The Corporation of the City of London

Mayors and Sheriffs of London, 1273-1602
Edward I through Elizabeth I

Regnal Year Term Mayor Sheriffs
Edward I began his reign 16 Nov 1272.
1 Edward I 1273-4 Sir Walter Harvy, knight John Horne Walter Potter
2 Edward I 1274-5 Henry Walles Nicholas Winchester Henry Coventry
3 Edward I 1275-6 Gregory Rocksley Lucas Batecorte Henry Frowike

Stow: Rocksley was "chief say-master of all the king's mints throughout England, and keeper of the king's exchange at London."

4 Edward I 1276-7 the same John Horn Raph Blunt
5 Edward I 1277-8 the same Robert de Arar Raph L. Fewre
6 Edward I 1278-9 the same John Adrian Walter Langley
7 Edward I 1279-80 the same Robert Basing William Maraliver
8 Edward I 1280-1 the same Thomas Fox Raph Delamere
9 Edward I 1281-2 the same William Farindon Richard Upton

Stow: "This William Farindon, goldsmith, one of the sheriffs, was father to Nicholas Farindon; of these two, Farindon ward took that name."

10 Edward I 1282-3 Henry Walleis William Maraliver Richard Chigwel

Stow: "This Henry Walleis builded to tun upon Cornhill to be a prison, and the stocks to be a market house."

11 Edward I 1283-4 the same Raph Blund Anketrin de Betanil
12 Edward I 1284-5 the same Jordain Goodcheape Martin Box
13 Edward I 1285-6 Gregory Rocksley Stephen Cornhill Robert Rocksley

Years 14 through 25 role of "custos" rather than "mayor."

14 Edward I 1286-7 Raph Sandwitch Walter Blunt John Wade
15 Edward I 1287-8 the same Thomas Cros Walter Hawtoune
16 Edward I 1288-9 the same William Hereford Thomas Stanes
17 Edward I 1289-90 the same & Raph Barnauars
& Sir John Britaine
William Betain John Canterbury
18 Edward I 1290-1 Sir John Briton, knight Falkes S. Edmond Salamon Le Sotel
19 Edward I 1291-2 Sir John Briton, knight & Raph Sandwitch Thomas Romain William de Lier
20 Edward I 1292-3 Raph Sandwitch Raph Blunt Hamo. Box
21 Edward I 1293-4 the same Henry Bole Elias Russel

Stow: "These men had their right hands cut off at the Standard in Cheape, for rescuing of a prisoner, arrested by a sergeant of London."

22 Edward I 1294-5 the same Robert Rokesley the younger Martin Amersbery
23 Edward I 1295-6 the same Henry Box Richard Gloucester
24 Edward I 1296-7 Sir John Briton John Dunstable Adam de Halingbery

Stow: "This year all the liberties of the city were restored, the mayoralty excepted."

25 Edward I 1297-8 the same Thomas of Suffolk Adam of Fulham

Years 26 through 30 once again "mayor."

26 Edward I 1298-9 Henry Walleis Richard Resham Thomas Sely

Stow: "Certain citizens of London brake up the tun upon Cornhill, and took out prisoners, for the which they were grievously punished."

27 Edward I 1299-1300 Elias Russel John Amenter Henry Fingene
28 Edward I 1300-1 the same Lucas de Havering Richard Champs
29 Edward I 1301-2 Sir John Blunt, knight Robert Callor Peter de Bosenho
30 Edward I 1302-3 the same Hugh Pourt Simon Paris

For the rest of Edward I's reign only, "custos" rather than "mayor."

31 Edward I 1303-4 the same William Combmartin John Buckford
32 Edward I 1304-5 the same Roger Paris John de Lincolne
33 Edward I 1305-6 the same William Cosine Reginald Thunderley
34 Edward I 1306-7 the same Geffrey Cundute Simon Bilet

Stow: "Seacoal was forbid to be burned in London, Southwark, etc."

Edward II began his reign 7 July 1307.
1 Edward II 1307-8 Sir John Blunt Nicholas Pigot Nigellus Drury
2 Edward II 1308-9 Nicholas Farringdon, goldsmith William Basing John Botenar
3 Edward II 1309-10 Thomas Romaine Roger le Paumer James of St. Edmond
4 Edward II 1310-1 Richard Reffam, mercer Simon de Corpe Peter Blakney

Stow: "The king commanded the mayor and commonality, to make the wall of London from Ludgate to Fleetbridge, and from thence to the Thames."

5 Edward II 1311-2 Sir John Gisors, pepperer Simon Merwood Richard Wilford
6 Edward II 1312-3 the same John Lambin Adam Lutkin
7 Edward II 1313-4 Nicholas Farringdon, goldsmith Robert Gurdin Hugh Garton
8 Edward II 1314-5 Sir John Gisors, pepperer Stephen Abingdon Hamond Chigwel

Stow: "Famine and mortality of the people, so that the quick might unneath bury the dead; horse-flesh, and dogs-flesh, was good meat."

9 Edward II 1315-6 Stephen Abendon Hamond Goodcheap William Bodelay
10 Edward II 1316-7 John Wingrave William Canston Raph Belancer
11 Edward II 1317-8 the same John Prior William Furneis

Stow: "Such a murrain of kine, that dogs and ravens that fed on them were poisoned."

12 Edward II 1318-9 the same John Pontel John Dalling
13 Edward II 1319-20 Hamond Chickwel, pepperer Simon Abindon John Preston

Stow: "John Gisors late mayor of London, and many other citizens, fled the city for things laid to their charge."

14 Edward II 1320-1 Nicholas Farindon, goldsmith Renauld at Conduit William Produn
15 Edward II 1321-2 Hamond Chickwell, pepperer Richard Constantine Richard Hackney
16 Edward II 1322-3 the same John Grantham Richard Elie
17 Edward II 1323-4 Nicholas Farindon, goldsmith Adam of Salisbury John of Oxford
18 Edward II 1324-5 Hamond Chickwell, pepperer Benet of Fulham John Cawson
19 Edward II 1325-6 the same Gilbert Mordon John Cotton

Stow: "The citizens of London took the bishop of Exeter, and cut off his head at the Standard in Cheape."

