Andrew Smith: Four Generations

Here are notes for the father of and the immigrant Andrew Smith, and for the latter's son and grandson of the same name. My first records were all from New Jersey. In spring 1997, thanks to Wallace McKeehan, I learned of Andrew's ancestry in Yorkshire, which was reseached by Gloria Smith Paduch and Rosalie Smith, and partially published in "The Smith Gentes" and "The Rowan Co Register" vol 9 #3 Aug 1994. Since getting this material, I've been researching Yorkshire records available online and at the NYPL. See the additional Smith and other wills from Yorkshire I've posted.

Andrew Smith

1619 - 1671 Farsley, West Riding, Yorkshire, ENG

source: The Smith Gentes by Rosalie Coudray Smith, 1990
Andrew Smith was born in Farsley, West Riding of Yorkshire, on 17 Jul 1619 to John and Margaret Burnley Smith. He was a clothier. Records show him as a member of Calverly Church Parish, now in Pudsey township, and as church warden for 1660-1661 and 1668-1669. He seems to have been the 7th of 8 children, all born in Farsley.

Andrew Smith II

b 1640s, Yorkshire, ENG, d 1704 Hopewell, Mercer, NJ.

source: The Smith Gentes by Rosalie Coudray Smith, 1990
Andrew moved from Farsley in the West Riding of Yorkshire to the East Riding, and then sailed in the summer of 1677 from Kingston-upon-Hull on the Kent, Gregory Marlow, Master, with a group of Quakers bound for West Jersey. The Kent docked 16 Aug 1677 at Rancocas Creek on the Delaware River, West Jersey.
I imagine Andrew moved east simply in preparation for emigration, some short time after his father had died and that estate was settled; and assume his mother predeceased his father. Although I have gotten some parish records, I have not managed to get Quaker records in Hull, but have seen that there was a growing community. I also assume Andrew had business connections in Hull and had been there at times before moving.
source: The American Genealogist, Vol 24 (Apr 1948) pp102-104. [see also vol 9 222-223] Article: "Andrew Smith of Hopewell, Mercer Co NJ" by Louis D. Cook of Philadelphia.
Says that in Hopewell 28 Feb 1702/3 Mr. John Talbot baptized Thos, Andrew, Eliz, Mary & Hannah, the children of Andrew Smith. Record is from the Register of St. Mary's Church, Burlington. That was the first Church of England mission in West Jersey, established 1702. Cook says that Andrew probably emigrated with the Yorkshire Friends via Burlington NJ, but his name is not found as a member of the Society in the registers of either Chesterfield or Burlington Monthly Meetings. Further, he was one of the original members of the Hopewell Chapel of St. Mary's [CoE]. Before establishing in Hopewell, he had had 200 ac of land fronting on the Falls of the Delaware (= modern Trenton).
Cook says there is a brief acct of the family in Hale, "History of the First Presbyterian Church of Pennington, NJ," 1876, and similar material in Cooley, "Genealogy of Early Settlers of Trenton & Essex, Old Hunterdon Co," 1883, but that both these sources confuse the progenitor with his son, Andrew. He says that the best acct of Andrew is in Ege's "Pioneers of Old Hopewell."
Cook in TAG is the source for all the kids' birthdates in my charts (to be posted in the near future), citing Bible records.
source: Ralph Ege, "Pioneers of Old Hopewell," 1908, pp114-5.
"To Andrew Smith may be given the honor of naming Hopewell township, and a short sketch of his history may not be out of place just here as he was the progenitor of a distinguished family in the early history of the township. In the deed of Cornelius Empson of Brandywine Creek, now Wilmington, DE, to Andrew Smith dd 20 may 1688, the tract is called `Hopewell,' and when on 20 Feb 1699, application was made by the inhabitants north of the falls of the Delaware for a new township, they requested in the petition that it be called `Hopewell.' There were 3 Andrew Smiths in succession, among the early settlers of Hopewell township, all of whom distinguished themselves: but in the published histories of the family they have not included the first Andrew, giving the credit of naming the township to the second.
"The will of the first Andrew Smith was dd 16 Jan 1703 and is not recorded, but is on file with the inventory of his estate in the office of the Sec of State at Trenton. He resided within the boundaries of old Hopewell township in the vicinity of the present site of the Hospital for the Insane now in Ewing township. In his will, which was proved 7 Mar 1703, he leaves a legacy to his son Andrew Smith, who married Sarah, son of the first Jonathan Stout of Hopewell, ..." [See will notes below.] "... and signed his name in the presence of Wm Hixson, Caleb Wheatley and Joshua Ward, all of whom resided in the vicinity of the falls at that time. The executors bond was signed by Thos Smith, Geo Willis and Emanuel Smith.
