Written 18 July 1777, Surry county, NC

In the name of God Amen. I Ann Elliott of Surry County in North Carolina being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament in manner and form following, that is to say, First I will that all my debts and funeral charges be paid and discharged by my Executors herein after named. Also I give and bequeath to my son Thomas my bottle and glass one teacup and saucer and tea spoons and to my daughter Mary I give my stuff gowns and flask fork and to my son Benjamin I give two pewter plates and to my son John two other pewter plates and to my daughter Ann I give all my other body clothes and my beding and my teapot and my smoothing iron and my spining wheel and looking glass and I will also that all the rest of my estate be sold at publick sale and the money equally divided amongst my three youngest children. Lastly I do make and constitute my brother Hugh Lewis and my son Thomas Elliott Executors of this my last Will and Testament. Dated this 18th day of July in the year of our Lord 1777.
Ann Elliott [her mark]

Witnessed by Thomas and Mary Carson

North Carolina, Surry County August Court 1777.

Thomas carson & Mary Carson two of the subscribing witnesses to the within last will and Testament of Ann Elliott made oath that they saw the said Ann Elliott publish & declare the same to be her last will & testament, that she was of sound disposing mind & memory. And on motion it was ordered to be recorded.
Recorded accordingly by J.Williams Clk.


Dated 30 March 1791 Rowan Co, NC

In the Name of god amen. I William Ellet of North Carolina Rowan County being through the abundant mercy of god tho weak in body yet of a sound and perfect understanding and memory do constitute this my last will and testament and desire it may be received by all as such. First I most humbly bequeath my soul to god my maker beseeking his most gratious acceptance of it through the all-sufficient merits and mediation of my most compassionate Redemer Jesus Christ Who will save to the utmost all that came unto god by him I hope will not reject me a true returnin Sinner. First I will by buriel to be in a Christian manner by my Executors hereafter named who I dout not will mannage it with prudence. As to my worldly Estate I will and positive order that all my debts be paid, first I give to my dear and loving wife Jene Ellet for the term of her life this house wherein I now dwell with all the furniture belonging to the primises that lie about it and after her Death I giv the land to my beloved Son or William Ellet for ever and I do constitute my wife Jane Ellet and my son William Ellet Executors of this my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 30th Day of march 1791.
William Elliott (seal)

test Andrew Merrell Jr.
Ann (her X mark) Ellett

I have kept the inconsistent spellings: Ellet, Elliott. I do not know if this William is in my family, but I am looking for the family of my ancestor Nancy Elliott who married Jonathan Merrill, so find it interesting that Andrew Merrill witnessed this will.


Dated 4 October 1799, Orange Co, NC; proved May 1803

The 4th day of October 1799. The last will and Testament of James Ellett I do bequeath all my housell estate to William Elliott his Heirs or assigns All my Lands on franchbord on the little river on James River on Haw River on Cane Creek in Pensylvania. I bequeath all my personal estate at my Death and said Elliottt shall take care of my wife & let her have the use of her bed forever after while she lives - And the disposal of her body chose at her death - I do bequeath 2/ to John Morray 2/ to William Carter 2/ to James Hird 2/ to Thomas Blake 2/ to William Passmore all at my death if I do not chose to alter it -
James Elliot

Test John Morray
David Passmore } Jurat

Orange County May Term 1803

The Execution of the foregoing last Will and Testament of Jame Elliott dec'd was duly proved in open court by the oath of David Passmore a subscribing witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.


Dated 26 February 1803, Mecklenburg Co, NC

In the Name of God, Amen. I George Elliott, being in a low declining state of health, but of sound mind & memory, praise to God for all his mercies to me. Calling to mind the mortality of my body; knowing that all must die and afterwards appear in Judgment - Do therefore make this my last Will and Testament. Viz - I give my soul to Almighty God who gave it and my body to the Earth, dust to dust. And as touching such worldly estate as God hath blessed me with in this life, I will, give & dispose of in the following manner & form - Viz -

