Patterson Family Groups

Shannon county, Missouri

These Patterson family groups are of English origin, I believe. There are no Scots names among the known related groups, in any case. These are Protestant families, often Baptist in southern MO, Presbyterian both earlier and later. I haven't found any connection to the Pattersons in early PA or other Irish lines. I'm looking in NC and VA for Matthew's grandparents and parents. I have retained information only on Pattersons in VA, NC, TN, MO. Other (all!) Pattersons in early MO interest me and I'm entering them in my data to try to sort out who belongs to which early land record, so if your Pattersons were in MO 1790-1830 I'd especially like to hear from you.


Shannon Co, MO 1800's

Family Group

MATTHEW PATTERSON, b abt 1815 TN, d 1861-9 Shannon MO
possibly a son of Priscilla and William PATTERSON
DORETTY / DOROTHY / JAREDA / JURETTA BOZE, b 1820-3 TN, d aft 1870 Ripley or Shannon MO
parents unknown
Married 24 May 1838 Ripley Shannon MO
  1. WILLIAM PATTERSON SR, b 1839 Shannon MO, d --- Jackson, Shannon MO, bur Heiny Cem.
    m c1862 Shannon MO: Sarah Ann "Sally" CARTER
  2. MARY PATTERSON, b 1842 Shannon MO
  3. GEORGE PATTERSON, b 1848 MO, d aft 1870
    m: Mary Luana "Mollie" PATTON
  4. EMILY PATTERSON, b 25 Aug 1849 Shannon MO, d 1 Nov 1927 Coos Bay, OR (buried Norway Cemetery, Coos Bay, OR)
    m 9 Feb 1870 Shannon MO: John Melvin STURDIVANT
  5. JAMES PATTERSON, b 1850 Shannon MO, d aft 1880
    m abt 1869 Shannon MO: Jane ----
  6. JOHN ALFORD PATTERSON, b 1851 MO, d Oct 1901 Ink, Shannon MO, bur Summers Cem.
    m abt 1874 Shannon MO: Mary Delilah GEORGE
  7. SARAH PATTERSON, b 1853-4 Shannon or Texas Co, MO, d aft 1870 Texas Co?, MO
    m: Joel Thomas WILLIAMS


Husband: Matthew Patterson
1840 census Ripley Co MO. Age 20-30.
1850 census Shannon MO. Age 39 b TN, with wife and 5 children.
1860 census Shannon Co, Newtown township, MO. Age 45 b TN, with wife and 6 children.
1870 census Shannon Co, Jackson township, MO. Not present in household, so prior death assumed.
Wife: Juretta Boze
Ripley Co MO marriage records, 24 May 1838 Matthew Patterson and "Doretty Boze"
1850 census, Shannon MO. Age 30, b TN.
1860 census, Shannon MO, Newton township. Age 35.
Did she inflate her age to marry or decrease it as she aged? I'm going with the older age.
6 Jun 1870 census, Shannon MO, Jasper township, Big Creek PO.
Age 44 b TN, keeping house, husband not in household. RE 800, PE 400. With George, Emily, John and Sarah at home.
Add'l person in hshld: Nancy Bar, age 6, b MO.
1880 census. Not found in Shannon Co Patterson listings, but Juretta could still have been living with a married daughter.

Child #1: William Patterson
1850 census, Shannon MO. Age 11.
1860 census, Shannon MO. Age 21, in parents' household.
1870 census, Shannon MO. Age 32, with wife and 3 children.
Add'l person in hshld: Clarissa Carter, age 22; sister-in-law?
Child #2: Mary Patterson
1850 census, Shannon MO. Age 8.
1860 census, Shannon MO. Mary is no longer in her parents' household; so probably married before age 18.
Child #3: George Patterson
source: 1870 census, Shannon MO. Age 21, worked on farm.
Cathy Patterson, Portland OR says George & Mary had 2 girls, 1 boy.
Child #4: Emily Patterson
1870 census, Shannon MO.
source: Cathy Patterson says she "is listed as having 5 girls and 7 boys."
Child #5: James Patterson
1850 census, Shannon MO. Age 6.
1860 census, Shannon MO. Age 16.
1870 census, Shannon MO. Age 25 with wife Jane, no children.
1880 census, Shannon MO. Age 35 with wife Nancy E. and 5 children.
Two Purcell children also in household. Kids' ages give rise to many questions.

