Campbell Co TN June 26, Book A

I Sampson David of the town of Jacksborough and State of Tennessee do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testament and do hereby dispose of all my worldly goods and substances as follows, to wit - It is my will that my body at my death be buried in a decent and christian like manner and I do hereby recommend my soul to the God of Heaven who gave it. It is also my will that all my just debts be paid. It is my will that my beloved wife Martha David have all my estate, both real and personal, during her life (excepting a debt due me by James Richardson of three thousand dollars or thereabouts which said debt due me by said Richardson I will and bequeath to the grand-children of my mother Mary David to be paid to them equally as they come of age, to wit the children of Lewis David, James David, Isaac David and Mary Chandois wife of David Chandois. It is my will that my wife Martha at her death may have full power and authority at her death to dispose of all my personal property, or money, bank stock &c (my negro Ha-- excepted) in any manner she may think proper. It is my will and desire that on the first day of January one thousand eight hundred and forty (1840) all the slaves I now hold with their increase, or any that I may hereafter buy (except such as I may in the meantime choose to sell or dispose of) be hired out by Trustees hereinafter to be named, and that as soon as the proceeds of their hire will be sufficient to transport or send them to some State or Colony, where freedom is allowed or tolerated and slavery forbidden that they be forthwith sent by my said Trustees or any one of these, should the balance [unsure here: "refuse to send"?] -- This provision I have made in this my will, because I am of opinion that all mankind should be free and to the end that this part of my will be carried into effect I do hereby appoint my friend John M. Brabson of Tazwell Tennessee, William [E?.] Mynott, James M. M. White, Clark T. Barton, Drewry P. Armstrong & Richard G. Dunlap of Knoxville Tennessee and Joseph Hart of Jacksborough Tennessee to act as Trustees as herein before stated and I do further authorize and empower my said Trustees as aforesaid or any one of them (in case others will not act) at the death of my wife Martha David, should it happen before the year 1840 to exercise his or their discretion with a view to produce an earlier emancipation of said slaves, and it is my desire that said Trustees be governed in the exercise of their discretion by the good conduct of my said slaves to my said wife Martha during her lifetime, but that discretion not to go beyond, or exceed the year one thousand eight hundred & forty.
I do hereby appoint my wife Martha David sole Executrix of this my last Will & Testament - Given under my hand & Seal this 26th of April 1826.
The words "or money Bank stock &c" were interlined before signed
Sampson David {Seal} Wm Hogshead
R.G. Dunlap
W.[E?Q?] Mynott (Mynath?)

State of Tennessee, Campbell County} the court of pleas and quarter sessions 12th June 1826
The Execution of the foregoing instrument of .... or Last Will and Testament of Sampson David Dec'd was this day proven in open court by William [E?C?] Mynott and William Hogshead witnesses thereto and was thereupon recorded at full length in Book A pages 156 & 157. [signed by clerk but I can't be sure of the name]

This will was very messily copied into the book; there are lots of ink blots and several corrections, so that the clerk seems to have had his mind elsewhere. I am wondering about the name Brabson: Could it possibly be an error for Branson, a related line to my Davids? I do not yet know if this Sampson was connected to my lines, but am hoping soon to have a larger view come together.