS
  9. GEORGE WASHINGTON "WASH" BRANSON, b 1820 TN, d 12 Jun 1893 Osage Co, MO (buried Wash Branson Cemetery, Judge, MO)
    m 24 Mar 1839 Gasconade Co, MO: Joanna JETT
  10. MADISON S. BRANSON, b 28 Apr 1821 TN, d 11 Jan 1871 Osage Co, MO
    m 25 Dec 1842 Osage Co, MO: Frances HUTTON
  11. JOHN SEVIER BRANSON, b 1824 Claiborne Co, TN, d 24 Nov 1905 Hornitos, Mariposa Co, CA
    m(1) Martha OUSLEY
    m(2) Harriet SLATER
  12. THOMAS BRANSON, b 23 Jul 1825 TN
    m 1 Feb 1849 Jefferson, Osage Co, MO: Elvira COX
  13. RHODA BRANSON, b 1825, d aft 1857 Bates Co, MO
    m 25 Jun 1841: Robert H. GILMORE
  14. STEPHEN BRANSON, b bef 1830, d 11 Jun 1866
    m 9 Jun 1842: Nancy POINTER
  15. MARY ANN BRANSON m 5 Feb 1845 Osage Co. MO: William JETT


source: 1810 Patrick Co VA census: 1 tithable, no slaves, 3 horses
source: 1815 Bledsoe Co TN tax list
source: History of Gasconade Co
Says he was a TN rifleman in the Battle of New Orleans, with his brother John (and perhaps Jarred). (I don't have his record.) Also says he came to MO in 1821.
source: 1850 MO census Gasconade Co, Third Creek township
with wife Susan; gives his age as 72, b VA, and reports RE of $330.
Thomas died intestate (15 Nov 1851?). ANDREW BRANSON administered the estate. Security was offered by BENJAMIN F & WILLIAM BUMPASS.
source: Gasconade Co probate record. First entry found 27 Dec 1851, settled 1855.
No mention of a widow. The settlement entry found shows seven equal distributions of $232. One part each to: 1-DAVID BRANSON; 2-REUBEN BRANSON; 3-"Reuben WASHINGTON" BRANSON - surely George Washington Branson; 4-JAMES POYNTER (dau NANCY's husband); 5-Benjamin Simpson (dau Ann's husband); 6-SARAH BAKER (already a widow); and the seventh part was divided among 5 others, if I've read correctly: STEPHEN, THOMAS, M.S. (=MADISON), ANDREW - all Bransons, plus WM JETT (MARY ANN's husband). What about Jared, Margaret, John Sevier and Rhoda in this distribution?
Andrew Branson, 17 Nov 1857, in Gasconade Co court, "says that to the best of his knowledge and belief the names of the heirs of Thomas Branson deceased are:
  1. JARED BRANSON who died in the State of TN, Marion Co;
  2. SARAH BAKER who resides in Osage Co;
  3. MARY ANN SHERRIL who resides in Bledsoe Co TN;
  7. JOHN BRANSON Osage Co;
  8. ANN SIMPSON and
  9. RODY GILLMORE are in Bates Co MO;
  10. MARGARETE MASSIE who resides in Gasconade;
  11. REUBEN BRANSON who lives in Osage Co MO."
Gasconade CO Court record 19 Feb 1855: "Now at this day comes Andrew Branson Administrator of the Estate of Thomas Branson deceased and proceeds to make his final Settlement on said Estate and having satisfied the Court that he had given public notice according to Law, he proceeds and settles to the amount of $255.11 as per vouchers filed showing a balance in his hands due said Estate amounting to the sum of $25.58 (not sure I've read the number correctly) which is ordered to be distributed among the following heirs, towit: JARED BRANSON, ANDREW BRANSON, DAVID BRANSON, REUBEN BRANSON, WASHINGTON BRANSON, JOHN BRANSON, SARAH BAKER, JAMES POINTER, BENJAMIN SIMPSON, CRAVENS L SHURRILL, ROBERT GILMORE and the heirs of GEORGE W MASSEY."
source: Shirley Hern has his birthdate of 10 Sep 1778 from Wm LaPorte (whom I have not been in contact with).
My grandmother - his great-granddaughter (not living while he was) said he was a Baptist preacher. I have no other source for that.
While we have no marriage record, many of us have grown up with the oral tradition that our ancestor Thomas's wife was "a McGown" or "a McGowan" so that her surname is accepted.
We can estimate that she married Thomas abt 1800. I call to other researchers' attention the fact that it was in 1800 that Thomas Branson's father moved the family to Johnson's Creek. A John McGown settled on land on Johnson's Creek in 1771, which would be abt the time we could expect Susan's father to be marrying. So did Thomas marry his new neighbor after the family came to Johnson's Creek? Finding more on this John McGown is necessary!
source: 1850 MO census
Susan's age reported as 63. Couldn't have been younger!