"The last named was the brother of Samuel, the author of `Smith's History of NJ,' published in 1765, and was doubtless a nephew of Andrew: and Geo Willis was the father-in-law of Emanuel." Appraisers included "Roger Parke, the father of John Parke who married Sarah Smith mentioned in the will."
"All of these parties resided at or near the falls in 1703, but several of them came to northern Hopewell soon after..."
source: Eli F. Cooley and William S. Cooley, "Genealogy of Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, 'Old Hunterdon County,' New Jersey" originally published Trenton, NJ 1883.
Note that Cook, above, claims the first Andrew is here confused with his son.
"Andrew Smith (1), the head of one of the families of that name that found a home in Hopewell - a surveyor by profession - gave the name of Hopewell to the first purchase of land, 200 acres, made in the township by him, in 1688, from which came the name of the town. His three sons, Andrew (2), Jonathan (3), and Timothy (4), were among its earliest settlers.
Andrew (2), son of Andrew (1), by his marriage with Mrs. Mershon, had children: Charles, not married; Zebulon, died, not married; and Andrew, who married Sarah, daughter of Josiah Hart, and had children: Benjamin, George Washington (5), Nathaniel (6).
George W. (5), son of Andrew (2), by his first wife, Mahala, daughter of Samuel Ege, had children: Benjamin; Sarah, wife of John Atchley; Mahala, married Joseph Rue Sexton, and moved West; Alfred; and Andrew Evens. By his second wife, Phebe, daughter of John Smith (7), a son, George.
Nathaniel (6), son of Andrew (2) married Eleanor, daughter of Jonathan Stout, and by her had: Jonathan; Wellington; Sarah, wife of Humphrey Hill; Andrew; Alexander; Ralph, married Catharine Baker; and Joanna.
Jonathan (3), son of Andrew (1), by his first wife, Miss Hixon, had children: John (7)(sic); Jonathan, who married Mary, daughter of Samuel Moore, had a son, Samuel, and a daughter, married Gideon Stout; Joseph, married a daughter of John Jones, and had a daughter, Rebecca, who married John Coryell, of Lambertville; William, not married; Mary, wife of William Moore, removed to Sussex county; Anna, wife of Amos Moore. His second wife was Abigail, daughter of Nathaniel Moore, then the widow of Sacket Moore.
John (7), son of Jonathan (3), was a ruling elder and trustee of the Pennington Presbyterian Church; married Sarah, daughter of Capt. John Moore, had children: Jonathan (8); Jane, wife of Theophilus Hunt; Phebe, second wife of George W. Smith (5); Sarah, wife of Creinyonce Van Cleve; a daughter married Joseph Titus; and Abigail, not married.
Jonathan (8), married Rebecca Wilson, whose children are: Jonathan, an elder in the church in Lambertville; Nathaniel; Elizabeth, wife of Aaron Moore; and Ketura, wife of Elijah Hart.
Timothy (4), son of Andrew (1), married Jane Lott, probably the daughter of Hendrick, or of his brother, Peter, of Trenton. By her he had children: Joseph; Andrew; George (9); John Berrien; Sarah, wife of James Wilson; Abigail, wife of John Vannoy; and Mary, wife of Stephen Titus.
George (9), son of Timothy (4) died 1831, aged 65, married Mary, daughter of Ralph Hart. She died 1856, aged 85, having had children: Ellen, wife of Morgan Scudder; Abigail, wife of Dr. John S. Mershon, their chidlren are: Ellen Scudder and Ralph Smith; Capt. Ralph, married Harriet, daughter of Maj. Stephen Burrowes, had one son, Stephen B."
source: NJ Colonial Documents: Revel's Book of Surveys.
"20 Jan 1680-1. Return of survey, for Andrew Smith, of 200 ac at the Falls of and along Dellaware R., adjoining Peter Fretwell."
"1684 5th m.(July). Return of survey, for Andrew Smith, of 200 ac, adjoining Wm Wood, per Daniel Leeds. Also of 50 ac adjoining the first, `formerly surveyed by S. Charles, since by Jno Meredith.'"
source: NJCD: WJ Records, Liber B, part 1.
"1688 May 21. [Deed?] Cornelius Empson of Brandy Wyne Cr, Penna, yeoman, to Andrew Smith of Hopewell, Burlington Co, yeoman, for 200 ac in sd Co, at Hopewell, part of 1-24 share, bought of Benj Padley of North Cave, Co of Yorke, England, baker, 21 Aug 1684."
"1697 Apr - . Return of survey, to Andrew Smith for his son Thomas Smith, of 100 ac, next to Roger Park's 400 ac."
"1697 Apr - . Return of survey, to Andrew Smith for his son Thomas Smith, of 200 ac on the Northside of Stony Brook, betw. Joshua Ward & John Houghton."
source: NJCD: Calendar of Wills.
"1703-4 Jan 16. Andrew Smith of Hopewell twnshp, Burlington Co, yeoman, will of. Children - Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, wife of Wm Scooley, Sarah, wife of John Parke. Legacy to John Fidler, `now servant to John Parke.' Real and personal estate. Execs: `my only son Thos' and dau Eliz. Witnesses: Wm Hixon, Caleb Wheately, Joshua Ward. In jurat of proof 7 Mar 1703-4 called Wood. Andrew is mentioned as son twice in the will."
When he says "my only son" - he must mean not then married. What abt Fidler: maybe previously his own servant? And it looks like his wife predeceased him, since she's not mentioned.