Child #6: John Alford Patterson
family members. Died from drinking water from a contaminated well.
Child #7: Sarah Patterson
1870 census, Shannon MO.


Shannon Co, MO 1800's

Family Group

JOHN ALFORD PATTERSON, b 1851 MO, d Oct 1901 Ink, Shannon MO, bur Summers Cemetery, Shannon Co
Son of Doretty/Juretta BOZE and Matthew PATTERSON
MARY DELILAH GEORGE, b 24 Apr 1856 Ink, Shannon, MO, d 20 Oct 1938 Eminence, Shannon MO, bur Summers Cemetery, Shannon Co
Dau of Kassie GRAVES and John GEORGE
Married abt 1874 Shannon MO.
  1. GEORGE W. "COBBLER" PATTERSON, b 7 Dec 1874 Shannon, MO, d 17 Dec 1952 West Plains, Howell, MO, bur Oak Lawn Cem, W Plains
    m abt 1900 Shannon MO: Hulda Rebecca BulLICK
  2. ROSELLA "ROSIE" (PRISCILLA?) PATTERSON, b 3 Aug 1878 Shannon MO, bur Riley Cemetery, Texas Co, MO
    m 2 Sep 1899 Shannon MO: Frank A. LOYAL
  3. WILLIAM N. PATTERSON, b 1879 Shannon MO
  4. ANDREW JACKSON PATTERSON, b 22 Dec 1883 Shannon MO, d 18 Oct 1972 Kansas City, KS, buried Augusta, Butler Co, MO
    m 17 Jun 1906: Winnie Victoria FISHER
  5. JAMES EDWARD "ED" PATTERSON, 17 Jul 1886 Rector, Shannon MO, d Nov 1963 St. Louis, MO
    m(1) 1909 Eminence, Shannon MO, divorced Salem, Dent Co: Maude HELBERT m(2)Remarried and redivorced, probably in St. Louis, Maude. m(3) abt 1932 and divorced Rose, surname unknown.
  6. (Ed's twin) died at birth 17 Jul 1886
  7. MARADA "RADY" PATTERSON, b 9 Nov 1888 Shannon MO, d 13 Oct 1974 Rector, Shannon MO, bur New Eminence Cem.
    m1: 26 Mar 1905 Shannon MO: Jonathan W. BANKS
    supposed m2: ---- RANDOLPH
  8. NEWTON PATTERSON, b abt 1890 Ink, Shannon MO, d 1901 Shannon MO
    m 1912: Carrie L. PATTON
  10. MARY JANE PATTERSON, b 23 or 25 Apr 1899 Shannon MO
    m: Fernand GILLIARD


Shannon Co 1880 census, Jasper twnshp
where a couple of his brothers had also moved (their parents were in Jackson, 1870).
Died from drinking from a contaminated well.
for date of death and middle name, John and Martha Patterson in Portland, OR, related by their dau-in-law, Cathy Patterson.
source: Cathy Patterson, Portland OR.
He is listed as having 4 boys and 3 girls.
Birthdate may have been 1854 - which is what Wm Vaughn's notes say is noted at his grave.

1870 census Shannon MO Jasper township
shows the Georges along with some of the Summerses, Prices, Ranneys, Alex Deatherage and Geo Chilton.
The Jasper enumeration is very small.
grandchildren Don and Velma Patterson always spoke of her fine singing voice.
photos and her acquaintances. A slender woman with a remarkably large goiter in later life.
MO death certificate #36975. Informant: John Banks (son-in-law).
Cause of death: myocarditis and gall stones. WT Emdy, MD, was not attending her; last saw her in Sept.
Buried in Summers cemetery, no funeral director.
Mary's place of residence was still Round Spring, but place of death indicated is Eminence.

document from Martha Patterson, quoted by Cathy Patterson
Gives birth and death dates, location, wife's name, marriage date, children.
sources: brother Ed Patterson, info given abt 1962; niece Velma Patterson, info given abt 1978
said his wife's name was Aubela; had his birthdate as 1876

