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What is your challenge with American English?

It would be good to practice expressions for agreeing and disagreeing; ways to enter into a discussion; expressions to get the discussion back on course. I need to practice asking questions. I'd like to understand things that are implied.
I'd like to practice the simple, social things that are appropriate to business and academic settings. Greeting visitors, introducing myself and others, asking questions, letting a group know what to expect, and making others comfortable in a situation are all things I could do a lot more smoothly.

I want to speak appropriately with my group: formal enough to hold respect, friendly enough to get cooperation. It would be good to practice how to give instructions without sounding bossy, how to give criticism without being harsh, how to encourage and congratulate my team.

Face-to-face conversations are no problem, but phone calls are still a challenge. I need to know what to expect, and how to clarify things so I understand correctly.
You'll find that the better your own pronunciation is, the better your ears are trained to interpret what others say. We'll work on that.
I need clear pronunciation that everyone can follow. I need to be direct, concise, and generate enthusiasm and good will.
I'd like to practice language for my field. I want to explain my work, its development, my career path, things relevant to giving presentations or having conversations about my area of expertise. I know my field. I want to explain things about it to people who aren't so knowledgeable. I want to explain my own path to fellow experts. I want to ask probing questions of others, and be adept in answering questions.
I need to work on my accent and intonation so that people follow me easily and don't lose interest. I need to work on leading into my talk, the warm-up before getting to the technical parts. I need to answer audience questions, perhaps after clarifying them.
I want to feel confident I can handle whatever comes my way, and can make all the arrangements I need. I know if I can ask any kind of question, I can get any information I need. I may need help understanding rapid or casual English.
I need to work on comprehension, speaking and writing, with the aim of getting a high score. I take practice tests, but I'd like help with things that are hardest for me, and I'd like some tips about test taking.

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Berke H

Classical Musician, Professor


I believe one learns constantly in their lifetime, and while some things are soon forgotten, others stick forever. Throughout many ventures of tackling the English language in my earlier years, I can very confidently say that my lessons with Pat were the most impactful. Before she started teaching me, I was at such a level that I could understand but could not write or speak fluently. Pat was the the help that pushed me through the threshold into the world of bilingualism. She is knowledgable, sociable and capable of conveying far beyond the textbook teachings of English. I would definitely recommend Pat for anyone that’s looking to improve their skills.

Giulia C

Giulia on FB

Pat is an excellent teacher. I had the chance to be one of her students during my stay in the Usa. She is very smart, skilled and prepared. I loved to take her class I felt very comfortable and at ease. Lessons were never boring, she could manage to teach difficult subjects always in an easy clear and fun way. Besides, knowing different languages, she understands the problems you may have with your own language (I'm Italian) and this was really helpful to me. I do recommend Pat as a great English teacher!

Sawa U

Writer, Journalist

Sawa on FB

Pat was a very dedicated teacher for me. Another teacher gave me the lowest result in the class when I was going to English language school in New York. Pat taught me patiently, even though I was incapable student. And she told me so many things about lifestyle in NY and American custom. As you know, it is very important to know the culture for learning languages, also it is important who you learn languages from.
I learned from her a lot not only language, and even now she is acting attractively to me. Occasionally she points out my mistakes of English in my message or email indirectly. She is still my great English teacher after 30 years.

Francisca L

Writer, Editor, Entrpreneur

Francisca's FB image

Pat es una educadora ejemplar, directa, concisa, con muchas ideas para el aprendizaje y un dominio nativo de la gramática inglesa. De hecho ella no solo habla inglés, sino seis idiomas más. Absolutamente recomendable, por calidad y profesionalidad.

Gunilla T

Translator, Teacher

Gunilla on FB

Pat is a very good teacher of EFL. She is highly accomplished, a good pedagogue, very patient and has a great sense of humour!
We used to teach alongside each other way back at the end of the seventies! Preparing students for TOEFL and business English, travel English etc. Pat also speaks several foreign languages and/or has a working knowledge on different levels in French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and now learning Swedish! This makes her very apt in helping her students extra with problems that can arise in those language groups! Pat can teach EFL to any language group! I highly recommend her!

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How do you feel about your English skills?

  • You have fair to good reading comprehension, but your speaking lags behind.
  • You studied English in school but weren't taught natural pronunciation.
  • You're very motivated about studying on your own, but you have questions you want answered by someone knowledgeable.
  • You need to write in English, and want your style to be more American.
  • You want to sound more professional.
  • Perhaps you're learning English but feel the materials are for teenagers.
  • You're getting comfortable with English but wish you understood more idioms.
  • You use English in your work, so most classes will waste your time, but you still want to improve.

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