Abstracts of Wills from the Smith descent on these pages

Yorkshire records

The first three groups of records are taken from Rosalie Coudray Smith's report of her research. Tho Burnley's will was also reprinted in published Halifax parish wills available at the NYPL.

20 June 9 Henry VI (1431)
Release by Robert Tong, clerk, to William Smyth, of all his right in a messuage in Owlcotes.

8 September 1464
Grant by Richard Baildon of Kexby and Alice Baildon his wife to Guy Baildon their son of lands in Farsley in the parish of Calverley late of Cecily Gybson.
1 October 1464
Grant by Guy Baildon of Hustwayt to William Smyth of Oulcotes of lands etc in Farsley which he had of the gift of Richard Baildon his father, and Alice his wife.

7 January 30 Elizabeth (1587/8)
"William Smith, tenant for life of a moiety of Owlecotes now occupied by his son and heir Andrew to whom the reversion belongs, gives Andrew his life interest on his marriage with Susan, daughter of Laurence Waterhouse."
26 October 9 James I (1611)
Andrew Smith and Daniel Smith his son and heir to Christopher Nettleton. Lease of the messuage called Owlcotes for 1000 years. Same to same. Bond to perform covenants.
28 April 11 James I (1613)
Indenture between Christopher Nettleton and William Moore. The parties have purchased Owlcotes, the inheritance of Andrew and Daniel Smith, by a fine dated 23 Jan 9 James I and a recovery dated 1 Jul 10 James I. Nettleton here undertakes to produce the relevant deeds in his custody when called upon.

Re: Andrew Smith 1619-1671 Farsley, West Riding, Yorkshire
Will of his maternal uncle Tho Burneley, May 1666
"To Andrew Smith of Farsley, another of my sister's sonnes, his heirs &c. my dwelling house in Farsley, and other edifices, barns, &c., &c., and one house called Smithy House, and a close called Charley close, near Farsley Greene. To pay to Abraham, his brother, another of my sister's sons, L5, and L10 to Wm Smith, another brother."
So - Andrew was already 47 yrs old when he rec'd this inheritance, and he lived only another 5 yrs.

New Jersey Histories

Ralph Ege wrote, "The will of the first Andrew Smith was dd 16 Jan 1703 and is not recorded, but is on file with the inventory of his estate in the office of the Sec of State at Trenton. He resided within the boundaries of old Hopewell township in the vicinity of the present site of the Hospital for the Insane now in Ewing township.
In his will, which was proved 7 Mar 1703, he leaves a legacy to his son Andrew Smith, who married Sarah, son of the first Jonathan Stout of Hopewell, ... and signed his name in the presence of Wm Hixson, Caleb Wheatley and Joshua Ward, all of whom resided in the vicinity of the falls at that time. The executors bond was signed by Thos Smith, Geo Willis and Emanuel Smith.
"The last named was the brother of Samuel, the author of `Smith's History of NJ,' published in 1765, and was doubtless a nephew of Andrew; and Geo Willis was the father-in-law of Emanuel." Appraisers included "Roger Parke, the father of John Parke who married Sarah Smith mentioned in the will." "All of these parties resided at or near the falls in 1703, but several of them came to northern Hopewell soon after..."

New Jersey Archives, Abstracts of Wills

Andrew Smith of Hopewell twnshp, Burlington Co. Yeoman. Will dd 16 Jan 1703/4 proved 7 Mar 1703/4
Children - Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, wife of Wm Scooley, Sarah, wife of John Parke.
Legacy to John Fidler, `now servant to John Parke.' Real and personal estate.
Execs: `my only son Thos' and dau Eliz. [Why does he say "my only son" - must mean unmarried at that date?] Witnesses: Wm Hixon, Caleb Wheately, Joshua Ward. [Fidler: maybe previously his own servant?] It seems his wife predeceased him, since she's not mentioned.

Andrew Smith of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co, yeoman. Will dd 2 Nov 1763 proved 24 Apr 1767.
Eldest son Andrew L 5. Son Jonathan L 5. Son George L 5. Dau Ann Titus L 5.
Gson Jonathan Smith, land whereon his father Charles lived, of 60 ac, when 21. If he die, then gdau Rachel North shall have said land. Gdau Rachel North L 20. Son Timothy, rest of my land.
Exec: son Timothy.
Wit: Felix Lott, John Corwine, Thos Wilson.

Timothy Smith of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co. Will dd 3 Mar 1787, proved 11 Mar 1796.
Wife Jane. Sons Andrew, Geo, John B; Jos Smith dec'd; daus Abigail, Sarah, Mary. Gson Timothy son of Jos.
Execs: son Andrew & son-in-law Jas Wilson.

Andrew Smith. Will dd 17 Oct 1774; three years after his son-in-law's execution.
Bequeathed to his daughter Jemima, "one Spanish Pestole to her forever, if it should so happen that my Daughter Jemima should become poor and needy in this life I do require my Execs to give her reasonable relief out of my estate. I also give and devise to my daughter Jemima's children that she bear to Benjamin Merrill to wit: Saml, John, Andrew, Wm, Chas, Elijah, and Jonathan Merrill, Anna McCleary and Penelope Merrill to all and each of them severally 50 pounds."
So where is Nancy in this list: the same Anna McCleary? And Ellen = Penelope? That's the only way the various references make sense.
I wonder if Andrew and his daughter Jemima had seen each other since she left for NC, or after her husband's execution.

Jemima Smith: see her complete will dd 7 May 1801.
Names "my eldest son Samuel Meril, my daughter Nancy; John, William & Charles Meril; my daughter Ellien; my son Andrew Meril, my son Jonathan Meril, my son Elijah Meril"
Execs: sons Andrew and Jonathan

North Carolina Records

Samuel Merrill. Will probated in 1830? Some say he died 1803. Need to see the original records.
Mentioned his wife Sussanah, sons, Benjamin Smith, and Azariah, and daus Jemima Yarborough and Sarah.
Execs son Benj Llors (?) and son Azariah. Witnesses Wm Strange, Silas Bagett.
"From old Bible records we find that there was another daughter named Betty." I haven't seen them.