1880 census Shannon MO
The name of the 2-yr-old dau is Priscilla - matching her father's supposed grandmother's name; but the dau this age we know of as Rosie.
Cathy Patterson, wife of a grandson of Andy's.
1870 census Shannon MO, Jackson township
Shows the Pattersons, near Purcells, some of the Summerses, and John Wells.
Child #7: Marada (Rady) PATTERSON
I believe she attended Ed's funeral in 1963; but if that Rady were she, she remarried after Banks.
Child #8: Newton PATTERSON
Ed Patterson, c1962. He died from a broken back as the result of a fall.
source: 16 Jan 1920 census, Shannon MO, Jasper twnshp
Owns his house, no mortgage. Laborer - timber - wage worker.
Reports that his parents were both born in MO.
Neighbor is Alfred Patterson, 15 yrs older.


Shannon MO 1870s - 1950s

Family Group Record

WILLIAM S. "BILLIE" PATTERSON, JR., b 1873/1874 Shannon, MO, d 1951 Shannon, MO bur Summers Cemetery, Spring Valley, Shannon Co
Son of William PATTERSON Sr. and Sarah Ann "Sally" CARTER
AUGUSTA "GUSTIE" BRANSON, b Sep 1878 Shannon, MO, d 1942 Shannon, MO, bur Summers Cemetery, Spring Valley, Shannon Co
Dau of Samuel Rolla BRANSON and Rebekah DAVIS
Married 1893 Shannon, MO
  1. ARTIE M. PATTERSON, b Nov 1896 Shannon, MO
    m: Frank SHEDD
  2. BURR PATTERSON, b Nov 1898 Newton, Shannon, MO
  3. STELLA F. PATTERSON, b 1900 Jasper, Shannon, MO
    m : Paul BALES
  4. CORA MAUDE PATTERSON, b 1902 Jasper, Shannon, MO
    m : ---- SHORT
    m : Otho HAVERSTICK
  6. LEONA PATTERSON, b 1908 Jasper, Shannon, MO
    m : ---- SHOCKLEY
  7. NORA PATTERSON, b 1909/1910
    m :
    m : Lotus LEWIS
    m : Goldie SMITH
    m : Wilmer ROGERS


Husband: William S. "Billie" PATTERSON Jr.
1880 census, Shannon MO, age 6.
source: 1900 census, Shannon MO, Newton twnshp, Sinkin & Timber PO.
Married 6 yrs. Farmer. Owns his farm free of mortgage.
Parents b MO & TX.
1910 census,Jasper township, Shannon Co.
Farmer. Married 17 years. Says his mother was from TX.
Both the 1900 and 1910 censuses list him as Wm M - not Wm S.

Wife: Augusta "Gustie" BRANSON
1900 census.
Mother of 3 kids, 2 living. Parents b MO.
6 May 1910 census Jasper twnshp Shannon MO.
Mother of 7 kids, 4 living.

Child 1: Artie M. PATTERSON
6 May 1910 census Shannon MO Jasper twnshp 13 yrs old
marriage info from Cathy Patterson
Child 3: Stella F. PATTERSON
6 May 1910 census, 10 years old
Child 4: Cora Maude PATTERSON
1910 census
Shows "Cora M." b 1902, which is the yr Maude was born so guessing this is one and the same
Cathy Patterson simply has her as "Maude"
1920 MO census Shannon Co Newton twnshp
Hshld of Isac and Lillie Spurgin shows Maude Patterson as a boarder - also Charlie and Pearl Wells and one other. Reports she was a public school teacher. I believe that's this Maude.
Child 6: Leona PATTERSON
Age 2 in 1910 census.
Other marriages: Clarence SHOCKLEY
Child 9: Paul PATTERSON
They had 8 children, I have no record of them yet.
Child 10: Lorraine PATTERSON
They had 2 daughters. I have no record of them yet.