20 Edward II 1326-7 Richard Britaine, goldsmith Richard Rothing Roger Chaunteclere
Edward III began his reign 25 Jan 1326.

Stow: "This King Edward granted, that the mayor should be justice for the gaol delivery at Newgate, that the citizens of London should not be constrained to go out of the city of London to any war. More he granted, that the liberties and the franchises of the city should not after this time for any cause be taken into the king's hands, etc. More, he granted by his letters patents, dated the 6th of March, that no Escheater should be in the city, but the mayor for his time."

1 Edward III 1327-8 Hamond Chickwell, pepperer Henry Darcie John Hauton

Stow: "This year the walls of London were repaired."

2 Edward III 1328-9 John Grantham Simon Francis Henry Combmartin
3 Edward III 1329-30 Richard Swandland Richard Lazar William Gisors
4 Edward III 1330-1 Sir John Pultney, draper Robert of Elie Thomas Whorwode
5 Edward III 1331-2 the same John Mocking Andrew Auberie
6 Edward III 1332-3 John Preston, draper Nicholas Pike John Husbond
7 Edward III 1333-4 Sir John Pultney John Hamond William Hansard
8 Edward III 1334-5 Reginald at Conduct, vintner John Hingstone Walter Turke
9 Edward III 1335-6 Nicholas Woton Walter Motdon Richard Upton
10 Edward III 1336-7 Sir John Pultney, draper John Clark William Curtis
11 Edward III 1337-8 Henry Darcy Walter Nele Nicholas Crane
12 Edward III 1338-9 the same William Pomfret Hugh Marbeler
13 Edward III 1339-40 Andrew Aubery, grocer William Thorney Roger Frosham
14 Edward III 1340-1 the same Adam Lucas Bartemew Maris
15 Edward III 1341-2 John of Oxenford, vintner Richard de Barking John de Rokesley
16 Edward III 1342-3 Simon Francis, mercer John Louekin Richard Killingbury
17 Edward III 1343-4 John Hamond John Steward John Aylesham
18 Edward III 1344-5 the same Geffrey Wichingham Thomas Leg
19 Edward III 1345-6 Richard Leget Edmond Hemenhall John of Gloucester
20 Edward III 1346-7 Geffrey Winchingham John Croyden William Cloptun
21 Edward III 1347-8 Thomas Leggy Adam Brapsen Richard Bas

Stow: "King Edward won Calais from the French."

22 Edward III 1348-9 John Louekin Henry Picard Simon Dolseby

Stow: "A great pest. Sir Walter Mannie, knight, founded the Charterhouse by Smithfield, to be a burial for the dead."

23 Edward III 1349-50 Walter Turk Adam of Bury Raph of Lym
24 Edward III 1350-1 Richard Killingbury John Notte W. Worcester
25 Edward III 1351-2 Andrew Aubery John Wroth Gilbert of Stenineshorpe
26 Edward III 1352-3 Adam Francis, mercer John Pech John Stotley
27 Edward III 1353-4 the same William Wilde John Little
28 Edward III 1354-5 Thomas Leggy, skinner William Tottingham Richard Smelt

Stow: "Aldermen of London were used to be changed yearly, but now it was ordained that they should not be removed without some special cause."

29 Edward III 1355-6 Simon Francis, mercer Walter Foster Thomas Brandon
30 Edward III 1356-7 Henry Picard, vintner Richard Nottingham Thomas Dolsell

Stow: "This Henry Picard feasted the kings of England, of France, Cypres, and Scots, with other great estates, all in one day."

31 Edward III 1357-8 Sir John Stody, vintner Stephen Caundish Barth. Frostelyng

Stow: "This John Stody gave tenements to the vintners in London, for the relief of the poor of that company."

32 Edward III 1358-9 John Lovekyn, stock-fishmonger John Barnes
" Bernes
John Buris
" Bures
33 Edward III 1359-60 Simon Dolseby, grocer Simon Bodyngton
" Badyngton
John Chichester
34 Edward III 1360-1 John Wroth, fishmonger John Deynes Walter Berney
35 Edward III 1361-2 John Pecche, fishmonger William Holbeche James Tame
36 Edward III 1362-3 Stephen Gondish, draper
" Caundish
John of St. Alban's James Andrew
37 Edward III 1363-4 John Not(te), pepperer Richard Croydon John Hyltofte
38 Edward III 1364-5 Adam of Bury, skinner Simon Mordon John of Metford
39 Edward III 1365-6 the same till 28 Jan;
then John Lovekyn
John Brikylsworth John Ireland
40 Edward III 1366-7 John Lovekyn, fishmonger John Warde William Dykman
41 Edward III 1367-8 James Andrew, draper John Thorgold
" Corgold
William Dykeman
42 Edward III 1368-9 Simon Mordon, stock-fishmonger Adam Wymbyngham
" Wymondham
Robert Girdeler
43 Edward III 1369-70 John Chichester, goldsmith John Pyell Hugh Holbeche
44 Edward III 1370-1 John Barnes, mercer William Walworth Robert Gayton
45 Edward III 1371-2 the same Robert Hatfeld Adam Staple
46 Edward III 1372-3 John Piel, mercer
" Pyell
John Philpott Nicholas Brembre
47 Edward III 1373-4 Adam of Bury, skinner John Aubrey John Fyfhede
48 Edward III 1374-5 William Walworth, fishmonger Richard Lyons William Wodhouse
49 Edward III 1375-6 John Ward, grocer John Hadley William Newport
50 Edward III 1376-7 Adam Staple, mercer, till 21 Mar;
then Nicholas Brembar
" Brembre
John of Northampton Robert Launde

Stow: "The Londoners meant to have slain John duke of Lancaster: Adam Staple, mayor, put down, and Nicholas Brembar elected. Also the aldermen were deposed, and others set in their places."

