The Conqueror and His Companions

The generosity of my site visitors continues to bookstoree me. Whereas a couple years back, I had presented some dozen entries from this out-of-copyright material on the men who were with William the Conqueror when he came to claim England, thinking that was all I could do because the NYPL's copy is in such bad shape that I can't photocopy more from it, now the work can be uploaded in its entirety. The first batches of additions came in August 1999 when Fred Curry generously supplied photocopies from his volumes of all the pages I was missing. Still, I was slow to get to the remaining scanning and correcting. Now, October 2000, Michael Linton of New Zealand has emailed me scanned and corrected text in ascii format, ready to encode in my own style and upload. He plans his own Conquest site -- you can be sure to find the link here whenever it's up -- but nevertheless offers all this work to my pages! There are small bits I've yet to format and work in but soon it will all be here -- with great thanks to Michael and Fred! By the way, Michael and his wife Gillian make jerseys (sweaters) on hand operated knitting machines, in the hand framing method which has barely changed since the knitting machine was invented by William Lee of Lincolnshire in 1596, and you can see their work online.
Mr. Planché reviewed existing sources and tried to improve upon the accuracy of what he found; there is more recent research arguing many of the questions that come up in these texts, and you should be sure to search for current views rather than take these texts as fact; this is but a starting point for those trying to trace Norman ancestors. Check Medieval English families on the internet from Chris Phillips for more pages on these names. There's the Gen-Medieval discussion list, and the new research of COEL (Continental Origins of English Landowners). See my online bookstore for good recent sources!
If reusing this material, now in the public domain, please do cite the original 1874 source.
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Volume I
Chapter I
The Conqueror
Chapter II
The Family of the Conqueror
Chapter III
Odo, Bishop of Bayeux and Earl of Kent
Robert, Comte de Mortain and Earl of Cornwall
Chapter IV
Eudes de Champagne
Drogo de Brevere
William de Warren
Guy de la Val
Planché wrote, "Next to the brothers of the Conqueror I have selected for notice four of his companions allied to him by marriage, firstly, because an account of them forms a portion of his family history, and secondly, because recent researches enable us to rectify some serious errors which have been repeated for centuries by French as well as English writers, until they have become as it were stereotyped in our national annals."
Chapter V
Eustace II, Count of Boulogne
Walter Giffard
Hugh de Montfort
Planché wrote, "My object in selecting the above three companions of the Conqueror for the subject of this chapter is to vindicate them from an accusation brought against them by an anonymous writer, who, though he may have been contemporaneous, I consider very unworthy the trust that has recently been placed in him. I shall, however, reserve my defence for the close of each memoir, after I have made my readers better acquainted with the personages themselves."
Chapter VI
William Fitz Osbern, Earl of Hereford
Roger de Montgomeri, Earl of Arundel and Shrewsbury
Robert de Beaumont, Count of Meulent and Earl of Leicester
Chapter VII
Raoul de Toeni, or de Conches
Toustain Fitz Rou le Blanc
Hugh, Roger and Raoul de Mortemer
Aimeri, Vicomte de Thouars
Chapter VIII
Richard, Comte d'Evreux
Guillaume, his son
Robert, Comte d'Eu
Geoffrey, son of Rotrou, Seigneur de Mortagne, Comte de Perche
Alain Fergent, or le Roux, Earl of Richmond
Volume 2
Chapter I
Hugh d'Avranches, Earl of Chester
Geoffrey de Mowbray, Bishop of Coutances
Chapter II
Richard de Bienfaite
Baldwin de Meules
Richard de Redvers
Gilbert de Montfichet
Roger le Bigod
Volume 2 cont'd
Chapter III
Humphrey de Bohun
Henry de Ferrers
Geoffrey de Mandeville
Hugh de Grentmesnil
Richard de Courci
Chapter IV
William de Albini
William Malet
William de Vieuxpont
Raoul Taisson
William de Moulins
Hugh de Gournay
Chapter V
William de Mohun
Eudo al Chapel
Eudo Dapifer
Fulk d'Aunou
Richard de Nevil
Chapter VI
Neel de Saint-Sauveur
William de Roumare
The Chamberlain of Tankerville
Urso d'Abetot
Walter & Ilbert de Lacy
Robert & Ivo de Vesci
Euguenulf de l'Aigle
Chapter VII
Robert Marmion
Hugh de Beauchamp
William de Percy
Robert Fitz Erneis
William Patry de la Lande
Chapter VIII
William Crispin
Avenel de Biarz
Fulk d'Aulnay
Bernard de St. Valery
Robert d'Oiley
Jean d'Ivri
Chapter IX
Raoul de Fougères
Errand de Harcourt
William Painel
Walter d'Aincourt
Samson d'Ansneville
Hamo de Crève-coeur
Picot de Say
Chapter X
Robert Bertram
Hugh de Port
William de Colombières
Robert d'Estouteville
William Peveral
[Chapter XI = those unidentified]