Shannon Co, MO > Kansas City, KS 1880s - 1972

Family Group Record

ANDREW JACKSON PATTERSON, b 22 Dec 1883 Rector, Shannon, MO, d 18 Oct 1972 Kansas City, KS
Son of John Alford PATTERSON and Mary Delilah GEORGE
WINNIE VICTORIA FISHER, b 2 Apr 1889, d 22 Dec 1969 Kansas City, KS
Dau of William Andrew FISHER and Louise J. JEWELL
Married 17 Jun 1906
  1. Nellie May PATTERSON b 6 Dec 1907, d Jan 1994 Kansas City, KS
    m 6 Oct 1925 Hutchinson, Reno Co: Otis BASSETT
  2. Edith Ruth PATTERSON b 11 Aug 1909, d 7 Dec 1934 Wichita, Sedgwick, KS
    m1: Lloyd HUDSON
    m2: Clifford TIBBS
    m3 25 Oct 1925: E.O. JOHNSON
  3. Mary Jane PATTERSON b 21 Jun 1913, d 6 Feb 1967 Estacada, Clackams, OR
    m 22 Dec 1928: Orla Gilman REISCH b 7 Sep 1905, d Mar 1984 Pasco, WA
  4. John William PATTERSON, Sr. b 15 Aug 1915 Montier, Shannon, MO, d 10 Aug 1998 Washington, OR
    m 10 Jul 1937 Augusta, KS: Martha Elizabeth WOFFORD b 17 Oct 1911 Calico Rock, AR, d 5 Jun 1996 Portland, OR
  5. Cassie Ann PATTERSON b 3 Apr 1917
    m 20 Dec 1933: Clifford REISCH b 26 Jan 1910, d Aug 1975 Augusta, KS
  6. Clarence Paul PATTERSON b 14 Mar 1921, d 18 Apr 1973 Newton, KS
    m1: Virginia THOMPSON
    m2 18 Sep 1940 and divorced: Rogene E. AIKEN
  7. Thomas J.J. PATTERSON b 1 Jun 1929
    m 10 Jun 1949 Enid, OK: Ruby Jean WEBB


Family group
Cathy Patterson, whose husband is the son of John William (child #4 above).
some death dates from SSDI
Wife: Winnie Victoria Fisher
source: Cathy Patterson, Portland, OR.
At the time of her death she had two living brothers, John Fisher of Berthoud, Colorado, and James E. Fisher of Laporte, Colorado. She had 22 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren.
Child #2: Edith Ruth Patterson
source: Cathy Patterson - says she died from a ruptured appendix.


Shannon Co, Salem, Cape Girardeau & St. Louis, MO 1880s - 1980

Pat's grandparents

Family Group Record

JAMES EDWARD PATTERSON, b 17 Jul 1886 Rector, Shannon, MO, d Nov 1963 St. Louis, MO
Son of John Alford PATTERSON and Mary Delilah GEORGE
MAUDE HELBERT, b 22 Jun 1885 Hillsboro, Hill Co,TX, d 4 May 1980 St. Louis, MO
Dau of John Thomas MURPHY HELBERT and Hannah Minerva BRANSON
Married 1909 Eminence, Shannon MO; divorced, said to have remarried, redivorced.
  1. VELMA ELAINE PATTERSON, b 19 Jan Shannon MO; living in Porter, TX
    m 18 Jan 1930 St. Louis, MO: Frederick Claude KIRBY, Jr.; divorced 1930s.
    One child was born to this couple.
  2. VERNON PATTERSON, b 25 Mar 1910 St. Louis, MO, d Dec 1985 CA
    m CA: Frances ----; divorced.
  3. DONALD SIGEL PATTERSON, b 3 Nov Rector, Shannon, MO; living in SC m 15 Jul 1939 Kansas City, MO: Geneva Helen ABBOTT

    Pat's parents. Two children in the family.


Husband: James Edward Patterson
known to this writer: my grandfather.
1870 census
shows the Pattersons were in the Jackson part of Shannon Co, along with Purcells, some of the Summerses, and John Wells.
soundex for 1910 census MO. St Louis City ref 108 0435 0446
Jas E age 24 b MO, Maude age 23 b TX, "Delina" age 3 b MO, "Vernone" b MO.
subject's sister. Ed married Rose --- in 1932 (in Salem, Dent, MO?) and divorced; no children.
subject's sister.
Ed and Maude first lived in Shannon Co on a farm on the Current River. Velma remembers watching the clubhouse being built at Pulltite Springs nearby. They had square dances once a week; Ed was a great caller. But Maude was tired of the country, and made Ed sell the farm, Velma says. They moved to Salem, where Ed tried working the Raleigh spice route, but he was no salesman; they went broke, and lost the big white house they'd been living in. Ed found work in St. Louis, for the streetcars, probably abt 1923. But Maude didn't want to live in St. Louis, Ed couldn't find work in Salem, and they divorced. They were in St. Louis in 1910, where Ed was working on the streetcars. When Donald was born, the family was back in the country. The second marriage lasted only about a year and a half; they were in St. Louis over that period. Ed continued to work in St. Louis and made it his home. He lived in north St. Louis, near the water towers.