Richard II
1 Richard II 1377-8 Sir Nicholas Brembar, grocer Andrew Pykeman Nicholas Twyford

Stow: "John Philpot, a citizen of London, sent ships to the sea, and scoured it of pirates, taking many of them prisoners."

2 Richard II 1378-9 Sir John Philpot, grocer John Boseham Thomas Cornwaleys
3 Richard II 1379-80 John Hadley, grocer John Haylysdone William Baret
4 Richard II 1380-1 William Walworth, fishmonger Walter Doget William Knyghtcote

Stow: "This William Walworth arrested Wat Tyler the rebel, and was knighted. He increased the parish church of St. Michael in Crooked lane, and founded there a college. Other aldermen were also knighted for their service in the field."

5 Richard II 1381-2 John (of) Northampton, draper John Rote John Hende
" Hynde
6 Richard II 1382-3 the same Adam Bamme
" Wamme
John Sely
7 Richard II 1383-4 Nicholas Brembar, grocer Simon Wynchecombe John More
8 Richard II 1384-5 the same Nicholas Exton John Frosh
" Fresh, or Frensh
9 Richard II 1385-6 the same John Organ John Chyrchman
10 Richard II 1386-7 Nicholas Exton, fishmonger William More William Staundon
11 Richard II 1387-8 the same William Venour Hugh Fastolf
12 Richard II 1388-9 Nicholas Tuiford, goldsmith
" Twyford
Adam Carlylle Thomas Austin
13 Richard II 1389-90 William Venor, grocer
" Venour
John Walcote John Loveve
" Loveney
14 Richard II 1390-1 Adam Bamme, goldsmith John Fraunceys Thomas Vyvent

Stow: "This Adam Bamme provided from beyond the seas corn in great abundance, so that the city was able to serve the country."

15 Richard II 1391-2 John Hend(e), draper
" Hynde
Harry Vanner John Schadworth

Stow: "This mayor was for displeasure taken, sent to Windsor castle, and the king made wardens of the city, etc."

16 Richard II 1392-3 William Stondon, grocer
" Stawnden
Gilbert Mawfield Thomas Neuton
" Newenton
17 Richard II 1393-4 John Hadley, grocer Richard Whittington Drewe Barentyne

Stow: "Faringdon ward was by parliament appointed to be divided into two wards, to wit, infra and extra."

18 Richard II 1394-5 John Froshe, mercer
" Frensh
William Brampton Thomas Knolles
19 Richard II 1395-6 William More, vintner Roger Elys William Sheringham
20 Richard II 1396-7 Adam Bamme, goldsmith Thomas Wylford William Parker
21 Richard II 1397-8 Richard Whittington, mercer William Askham John Woodcock
22 Richard II 1398-9 Drew Barentin, goldsmith
Drewe Barentyne
John Wade John Warner
Henry IV began his reign 29 September 1399
1 Henry IV 1399-1400 Thomas Knoles, grocer William Waldern Will Hyde

Gregory: "Ande that same yere, a-non aftyr Crystysse masse, was be-heddyd at Sussetyr the Erle of Kentt, and the Erle of Saulysbury, and the Erle of Oxynforde, and Syr Thomas Blounte, and Syr Raffe Lumney, Syr Benet Cely, knyghtys, and Syr Thomas Wyntyrsylle, sqwyer; also Syr John Holand, Erle ofHuntyngdone, was beheddyd at Playsche in Exsex, and the Lord Spenser was be-heddyd at Brystowe; and a-non aftyr dyde Kyng Rychard and was beryd at Langley. And that same yere Syr Barnarde Brokers was heddyd at Tyburne, and Syr Thomas Celley, knyght, and Mawdleyn ande Ferby, clerkys, were drawyn and hangyd at Tyburne. And that same yere the kynge roode in to Schotlonde. And there he be-ganne the werre at Walys by Gwyn Glandowre, squyer, ayenste the Kyng of Inglonde, Harry the iiij, &c."

2 Henry IV 1400-1 John Francis, goldsmith
" Fraunceys "
John Wakeley William Ebote
" Enote, " Emot
John Obete
3 Henry IV 1401-2 John Shadworth, mercer William Venour John Fremyngham
William " in G., which agrees with Arnold
4 Henry IV 1402-3 John Walcote, draper Richard Merlowe Robert Chicheley
5 Henry IV 1403-4 William Ascham, fishmonger
" Askam
Thomas Fauconer Thomas Polle
6 Henry IV 1404-5 John Hend, draper
" Hynde
William Louthe Stephen Spilman

Gregory: "Ande that yere Syr Thomas the kyngys sone was Amerelle of the See, and he wente unto Flaundrys and brent bothe in Cachante and in Flaundrys, ande londyd at Scluse and gaffe there to a stronge sawte. Alle so he toke carrekys of Jene and brought them unto Wynchylse, and they were brent thorowe mysse governaunce and moche of the goode ther ynne. Alle so the same yere Syr Richard Schroppe, Archebyschoppe of Yorke, and the Lorde Mombray, were be-heddyd at Yorke."

7 Henry IV 1405-6 John Wodcocke, mercer
" Woodcock
William Crowmer Harry Barton
8 Henry IV 1406-7 Richard Whittington, mercer Nicholas Wotton Geoffrey Broke
9 Henry IV 1407-8 William Sandon, grocer
" Stawndon
Henry Pomfret Henry Halton
Gregory: "Ande that yere the Erle of Northehumberlond ande the Lorde Bardoffe were take in the Northe countre ande be-heddyd and quarteryd; and the hedde of the erle and the quartyr of the lorde were brought unto Londyn Brygge. And that yere was a grete froste, and that duryd xxv wekys and more. Alle so the same yere the Erle of Kentt was slayne at the castelle of Bryake whythe a stone."

