Will of James FOWLER

Dated 27 April 1709, Proved 13 May 1709

From the Virginia Historical Magazine under "Virginia Gleanings in England

James Fowler, Mile end, Stepney Parish, late an inhabitant of Nansem[on]d County on James River in Virginia, gentl.
Debts in England to be paid and present stock for Trade in Virginia to be kept intact for purchasing of Moneys, Tobacco, and other Goods etc. as Executor or Executrix desire to Remitt and Ship for England, and my wife Elizabeth Fowler yearly consigne such Goods to my loveing Friend Mr. John Goodwin, Merchant in London, or as said John Goodwin shall order Elsewhere in England, etc. This my desire Mr. Robert Betty, who with my wife has the sole management of my concerns in Virginia during my absence be still continued and executor and executrix allow him yearly sallary I agreed to allow which was as much as he was to have from Capt. Richard Lovell, late of Norfolk County, Virginia, deceased. To wife Elizabeth Fowler my Mannor house and plantation in Upper Parish of Nansem[on]d County in Virginia for life, then to Brother Daniell Fowler's son called Roarry Fowler, being eldest son now living. Also to said Roarry Fowler Edy's Plantation. To God Daughter Margaret Sullivan, daughter of Mr. Daniell Sullivan, Land and Plantation at Summerton called Oadhams Plantations, now in tenure of one Mr. Crawford, and if she die to her brother Daniel Sullivan. To said Margaret Sullivan Two Cows and Two Calves and silver spoon marked J: S: To Mr. Robert Betty my black Rideing Horse and my own rideing Saddle and furniture and L6 for mourning. To Friend Richard Parker my Negro Boy called Cadger, but. if wife not willing to part with him, she to buy a Negro boy of 14, healthy and sound in his Limbs, for said Richard Parker. To Hester Mackey 12,000 pounds of Tobacco with Six head of Cattle (three Cows and three Calves) and a feather bed, suit of Curtains and Vallence or Rugg, and pair of Blancketts at 21 or marriage to be paid to her in Nansemond County. To servant Boy John Tabor when he shall be free two suits of Clothes, Set of Mathematicall Instruments, with my long Boat, Sailes and other materials for sailing her. To my very good Acquaintance Mr. Daniel Sullivan my own wearing watch with a mourning Ring. To wife all Negroes and Household Goods, Linnen, Plate, and Stock of Cattle, Horses, Mares, Sheep, and Hoggs in Virginia, but if Kinsman Roarry Fowler goe to Virginia then wife to fitt up a handsom Lodging Room for him till otherwise provided.
Executor and Executrix: Wife Elizabeth Fowler and Mr. John Goodwin.
Witnesses: Adam Watson, Rich. Waplington, Phil. Traheron
Lane 115

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