Andrew Smith III

b 8 Feb 1689/1690 Hopewell, Mercer, NJ, d bef 24 Apr 1767 Hopewell, NJ.

Surveyor in Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, NJ.

source: The American Genealogist, article by Lewis Wood cited in father's record gives dates of birth and death for this generation & all Andrew's children.
source: Ralph Ege, "Pioneers of Old Hopewell," p115.
His father's will left a legacy to "his son Andrew Smith, who married Sarah, dau of the first Jonathan Stout of Hopewell, and soon after the death of his father moved to the northern part of the township, and settled on the farm adjoining the Hopewell poor farm, now owned by Oliver G. Woodward."
source: NJ Colonial Documents: Calendar of Wills. Liber 13 p 220 Hunterdon.
"1763 Nov 2. Smith, Andrew of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, yeoman, will of. Eldest son Andrew L 5. Son Jonathan L 5. Son George L 5. Daughter Ann Titus L 5. Grandson Jonathan Smith, land whereon his father Charles lived, of 60 ac, when 21. If he die, then granddaughter Rachel North shall have said land. Granddau Rachel North L 20. Son Timothy, rest of my land. Exec: son Timothy. Wit: Felix Lott, John Corwine, Thos Wilson. Proved 24 Apr 1767. Lib 13 p220."
It's beyond his lifetime - but what happened in 1799? Four of his children are reported to have died within a month: Chas, Jos, Tho, John: Aug 8, 19, Sep 3, 7. Was there an epidemic? The report for Charles may be an error.

Andrew Smith IV

b 4 Nov 1709 Hopewell, Mercer, NJ, d 20 Mar 1794 , NJ.

source: John Colegrove said he'd found that Andrew was a judge in Hunterdon Co in 1739.
source: WE Merrill. See Liber 35 folio 114 Dept of State at Hopewell.
Will made 17 Oct 1774 bequeathed to his daughter Jemima, "one Spanish Pestole to her forever, if it should so happen that my Daughter Jemima should become poor and needy in this life I do require my Execs to give her reasonable relief out of my estate. I also give and devise to my daughter Jemima's children that she bear to Benjamin Merrill to wit: Saml, John, Andrew, Wm, Chas, Elijah, and Jonathan Merrill, Anna McCleary and Penelope Merrill to all and each of them severally 50 pounds."