10 Henry IV 1408-9 Drewe Barentine, goldsmith William Norton Thomas Duke

Gregory: "Ande that yere was the grette playe at Skynners Welle in London. Ande that yere there were grete justys in Smethefylde by twyne the Erle of Somersett and the Synyschalle of Henowde, and Syr John Corwayle and Syr Rycharde of Arundelle, and the sone of Syr John Chenye, and othyr Fraynysche men dede the dedys of armys there."

11 Henry IV 1409-10 Richard Marlow(e), ironmonger John Lane William Chicheley
12 Henry IV 1410-11 Thomas Knoles, grocer John Penn Thomas Pyke
13 Henry IV 1411-12 Robert Chicheley, grocer John Raynwell William Cotton
Walter "

Gregory: "And that yere, the xij day of October, the yere of oure Lord MCCCC and xj, ther was in Temys iij flodys in oo day. And that yere the Lorde Thomas, the kyngys sone, was made Duke of Clarence, and that yere there com inbassetours fro the Duke of Orlyaunce unto the kyng for to wage men ayenst the Duke of Burgayne, and the kyng sende thedyr the Duke of Clarence and othyr certayne lordys; and at the feste of Synt Laurence they londyd at Hoggys. And the same yere the kyng let make to be smetyn newe nowblys, but they were of lasse wyght thenne was the olde nobylle by the paysse of an halpeny wyght, soo that a nobylle shuld wey but iiij d. and halfe a peny, and that l. nowblys shulde make a pounde of Troye wyght."

Henry V began his reign 20 March 1412.
14 Henry IV
1 Henry V
1412-13 William Waldren, mercer
" Waldern
Ralph Lobenham William Sevenok

Gregory: "Ande that yere the kyng made to be brought the bonys of Kyng Rychard to Westemyster, and they were beryd and put in his owne sepulture, that he let make hym selfe with Quene Anne his wyfe. This was the laste yere of raygne of the fadyr, and the fyrste yere of the raygne of the sone, Kyng Harry the v."

2 Henry V 1413-14 William Crowmer, draper John Sutton John Michell
" Nichole
3 Henry V 1414-15 Thomas Falconer, mercer
" Fauconer
John Michell Thomas Aleyn
4 Henry V 1415-16 Nicholas Wotton, draper Aleyn Everarde William Cambridge
5 Henry V 1416-17 Henry Barton, skinner Robert Whittington John Coventry

Stow: "This Henry Barton ordained lanthorns with lights to be hanged out on the winter evening betwixt Hallontide and Candlemasse." [Hallontide, or All Hallontide, was All Saints' day, the 1st of November.]

6 Henry V 1417-18 Richard Marlow, ironmonger
" Merlowe
Henry Rede John Gedney
7 Henry V 1418-19 William Sevenoke John Bryan, who drowned;
John Pemeys in his place
Ralph Barton
8 Henry V 1419-20 Richard Whittington, mercer Robert Whittington
" Whytyngham
John Butler
9 Henry V 1420-1 William Cambridge, grocer John Butler John Welles
10 Henry V 1421-2 Robert Chichley, grocer Richard Gosselyn William Weston

Gregory: "Ande that same yere the Duke of Bedforde held a Parlyment at Wystemyster, and that began the iij day of Decembir; in the whyche Parlyment was grauntyd a quyndesyn and a dyme to the kynge, that tyme beyng at the sege of Mewys in Brye, in Fraunce, and the halfe quyndesym and dyme to be payde antt Candelmasse nexte folowynge, and that the kyng shuld ressayve soche payment as went that tyme: that ys to say, yf a nobylle were worth vs. and viij d. the kyng shulde take hyt for a fulle nobylle of vjs. & viij d.; and yf the nobylle soo appayryde were better thenne vs. viij d., the kyng too paye the ovyr plus of v s. viij d. Also that yere was grette scarsyte of whyte mony that men myght unnethe have any golde changyd, thoughe hit were nevyr soo good and of fulle whyghte. Also that yere, on Syn Nicholas day in Decembyr, the yere of oure Lorde MCCCC and xxj, Harry, the fyrste begotyn sone of Kyng Harry the v, was borne in the castelle of Wyndesore; to whom was god fadyrs at the fonte Harry Byschoppe of Wynchester, John Duke of Bedforde, and the Duchyes of Holond, Jacomyne, was the godmodyr; and at the confirmacyon the Archebyschoppe of Cantyrbury, Harry Chycheley, was godfadyr. Also the same yere, in the monythe of May, the yere of oure Lorde Mccccxxij, and of the raygne of the kynge the x, the cytte in Mewys in Bry, whyche long tyme hadde be besegyd [was yolden] ... the secunde day of the monythe of May, the yere of oure Lorde MCCCC xxij. And soo the x day of the same monythe the sayde markett of Mewys in Bry and alle the towne was yoldyn in manor and forme as hyt ys a-bove sayde.

"The same yere the xiij day of Auguste a newe wedyrcoke was sette at Powlys stypylle in London.

"Also the same yere, the laste day of Auguste, the yere of oure Lorde M CCCC xxij, the good and nobylle Kyng, Harry the v aftyr the Conqueste of Inglonde, floure of chevalrye of Crystyn men, endyd hys lyffe in Fraunce, at Boys in Vincent, be syde Parys, the x yere of hys raygne, to whom God graunte mercy. Amen.

"Ande that same yere, the xx day of Auguste, deyde the Byschoppe of London, Clyfforde, and thenne was made byschoppe Mayster John Kempe, whos bonys, the viij day of Novembyr next folowyng, worthely at Westmynyster were interyde.

"Here foloweythe namys of the townys and castellys, abbeys, pylys, and pylettys, in Normandy, that oure fulle excellent lorde the Kyng Harry the v. wanne and conqueryde in Normandy and in Fraunce, to hym and to hys ayrys, in manor and forme as hit ys bove sayde.

