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Harry and David - bizarre path to failed Christmas delivery

clock December 24, 2010 18:16 by author Pat Patterson

We love Harry and David pears - they're awfully expensive fruit, but when they're good, they're incredible.  Usually 75% of the fruit we get is what we dream of, the rest, as happens to fruit, may have brown cores or mushy texture.  An occasional box has only been worth throwing away.  But the odds are always strongly in favor of getting some really delicious, juicy, perfumed pears unlike any others.

So, naturally, it's a favorite gift of ours for giving.   And they seem to make a big hit.

This year, when ordering, I had 8 boxes marked for delivery to us.  That would let me take some whole boxes around to our wonderful, helpful friends, as well as split some up for delivery with trays of Christmas cookies.  Which, by the way, I didn't manage to bake until today, Christmas eve!

When ordering, there didn't seem to be any problem.  Guaranteed delivery by December 24.  I ordered some for direct shipment to my brother, a niece, a few friends in other cities.

But here in the country, delivery to us seemed the best way to go.  I don't know all my friends' delivery addresses, but I do know everyone is out a great deal.  And at our house, someone is almost always home.  FedEx and UPS know where to leave things, don't worry about whether we answer the doorbell.  And after all, since this is a B&B, it's a business address as well.  So we have great success with online ordering and timely delivery.  FedEx and UPS have been here multiple times each day - I keep wondering, why don't they have it all on one truck coming out here to the boonies?  Whatever - it all arrives.  Gardeners' Supply, WinterSilks, Duncraft, the packages have been piling up this week.

But no pears.  A few thank-you calls tell me deliveries in other states have been accomplished.

6 pm, Christmas eve.  Looking forward to giving a box of pears to Judith and Chris, who'll be here for dinner later.  Taking pears tomorrow to local friends.  But no pears.

Called Harry and David.  Fellow didn't know what to do, I suggested he find a supervisor.  Found an operator, instead.   Tells me FedEx turned the pears over to the POST OFFICE somewhere in MARYLAND for postal delivery, so they'll be here Monday or Tuesday.  

But Sunday morning I'll be on my way to NYC for a week.  They can give me a refund, but that doesn't get me gifts to give.

This Santa's bag is empty this holiday, for the very friends I wanted to give the best gifts to.  I'll have to reorder and be a couple of weeks late this year.

I'll never have the same regard for Harry and David.  

Johnston, NC wills

clock October 13, 2010 09:35 by author Pat Patterson

I've transcribed three more wills to add to the American Wills section here - copies I picked up during a quick courthouse stop in Johnston county, NC, a few years back: John Evens d 1760, David George d 1821, John Phillips Sr d 1839.  I have no more info on these individuals, don't know their lines, don't know of any personal connection.  But perhaps some site visitor will let me know to link to your page? 

Catching Up

clock October 13, 2010 08:36 by author Pat Patterson

First update in a long time. Since December 2008, I've been caught up in parent care. My folks now live with me year round in Virginia.  While the series of hospitalizations, rehab stays, emergency room visits, and truly countless doctor appointments absorbs us, there's not much of it I'd write about here.  Thus the neglect of what had been a pretty active site for about 15 years.  I'm going to make an effort to tend to these pages more regularly again, and will post info about what's been added and updated.  I have given hardly any time to genealogy since moving to Virginia, putting all my efforts into my bed and breakfast.  I still have some wills in my files to put up here.  Will try as I can to gather more materials - there certainly is a wealth of it nearby.  Hope to find my old genealogical correspondents still come to visit these pages from time to time.  Would be glad to hear from you: leave a comment when you visit, please, and catch me up on what you're doing!