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This section of my site contains selections from readings that relate to my genealogy research. It all needs an historical setting. I trust that the excerpts here are inoffensive use of the material, quoted as in a book review, and being meant to encourage reading --- buying, if possible -- the entire work. Some of the titles found here are out of print, but I have gotten them at used bookstores. Others can be ordered readily.

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Excerpted Readings:

  1. The Plantation Mistress: Woman's World in the Old South     buy ittracking
    by Catherine Clinton, history professor at Harvard
  2. History of the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842     buy ittracking
    by John K. Mahon, former professor of history at the University of Florida
  3. English America and the Restoration Monarchy of Charles II: Transatlantic Politics, Commerce and Kinship
    by J.M. Sosin, published by the University of Nebraska, 1980
  4. The Transformation of Virginia 1740-1790     buy ittracking
    by Rhys Isaac, winner of the Pulitzer Prize in History
  5. The Friendly Virginians: America's First Quakers
    by Jay Worrall, Jr., clerk of three Friends' Meetings in Virginia
  6. The Revolution in Virginia, 1775-1783     buy ittracking
    by John E. Selby, Wm. F. Pullen Professor of history at the College of William and Mary
  7. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Land
    by Daniel M. Friedenberg, graduate of the Wharton School of Business
  8. Colonial Chesapeake Society
    edited by Lois Green Carr, Philip D. Morgan and Jean B. Russo
    Selection here by James Horn, Principal Lecturer at Brighton Polytechnic, Sussex, England
    "Adapting to a New World: A Comparative Study of Local Society in England and Maryland"
  9. The Atlantic Economy and Colonial Maryland's Eastern Shore: From Tobacco to Grain
    by Paul G.E. Clemens, Assistant Professor of History at Rutgers College
  10. Railroads and the Character of America, l820-1887
    by James A. Ward, Professor of History at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  11. Yorkshire from A.D. 1000
    by David Hey
  12. History of the parish of Sheviock, Cornwall
    by Lt. Col. G.A. Kempthorne
    Glasgow. Begg, Kennedy & Elder, 1934
  13. Hawkins of Plymouth: a new history     buy ittracking
    by James Williamson
  14. The Hawkins Dynasty: Three Generations of a Tudor Family     buy ittracking
    by Michael Lewis

The following out-of-copyright material is also on site:

  1. The Conqueror and His Companions
    by J.R. Planché, Somerset Herald
    London: Tinsley Brothers, 1874.
  2. William the Conqueror
    by Edward A. Freeman
    Macmillan and Co., 1913.
  3. Feudal England
    by John Horace Round, 1895
    Excerpt: "Walter Tirel and His Wife", section relating to the Clares and addressing errors in Dugdale
  4. The History of the Suburbs of Exeter
    by Charles Worthy, Esq., London 1892
    "Digression of the Families of Redvers and Courtenay"
  5. Parochial and family history of the parish of Blisland, in the county of Cornwall
    by John Maclean
    London, Nichols 1868
    Excerpt: "The Manor and Lordship Of Blisland" -- its history up to the Restoration, with notes on our Parker family
  6. Parochial and Family History of the parish and borough of Bodmin, in the county of Cornwall
    by Sir John Maclean
    London, Nichols 1870
    "Historical Incidents" from the Civil War, and "Bodmin Customs"
  7. Extinct Cornish Families, Part II
    by Mr. W.C. Wade
    Transactions of the Plymouth Institution & Devon and Cornwall Natural History Society, 1890-1891.
  8. Thomas Smythe, of Westenhanger, Commonly Called Customer Smythe
    by J.F. Wadmore, 1887
  9. Speakers of the House of Commons
    by Arthur Irwin Dasent, 1911
    Chapter II: The House of Commons under the Plantagenets.
  10. Two Old Sowerby Bridge Houses: Broadgates, Alias Underbank
    from Transactions of the Halifax Antiquarian Society, 1910
    Tells of a property of our Waterhouse family from the mid-1400s to 1600.
  11. A Chronicle of England during the Reigns of the Tudors, from A.D. 1485 to 1559
    By Charles Wriothesley, Windsor Herald
    Excerpt for 1550-1551, the year of Sir Andrew Judde's mayoralty.


History of the Second Seminole War 1835-1842tracking


The Revolution in Virginia, 1775-1783tracking

Railroads and the Character of America, 1820-1887tracking

Hawkins of Plymouth: A new history of Sir John Hawkins and of the other members of his family prominent in Tudor Englandtracking

The Hawkins dynasty: Three generations of a Tudor familytracking

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