Imprimis. I will give and bequeath to my beloved son William Elliot one hundred acres of land to be laid off the big 400 acre tract by my executors and a deed by them made to him , on their receiving from him the remainder of the sum of moeny agreeable to my contract with him.
Item I will give bequeath enfeoff & convey to my beloved son Robert Elliot all the remainder of the sd 400 acre tract, which is not conveyed to Andrew Elliot, and the above 100 acres to Wm Elliot, supposed to be 200 acres more or less, to him his Heirs and assigns for ever.
Item. I will give and bequeath to my grandson, George Elliot, son to my sd son Andrew Elliot, one negro boy named Tom.
Item. I will give and bequeath to my grand-daughter Jane Elliot, daughter to my sd son Andrew Elliot, one negro girl named Beck. And the sd slave children shall be kept, raised & supported by my sd son Andrew Elliot, clear of any charge, untill his sd son George & daughter Jane arrive at lawful age.
Item. I will give and bequeath to my sd son Andrew Elliot one boy named Peter to him & his heirs ans assigns for ever.
Item. I will give and bequeath to my son Richard Elliot one negro boy named Zena, to him, his heirs & assigns for ever.
Item. I will give and bequeath to my daughter Jane Dun, one negro girl named Patsey, to her, her heirs & assigns for ever.
Item. I will give and bequeath to my grandson John Elliot, who is son to my son William Elliot, one negro boy named Pompey, a sucking child, to him, his heirs & assigns for ever.
Item. For valuable services received from my negro man Tom & Bet. I hereby give & bequeath to said Tom one good axe & hoe. And to said Bet her good spinning wheel, and also one good cow, her choice of all my stock; all which four articles shall be the property of sd Tom & Bet, jointly & severally during the life of either of them, & their assigns for ever afterwards.
Item. It is my further will & pledge that my Executor do sell all the residue and remainder of my estate except 75 acres, nailes, cattle etc etc houshold & kitchen furniture etc etc farming utentials etc etc - And after all my just debts are paid and necessary charges - that then the next residue or remainder shall be divided into ten equal shares and by my Executors paid and given to my sd children & grandchildren, Viz to John Elliot, Andrew Elliot, Wm Elliot, Richard Elliot, Robert Elliot and Hugh Elliot my children and to Jane Duns child, Jane. And to the three children of my daughter Mary Barry deceased, Viz Jane, George and Katherine share & share alike, and in case of the death of any of sd three children before lawfull age & no heirs of their body that then the survivor or survivors shll have his or their share or shares in 10 equal shares.
Item. For the many faithfull, honest, and meritorious labors and services which I have received for near forty years form my honest slaves the sd Tom and Bet, I ehreby liberate them & each of them from slavery, from me and my heirs for ever. And also any child or children which the sd Bet may hereafter have, if any, hereby allowing & decreeing that for ever hereafter they shall all be freed from slavery. And in order that they the sd Tom and Bet being thus freed from slavery, may have & receive a competant support and mentainance during their lives or the longest liver of them and the citizens of the county kept from any burthen by supporting them or any of them - I hereby will give and bequeath to my honest trusty neighbors James Alexander and my said son Andrew Elliot one tract of land of seventy five acres, being a seperate tract from the aforesaid 400 acres, which joins thereto and includes the spring, orchard, some building & clear land nearby wheere I now live, for and during the term of the longest liver of sd Tom and Bet, to them and their Executors during the sd term - hereby enjoining & requiring them the sd James Alexander & Andrew Elliot or the survivor of them, to rent out to farm out etc or otherwise dispose of all or any part of sd 75 acre tract, in such a manner as he or they may judge proper for the ease comfort and mentainance of the said Tom and Bet, during either of their lives. All which rent, profits etc etc thence arising shall be faithfully applied and given for the support & mentainance of sd Tom and Bet during either of their lives.
Item. And at the expiration of the longest liver of sd Tom and Bet, the said 75 acre tract and every thing thereon & thereunto belonging shall for ever afterwards and not before be the property of my said son Robert Elliot - to him & to his heirs and assigns for ever. Provided, nevertheless that if there should happen to be a difficiency of the next amount of sd estate to pay all the just debt & charges brought against sd estate, that then and in that case I hereby order that the said difficient sum of money shall be paid & discharged by my sd son Robert Elliot, on account of his receiving sd 75 acres at the time before alluded to. And I hereby request & empower the county court of Mecklenburg to ratify and confirm the liberation of sd slaves as full & as far as their power extends. And provided that the said James Alexander & Andrew Elliot should be timid, backward or negligent in performing the trust I have reposed in them, relative to the renting out etc and applying the profits of sd 75 acres etc that then the said court would appoint guardians to sd Tom & Bet in order that they may have a mentainance during life. And lastly I hereby nominate, appoint & empower the sd James Alexander and Andrew Elliot to be my whole & sole Executors of this my last Will & Testament, revoking all former wills gifts or bequest by me made either by word or writing. Ratifying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will & Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 26 day of February Anno Dom 1803. Signed sealed published declared & pronounced by the said George Elliot as his last Will and Testament, who in his presence & in the presence of each other subscribed our names
George Elliot {seal}

Test James Alexander
Samuel Stephenson
John Peopels

North Carolina, Salisbury District. Superior Court of Law, March term 1805.

The validity of this will being ascertained by the verdict of a jury & the judgement of this court, is ordered to be recorded & letters testamentary to be issued to the Executors therein named.
Attest M Stokes, clk.