"Fyrste the towne of Hareflewe and the castelle of the same, the castelle of Toke, the castelle and towne of Cane, the towne and the castelle of Argentyne, the towne and the castelle of Fallex, the towne and the castelle of Mewys in Bry, the towne and the cytte and the castelle of Rone, and many moo, the nombyr of an c townys and castellys, abbeys, and strong-holdys."

Henry VI began his reign 31 August 1422.
1 Henry VI 1422-3 William Waldern, mercer William Estfelde Robert Tattersall
2 Henry VI 1423-4 William Crowmer, draper Nicholas James Thomas Wandesford
3 Henry VI 1424-5 John Michel, fishmonger
" Mychell
Simon Seman John By-the-Water
4 Henry VI 1425-6 John Coventrie, mercer
" Coventry
William Milrede John Brokley
5 Henry VI 1426-7 John Reinwell, fishmonger
" Raynwell
William "
Robert Arnold John Higham
6 Henry VI 1427-8 John Gidney, draper
" Gedney
Henry Frowyk Robert Otley
7 Henry VI 1428-9 Harry Barton, skinner Thomas Dufhous John Abbot
8 Henry VI 1429-30 William Eastfield, mercer
" Estfeld
William Russe Ralph Holand
9 Henry VI 1430-1 Nicholas Wootton, draper Walter Chertesey Robert Large
10 Henry VI 1431-2 John Wels, grocer
" Welles
John Adyrley Stephen Browne
11 Henry VI 1432-3 John Patneis, fishmonger
" Parneys
" Parveys
John Olney John Padysley
12 Henry VI 1433-4 John Brokle, draper Thomas Chalton John Lynge
13 Henry VI 1434-5 Robert Oteley, grocer Thomas Barnwell Simon Eyre
14 Henry VI 1435-6 Harry Frowike, mercer Thomas Catworth Robert Clopton
15 Henry VI 1436-7 John Michel, fishmonger Thomas Morestede William Gregory
16 Henry VI 1437-8 Sir William Eastfield, mercer William Chapman William Hales
17 Henry VI 1438-9 Stephen Brown, grocer Hugh Dyke Nicholas Yeo

Stow: "Wheat sold for three shillings the bushel; but this man sent into Prussia, and caused to be brought from thence certain ships laden with rye, which did great relief."

18 Henry VI 1439-40 Robert Large, mercer Robert Marchall Philip Malpas
19 Henry VI 1440-1 John Paddesley, goldsmith John Sutton William Wetynhale
20 Henry VI 1441-2 Robert Clopton, draper William Combe Richard Riche
21 Henry VI 1442-3 John Hatherley, ironmonger Thomas Beaumont Richard Nordon
22 Henry VI 1443-4 Thomas Catworth, grocer John Norman Nicholas Wyfold
23 Henry VI 1444-5 Harry Frowicke, mercer Stephen Foster Hugh Wyche
24 Henry VI 1445-6 Simon Eyre, draper John Derby Geoffrey Feldyng
25 Henry VI 1446-7 John Olney, mercer Robert Horne Geoffrey Boleyn
Godfrey "
26 Henry VI 1447-8 John Sidney, draper William Abraham Thomas Scott
27 Henry VI 1448-9 Stephen Browne, grocer William Cantlowe
John "
William Marowe
28 Henry VI 1449-50 Thomas Chalton, mercer Thomas Canyng William Hewlyn
John "

Stow: "This year Jack Cade, a rebel of Kent, came to London, entered the city, etc."

29 Henry VI 1450-1 Nicholas Wilforde, grocer
" Wyfold
William Dere John Middelton
30 Henry VI 1451-2 William Gregory, skinner Matthew Philip Christopher Water
" Warton
31 Henry VI 1452-3 Godfrey Fielding, mercer
Geoffrey Feldyng
Richard Lee Richard Alley
32 Henry VI 1453-4 John Norman, draper John Walden Thomas Coke

Stow: "This John Norman was the first mayor that was rowed to Westminster by water, for before that time they rode on horseback."

33 Henry VI 1454-5 Stephen Forstar, fishmonger
" Forster
John Felde William Tailor
34 Henry VI 1455-6 William Marrow, grocer
" Marowe
John Yong Thomas Holgrave
Oulgrave or Walgrave
35 Henry VI 1456-7 Thomas Caning, grocer
" Canynge
John Steward Ralph Verney
36 Henry VI 1457-8 Godfrey Boloine, mercer
Geoffrey Boleyn
William Edward Thomas Reyner
37 Henry VI 1458-9 Thomas Scot, draper Ralph Josselyn Richard Nedeham
38 Henry VI 1459-60 William Hulin, fishmonger
" Hewlyn
John Plummer John Stocker
39 Henry VI 1460-1 Richard Lee, grocer Richard Flemyng
John " or Arnold "
John Lambard
Edward IV began his reign 4 March 1460 "after the account of the Church of England."
1 Edward IV 1461-2 Hugh Witch, mercer
" Wiche
John Loke George Ireland
2 Edward IV 1462-3 Thomas Cooke, draper Bartholomew James William Hampton
3 Edward IV 1463-4 Matthew Philip, goldsmith Thomas Muschamp Robert Basset
4 Edward IV 1464-5 Raph Joceline
Ralph Josselyn
John Tate John Stone
5 Edward IV 1465-6 Raph Verney, mercer William Constantine Henry Waver
6 Edward IV 1466-7 John Yong, grocer John Bromer Henry Brice;
on Brice's death, John Stokton
7 Edward IV 1467-8 Thomas Oldgrave
" Holgrave
" Owlegrave
Humph. Hayford Thomas Stalbroke
8 Edward IV 1468-9 William Taylor, grocer
" Taillour
Simon Smyth
Symkyn "
William Haryot
9 Edward IV 1469-70 Richard Lee, grocer Richard Gardiner Robert Drope

Stow: "This year the Tower of London being delivered to the mayor and his brethren, they delivered King Henry from thence."