Wife: Maude Helbert
known to this writer: my grandmother; she told me family stories, as have my aunt. and father.
Maude was born at the top of a hill outside town (Hillsboro) - in the wagon they were travelling in, in a wagon train. The family returned to TX after 6 months - so traveled back to MO in the winter. Later they briefly moved to Oklahoma, where Maude's brother Frank died of pneumonia at age 17. That should have been abt 1901.
Sometime around 1912-3, Maude contracted tuberculosis, and her doctor said that the only choice she had was to move to Denver for the thin air. Don says Velma remembers their packing lunches and other food for the long train ride out there. Once 6 feet of snow fell, and Ed had to dig a tunnel through the snow to get to the animals in the barn. Don guesses they must have stayed out there 18-24 months; they were back on the farm on the Current River when he was born. (Weather records might help date this trip.)
Maude's father died May 1913. Was she home then? Don remembers her crying because they couldn't put up a headstone for him.
A very independent, strong-minded woman, like her mother. A devoted mother to her children, she worked after her divorce. She sold insurance and real estate in Salem and worked as a nurse in St. Louis. She worked until age 70!
A collector by nature: of books, especially Western stories; English dinnerware; prints of ships.
She was always interested in current events and loved to discuss them.
In later life, in her city apartment and then in her house, she kept her gun handy - in a basket, under a lace handkerchief.

Child 1: Velma Elaine PATTERSON
the subject.
Velma remembers the family moving to Denver when she was abt 7 yrs old. Maude had TB, and the doctor thought that Denver's air offered her only hope. The family moved there by train, taking sandwiches for the journey, but moving with nothing other than their clothing. They must have stayed abt a year and a half or two years; Maude did recover, and they returned to MO. Two particular memories stand out: snowfalls that piled up over the rooftops; and the presence of her first black classmates at school.
Velma moved to Chicago when she was 18, and lived with her Uncle Charlie's family. She enjoyed being with her cousin Beulah, to whom she had always been close. She did well at work, and thought she had a good future there, but gave up her job and returned to St. Louis and her mother's house.
She met her husband at a dance party on the riverboat; she attended with a workmate, the two of them having been given tickets by her boss; and that workmate knew Fred from high school, and so introduced them. They were engaged after 2 weeks, and married after about a year. They were divorced within the decade.
A dutiful as well as loving daughter, she lived near or with her mother for the rest of Maude's life, and took great care of her. She remembers taking care of her Aunt Annie (Helbert) as well, back in the 1930's, living with her aunt during Annie's final illness.
Child 2: Vernon PATTERSON
death date from SocSec Death Index.
known to this writer.
Vernon was mugged; brain damage resulted, and he was institutionalized for the rest of his life, in CA.
subject's brother
Vernon was married and divorced in CA. A daughter was born to the couple.
Child 3: Donald S. PATTERSON
See Don's page.


Shannon MO 1890s -

Family Group Record

CHARLES L. PATTERSON, b 1891 Shannon, MO
Son of John Alford PATTERSON and Mary Delilah GEORGE
Dau of Julia A.. and John PATTON
Married 1912 MO.
  2. GLENN PATTERSON, b 1916


Husband: Charles L. PATTERSON
16 Jan 1920 census, Shannon MO, Jasper twnshp
Owns his house, no mortgage. Laborer - timber - wage worker. Reports parents b MO.
Neighbor is Alfred Patterson, 15 yrs older.

Wife: Carrie L. PATTON
16 Jan 1920 census, Shannon MO, Jasper twnshp
Reports parents b MO