Brig, Brygge, Bridge

These texts are all taken from the published records of Halifax parish, Yorkshire. I have kept the spelling of those published texts, except that I have typed "v" for that letter in every case, whereas the published versions show "u". Footnotes are not my comments, but are all from the same source. The order on this page is chronological, beginning with the earliest will.

Will of WILLIAM BRYGGE, of Heptonstall

1440 Halifax Parish, West Riding, Yorkshire, England

No. 314 in Halifax Parish Wills; Reg. Test. ii. 679

Monday next before the feast of St. Mathew, the Apostle and Evangelist, 1440. William del Bryge, of Heptonstall. To be buried where God will dispose, with my mortuary. Item: I bequeath to Isabell, Margaret, and Alice, my daughters, to each of the three, ten pounds. Item: I bequeath to Agnes, my daughter, twenty marks. Item: I bequeath to the making of the bells at Heptonstall ten marks. I make my executors John del Brygge and William del Brigge, my sons, by the oversight of Henry del Brygge and John del Wedehope. Item: I bequeath to the service of the Holy Cross in the chapel of All Saints at Macclesfelde x/s.

Pr. Nov. 4, 1440, by John, son, power being reserved to William Brigge, the other exor.

Will of RICHARD BRIG, of Oldtowne, par. of Heptonstall

11 Jun 1551 Halifax Parish, West Riding, Yorkshire, England

No. 78 in Halifax Parish Wills; Reg. Test. xiii. 799

Richarde Brig, of Oldtowne in the parishe of Heptonstall. To be buried in the chapell of the sayd, and the vicar therof my mortuarie after the kinges grace actes. Item: I give to John Crosley, my servante, my best hose. Item: I give to Agnes Burdaill iij/s iiij/d. Item: I give to Jennett Robynson iij/s iiij/d. Item: I give to Willm Brige, my son, one blak quie. Item: I give to Jenet, his wif, ij sylver spones. Item: I give to Herye Brig one chist, my best panne, a reade quye, and a sylver broche. Item: I give Richarde Brig a payre of walker sheires and one chiste. To Willm Brig a paire of walker sheires. To Isabell Brig and his suster a quye with calf. To Christabell Brig and Katherine, her suster, ij calfes. To Elisabeth Shakilton a calf. To Eliz Hepworthe xx/s. To Thomas Michell my best jacket. Item: I will tha[t] Katherine, my wif, to have and occupie my ij tenements called Oxnope and in Langfelde accordynge to a paire of indentures berynge the date x day of January and the xx yere of King Henrye the eighte. The reversion of all my other goodes, my will fullfilled, I give and bequeath to the sayd Ketheryne, my wif, whom I ordeyn and make my trewe executrix to dispose as she thinkes good. Thes witnes, Henrie Sutclif, Thomas Michell.

Pr. Nov. 25, 1551, by Katherine, relict.