10 Edward IV 1470-71 Sir John Stockton, mercer Sir John Crosbie John Ward

Stow: "Thomas the Bastard Fauconbridge, with a riotous company, set upon this city at Aldgate, Bishopsgate, the Bridge, etc., and twelve aldermen, with the recorder, were knighted in the field by Edward IV., to wit, John Stockton, mayor, Ralph Verney, late mayor, John Yong, later mayor, William Tayler, late mayor, Richard Lee, late mayor, Matthew Philips, late mayor, George Ireland, William Stoker, William Hampton, since mayor, Thomas Stolbroke, John Crosbie, and Bartlemew James, since mayor, with Thomas Urswike, recorder."

11 Edward IV 1471-72 William Edward, grocer John Allin John Shelley

Stow: "The water-conduit at Aldermanburie, and the standard in Fleet street were finished."

12 Edward IV 1472-73 Sir William Hampton, fishmonger John Browne Thomas Bedlow
13 Edward IV 1473-74 John Tate, mercer Sir William Sokar Robert Belisdon

Stow: "This year the sheriffs of London were appointed each of them to have sixteen serjeants, every serjeant to have his yeoman, and six clerks, to wit, a secondary, a clerk of the papers, and four other clerks, besides the under-sheriff's clerks."

14 Edward IV 1474-75 Robert Drope, draper Edmond Shaw Thomas Hill
15 Edward IV 1475-76 Robert Basset, salter Hugh Brice Robert Colwich

Stow: "This Robert Basset corrected the bakers and other victuallers of this city."

16 Edward IV 1476-77 Sir Raph Joceline, draper
Sir Ralph Josselyn
Richard Rawson William Horne
17 Edward IV 1477-78 Humphrey Hayford, goldsmith Henry Collet John Stoker
18 Edward IV 1478-79 Richard Gardener, mercer
" Gardyner
Robert Harding Robert Bifield

Stow: "Robert Bifield, sheriff, was fined by the mayor, and paid fifty pounds toward the water-conduits."

19 Edward IV 1479-80 Sir Bartholomew James, draper Thomas Ilam John Ward
20 Edward IV 1480-81 John Browne, mercer Thomas Daniel William Bacon
21 Edward IV 1481-82 William Hariot, draper
" Haryot
Robert Tate William Wiking
22 Edward IV 1482-83 Edmund Sha, goldsmith
" Shaa
William Whit John Mathew
Edward V began his reign 9 April 1483.
Richard III began his reign 22 June 1483.
1 Edward V
1 Richard III
1483-84 Robert Bilisden, haberdasher
" Billesdon
Thomas Norland William Martin
9 Edward IV 1484-85 Thomas Hill, grocer
Sir William Stokker
John Warde

Stow: "Three sheriffs and three mayors this year by means of the sweating sickness, etc. Thomas Hill appointed by his testament the water-conduit in Grasse street to be built."
I don't know which of the sheriffs died in office. The replacement was Raphe Austrie.

Henry VII began his reign 22 August 1485.
1 Henry VII 1485-86 Sir Hugh Brise, goldsmith
" Bryce
John Tate John Swan
2 Henry VII 1486-87 Henry Cellet, mercer
" Colet
John Percivall Hugh Clopton
3 Henry VII 1487-88 Sir William Horne, salter John Fenkell William Remington
4 Henry VII 1488-89 Robert Tate, mercer W. Isaack Ralph Tilney
5 Henry VII 1489-90 William White, draper William Caple John Brocke
6 Henry VII 1490-91 John Mathew, mercer Henry Cote Robert Revell
A third sheriff this year: Hugh Pemberton; but I don't know who was replaced.
7 Henry VII 1491-92 Hugh Clopton, mercer Thomas Wood William Browne
8 Henry VII 1492-93 William Martin, skinner William Purchase William Welbecke

Stow: "A riot made upon the Esterlings by the mercers' servants and other."

9 Henry VII 1493-94 Raph Astrie, fishmonger
Ralp Astry
Robert Fabian John Winger

Stow: Raph Astrie was "made knight by Henry VII." "Robert Fabian, alderman, made Fabian's Chronicle, a painful labour, to the honour of the city, and the whole realm."

10 Henry VII 1494-95 Richard Chawry, salter Nicholas Alwine John Warner
11 Henry VII 1495-96 Sir Henry Colet, mercer Thomas Knesworth Henry Somer
12 Henry VII 1496-97 Sir John Tate, the younger, mercer Sir John Sha Sir Richard Haddon

Stow: "The king made this mayor, Robert Shefield, recorder, and both the sheriffs, knights, for their good service against the rebels at Black Hith field."

13 Henry VII 1497-98 William Purchase, mercer Bartlemew Read Thomas Windout
14 Henry VII 1498-99 Sir John Percevall
" Percyvale
Thomas Bradbury Stephen Jeninges
15 Henry VII 1499-00 Nicholas Alwin, mercer
" Ailwyn
James Wilford Thomas Brond
16 Henry VII 1500-01 William Remington, fishmonger
" Remyngton
John Hawes William Steede
17 Henry VII 1501-02 Sir John Sha, goldsmith
" " Shaa
Lawrence Ailmer Henry Hede

Stow: John Sha was "made knight in the field by Henry VII." "THis SIr John Sha caused his brethren the aldermen to ride from the Guildhall unto the water's side, where he took his barge to Westminster; he was sworn by the king's council: he commonly in the afternoons kept a court alone, called before him many matters, and redressed them."

18 Henry VII 1502-03 Bartholomew Reade, goldsmith
Bartlemew Rede
Henry Kebel Nicholas Nines
19 Henry VII 1503-04 Sir William Capell, draper Christopher Hawes Robert Wats

A third sheriff the year above: Thomas Granger; but I don't know who was replaced.