DAVID BRANSON, b 17 Jan 1810 Grainger Co, TN, d 9 Mar 1881 Rolla, Phelps Co, MO (buried Rolla cemetery)
SARAH ANN "SALLY" DAVID, b abt 1810 TN, d abt 1843 MO
Married 14 Jun 1832 Gasconade Co, MO.
  1. RUTH ANN BRANSON, b 5 Jan 1834 Osage Co, MO, d 7 Dec 1917
    m 1855: William P. CARNES
  2. ELIZABETH JANE BRANSON, b 8 May 1836 Third Creek, Gasconade Co, MO, d 9 Jan 1914
    m 4 Sep 1856 Galloways Prairie, Osage Co, MO: Francis C. W. OWENS
  3. WILLIAM RILEY BRANSON, b 1837 Gasconade Co, MO
    m 20 Mar 1859 Linn, Osage Co, MO: Henrietta GAZAWAY
  4. MARY ANN BRANSON, b 8 Mar 1839 Bland, Gasconade Co, MO, d Aug 1899
    m(1) 28 Oct 1856 Osage Co, MO: James E. LORE
    m(2) A. J. WILLIAMS
  5. ANDREW JACKSON BRANSON, b 23 Jan 1842 Osage Co, MO, d 27 Jun 1915
    m(1) 6 Sep 1860 Mary Ann WILLIAMS
    m(2) Parasetta TIPTON
  6. HANNAH MINERVA BRANSON, b 25 Aug 1843 Crawford, Osage Co, d 11 Oct 1927 St. Louis (buried Ink, Shannon Co, MO)
    m(1)28 Nov 1858 Osage Co, MO: Perry DAVIS
    m(2)19 Sep 1877 MO: John Thomas HELBERT
    m(3) abt 1914 MO: Henry AMMERMAN

DAVID BRANSON m(2) 1846 MO: widow Elizabeth HAWKINS CAMPBELL.
No children were born to this couple. Elizabeth had had 3 sons by her first husband.


source: 1850 MO census, Osage Co, Crawford township
Farmer, RE $$2850. Age 40, (second) wife Elizabeth 39, with all 6 of David's children and all 3 of Elizabeth's: William age 14, Joseph age 11, Jacob age 7.
Additional person in the household: Amos Waddel, age 23, laborer b OH.
source: 1860 MO census, Osage Co, 283 Jefferson township, Cooper Hill PO
Farmer, RE $7500, PE $3600. Only child still at home is Andrew, but there are also his second wife's two youngest boys and Thomas Baker, farm laborer, age 26 b TN, who reports RE $100, PE $155.
I have copies of both his marriage records.
Buried in Sec. 6, block 81 of the Rolla cemetery.
His granddaughter, my grandmother Maude Helbert Patterson, wrote that David came to MO "with all his worldly goods tied up in a bandanna; he was a trader and a farmer and died a rich man." She thought that he and Sally had married "in the Cumberland Mountains of TN"; we now know that although the family came from there, these two married in MO. David should have only been 11 when they came to MO.
Sally died at Hannah's birth, shortly after, or within a year of Hannah's birth - we've never been sure.
Fellow Branson searcher Shirley Hern has Sally's birth date as 1812.
She and her husband were farmers and lived in Vienna, Maries Co, MO.
source: History of Maries Co, MO
Laura Franklin Van Ostran here wrote that Ruth inherited the big ridge farm and the river farm that extends from the Vienna or Indian Ford Bridge to the Charley Brown farm, north on the Gasconade River, later owned by Ellis Bray and Delmar Snodgrass.
source: 1900 Phelps Co MO census, in Rolla.
Betty reported as mother of 10 kids, of which 7 were still alive. All the family were literate.
Husband was a merchant, owned his house free of any mortgage. His parents were born in TN.