20 Henry VII 1504-05 John Winger, grocer
" Wynger
Roger Acheley William Brown
21 Henry VII 1505-06 Thomas Knesworth, fishmonger
" Kneseworth
Richard Shore Roger Grove
22 Henry VII 1506-07 Sir Richard Haddon, mercer Richard Shore Roger Grove
23 Henry VII 1507-08 William Browne, mercer, for part
then Lawrence Ailmer, draper
William Butler John Kirkby
24 Henry VII 1508-09 Stephen Jeninges, merchant-tailor Thomas Exmew Richard Smith
Henry VIII began his reign 22 of April 1509.
1 Henry VIII 1509-10 Thomas Bradbury, mercer, for part
Sir William Caple, draper
George Monoxe John Doget
2 Henry VIII 1510-1 Henry Keble, grocer John Milborne John Rest
3 Henry VIII 1511-2 Roger Acheley, draper Nicholas Shelton Thomas Mirfine
4 Henry VIII 1512-3 Sir William Copinger, fishmonger, for part
Richard Haddon, mercer
Robert Aldarnes Robert Fenrother
5 Henry VIII 1513-4 W. Browne, mercer
& John Tate, mercer
John Dawes John Bridges
A third sheriff the year above: Roger Bafford; but I don't know who was replaced.
6 Henry VIII 1514-5 George Monoux, draper James Yarford John Monday
7 Henry VIII 1515-6 Sir William Butler, grocer Henry Warley Richard Grey
A third sheriff the year above: W. Bayly; but I don't know who was replaced.
8 Henry VIII 1516-7 John Rest, grocer Thomas Seimer John Thurstone
9 Henry VIII 1517-8 Sir Thomas Exmew, goldsmith Thomas Baldrie Raph Simondes
10 Henry VIII 1518-9 Thomas Mirfin, skinner John Allen James Spencer
11 Henry VIII 1519-20 Sir James Yarford, mercer John Wilkenson Nicholas Partrich

Stow: "From this time the mayors of London, for the most part, have been knighted by courtesy of the kings, and not otherwise."

12 Henry VIII 1520-1 Sir John Bruge, draper Sir John Skeviington John Kyme
13 Henry VIII 1521-2 Sir John Milborne, draper John Breton Thomas Pargetor
14 Henry VIII 1522-3 Sir John Mundy, goldsmith John Rudstone John Champneis
15 Henry VIII 1523-4 Sir T. Baldry, mercer Michael English Nicholas Jenines
16 Henry VIII 1524-5 Sir W. Bayly, draper Raph Dodmer William Roch
17 Henry VIII 1525-6 Sir John Allen, mercer John Caunton Christopher Askew
18 Henry VIII 1526-7 Sir Thomas Seamer, mercer Stephen Peacocke Nicholas Lambert
19 Henry VIII 1527-8 Sir James Spencer, vintner John Hardy William Holles
20 Henry VIII 1528-9 Sir John Rudstone, draper Raph Warren John Long
21 Henry VIII 1529-30 Sir Raph Dodmer, mercer Michael Dormer Walter Champion

Stow: "This year it was decreed that no man should be mayor of London more than one year."

22 Henry VIII 1530-1 Sir T. Pargiter, salter William Dauntsey Richard Champion
23 Henry VIII 1531-2 Sir Nicholas Lambard, grocer Richard Gresham Edward Altham
24 Henry VIII 1532-3 Sir Stephen Pecocke, haberdasher Richard Reynoldes Nicholas Pinchon

Stow names four sheriffs for the year above, no explanation: John Martin & John Prist are the others.

25 Henry VIII 1533-4 Sir Christopher Askew, draper William Forman Sir T. Kitson
26 Henry VIII 1534-5 Sir John Chamneis, skinner Nicholas Levison W. Denham
27 Henry VIII 1535-6 Sir John Allen, mercer Humfrey Munmoth John Cootes

Stow: "The forenamed sheriffs, Munmouth and Cootes, put away twelve serjeants and twelve yeomen, but were by a common council forced to take them again."

28 Henry VIII 1536-7 Sir Raph Waren, mercer Robert Paget William Boyer
29 Henry VIII 1537-8 Sir Richard Gresham, mercer Sir John Gresham Thomas Lewen
30 Henry VIII 1538-9 William Forman, haberdasher William Welkenson Nicholas Gibson
31 Henry VIII 1539-40 Sir W. Holles, mercer John Feiry Thomas Huntlow
32 Henry VIII 1540-1 Sir William Roch, draper Sir William Laxton Martin Bowes
33 Henry VIII 1541-2 Sir Michael Dormer, mercer Rowland Hill Henry Suckley
34 Henry VIII 1542-3 John Cootes, salter Henry Habberthorne Henry Amcotes
35 Henry VIII 1543-4 Sir W. Bowyer, draper, for part
Sir Raph Waren, mercer
John Toleus Richard Dobbes
36 Henry VIII 1544-5 Sir W. Laxton, grocer John Wilford Andrew Jude
37 Henry VIII 1545-6 Sir Martin Bowes, goldsmith Geroge Barnes Ralph Alley
38 Henry VIII 1546-7 Sir Henry Hubbathorne, merchant-tailor Richard Jarveis Thomas Curteis
Edward VI began his reign 28 January 1546.
1 Edward VI 1547-8 Sir John Gresham, mercer Thomas White Robert Charsey
2 Edward VI 1548-9 Sir Henry Amcotes, fishmonger William Locke Sir John Ailife
3 Edward VI 1549-50 Rowland Hill, mercer Richard Turke John Yorke
4 Edward VI 1550-1 Sir Andrew Jude, skinner Augustine Hind John Lyon
5 Edward VI 1551-2 Sir Richard Dobbes, skinner John Lamberd John Cowper
6 Edward VI 1552-3 Sir George Barnes, haberdasher William Gerard John Maynard
Mary began her reign 6 July 1553.
1 Mary 1553-4 Sir Thomas White, merchant-tailor Thomas Ofley William Huet
2 Mary 1554-5 Sir John Lion, grocer David Woodrofe William Chester
3 Mary 1555-6 Sir William Gerard, haberdasher Thomas Leigh John Machil
4 Mary 1556-7 Sir Thomas Ofley, merchant-tailor William Harper John White
5 Mary 1557-8 Sir Thomas Curteis, fishmonger Richard Malorie James Aitham
6 Mary 1558-9 Sir Thomas Legh, mercer John Halse Richard Champion
Elizabeth began her reign 17 November 1558.
1 Elizabeth I 1559-60 Sir William Huet, clothworker Thomas Lodge Roger Martin
2 Elizabeth I 1560-1 Sir William Chester, draper Christopher Draper Thomas Row
3 Elizabeth I 1561-2 Sir William Harper, merchant-tailor Alexander Avenon Humfrey Baskervile
4 Elizabeth I 1562-3 Sir Thomas Lodge, grocer William Alin Richard Chamberlaine
5 Elizabeth I 1563-4 Sir John White, grocer Edward Bankes Rowland Heyward
6 Elizabeth I 1564-5 Sir Richard Malorie, mercer Edward Jackeman Lionel Ducket
7 Elizabeth I 1565-6 Sir Richard Champion, draper John Rivers James Hawes
8 Elizabeth I 1566-7 Sir Christopher Draper, ironmonger Richard Lambert Ambrose Nicholas
A third sheriff the year above: John Langley; but I don't know who was replaced.
9 Elizabeth I 1567-8 Sir Roger Martin, mercer Thomas Ramsey William Bond
10 Elizabeth I 1568-9 Sir Thomas Row, merchant-tailor John Oleph Robert Harding

A third sheriff the year above: James Bacon; but I don't know who was replaced.

11 Elizabeth I 1569-70 Alexander Avenon, ironmonger Henry Becher William Dane
12 Elizabeth I 1570-1 Sir Rowland Heyward, clothworker Francis Bernam William Box
13 Elizabeth I 1571-2 Sir William Allin, mercer Henry Miles John Braunch
14 Elizabeth I 1572-3 Sir Lionel Ducket, mercer Richard Pipe Nicholas Woodrofe
15 Elizabeth I 1573-4 Sir J. Rivers, grocer James Harvy Thomas Pullison
16 Elizabeth I 1574-5 James Hawes, clothworker Thomas Blanke Anthony Gamage
17 Elizabeth I 1575-6 Ambrose Nicholas, salter Edward Osborne Wolstan Dixie
18 Elizabeth I 1576-7 Sir John Langley, goldsmith William Kimpton George Barne
19 Elizabeth I 1577-8 Sir Thomas Ramsey, grocer Nicholas Backhouse Francis Bowyer
20 Elizabeth I 1578-9 Sir Richard Pipe, draper George Bond Thomas Starkie
21 Elizabeth I 1579-80 Sir Nicholas Woodrofe, haberdasher Martin Calthrope John Hart
22 Elizabeth I 1580-1 Sir John Branch, draper Ralph Woodcock John Alate
23 Elizabeth I 1581-2 Sir James Harvie, ironmonger Richard Martin William Webbe
24 Elizabeth I 1582-3 Sir Thomas Blancke, haberdasher William Roe John Hayden
25 Elizabeth I 1583-4 Edward Osborne, clothworker William Masham John Spencer
26 Elizabeth I 1584-5 Sir Thomas Pullison, draper Stephen Slany Henry Billingsley
27 Elizabeth I 1585-6 Sir Wolstane Dixie, skinner Anthony Radclife Henry Pranell
28 Elizabeth I 1586-7 Sir George Barne, haberdasher Robert House William Elkin
29 Elizabeth I 1587-8 Sir George Bond, haberdasher Thomas Skinner John Katcher
30 Elizabeth I 1588-9 Sir Martin Calthorpe, draper, for part
Richard Martin, goldsmith
Hugh Ofley Richard Saltenstall
31 Elizabeth I 1589-90 Sir John Hart, grocer Richard Gurney Stephen Some
32 Elizabeth I 1590-1 John Allot, fishmonger, for part
Sir Rowland Heyward, clothworker
Nicholas Mosley Robert Broke
33 Elizabeth I 1591-2 Sir William Webb, salter William Rider Benet Barnham
34 Elizabeth I 1592-3 Sir William Roe, ironmonger John Gerard Robert Taylor
35 Elizabeth I 1593-4 Sir Cuthbert Buckle, vintner, for part
Sir Richard Martin, goldsmith
Paule Banning Peter Hauton
36 Elizabeth I 1594-5 Sir John Spencer, clothworker Robert Lee Thomas Benet
37 Elizabeth I 1595-6 Sir Stephen Slany, skinner Thomas Low Leonard Holiday
38 Elizabeth I 1596-7 Thomas Skinner, clothworker, for part
Sir Henry Billingsley, haberdasher
John Wattes Richard Godard
39 Elizabeth I 1597-8 Sir Richard Saltonstall, skinner Henry Roe John More
40 Elizabeth I 1598-9 Sir Stephen Some, grocer Edward Holmeden Robert Hampson
41 Elizabeth I 1599-1600 Sir Nicholas Mosley, clothworker Humfrey Welde Roger Clarke
42 Elizabeth I 1600-1 Sir William Rider, haberdasher Thomas Cambell Thomas Smith
A third sheriff the year above: William Craven; but I don't know who was replaced.
43 Elizabeth I 1601-2 Sir John Gerard, haberdasher Henry Anderson William Glover
44 Elizabeth I 1602-3 Robert Lee, merchant-tailor James Pemberton John Swinerton
45 Elizabeth I 1603-4 Sir Thomas Bennett ? ?
James began his reign 24 Mar 1603.

See also The Aldermen of the City of London: 1422-1509 and 1509-1603


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