All the wills here are for surnames of mine, but some are not, or may not be, connected to my own lines.

ENGLISH WILLS in Pat's Genealogy Pages
Richard BRIG11 Jun 155125 Nov 1551Oldtowne
Heptonstall, Halifax, YKS
William BRYGGE14404 Nov 1440Heptonstall, Halifax, YKS----
Buckler HAWKINS26 Mar 17549 Jan 1758Bristol----
Francis HAWKINS24 Nov 169114 May 1692BristolPrerogative - Canterbury
Geoffrey HAWKINS3 Apr 1603 27 Jan 1603/4Bishopstrow, WiltsFiled in London
James HAWKINS7 Aug 176627 Nov 1766E Malling, KentPrerogative - Canterbury
John HAWKINS, Sr.29 Jul 169018 Aug 1691 BristolPrerogative - Canterbury
John HAWKINS10 Jun 17809 Mar 1792BristolPrerogative - Canterbury
Mary HAWKINS25 Jul 17935 Aug 1794BristolLondon probate
Thomas MERFYN2 Sep 1523 15 Oct 1523LondonLondon probate
John SMITH13 Aug 153426 Jun 1535Oveden, Halifax, YKS----
John SMITH6 May 153624 Jan 1536/7Solande
Eland, Halifax, YKS
John SMITH18 Mar 154120 May 1542---, Halifax, YKS----
John SMITH24 Nov 15429 Jan 1542/3Lightcliffe
Hyperome, Halifax, YKS
Thomas SMITH17 Apr 15587 Oct 1558Sowerby, Halifax, YKS----
William SMITH16 Aug 155826 Apr 1559Northowrom, Halifax, YKS----
Thomas TRETHERFFE20 Sep 152826 Oct 1529Tretherf, Ladock, CONArchdeacon's - Cornwall
Edmund WATERHOUSE7 Jun 155125 Nov 1551Sowerby, Halifax, YKS----
Edmunde WATERHOUSE24 Sep 155818 Jan 1558/9Sowerby, Halifax, YKS----
Edwarde WATERHOUSE12 Mar 1535/615 May 1536--, Halifax, YKS----
Edwarde WATTERHOUSE12 Jun 154314 Jul 1543Skyrcote, Halifax, YKS----
Elizabeth WATERHOUS16 Mar 1556/713 Apr 1557--, Halifax, YKS----
John WATTERHOUSE8 Apr 152111 Jun 1521Southowrome, Halifax, YKS----
John WATTERHOUSE1 Feb 1533/423 Sep 1534Skyrcote, Halifax, YKS----
John WATERHOUSE26 Jan 1545/619 Aug 1546Skyrcote, Halifax, YKS----
John WATTERHOWSE14 Apr 155623 Nov 1556Hollings
Warley, Halifax, YKS
Laurence WATTERHOUSE20 Nov 15356 Feb 1537/8Warley, Halifax, YKS----
Richard WATTERHOUSE3 Feb 1484/517 Feb 1484/5Warley, Halifax, YKS----
Richard WATTERHOUSE20 Dec 15383 Jun 1539Shibden, Halifax, YKS----
Richard WATTERHOUSE27 May 154012 Jul 1540--, Halifax, YKS----
Robert WATERHOUSE20 Jul 148110 Sep 1481--, Halifax, YKS----
Umfray WATTERHOUSE21 Aug 15453 Oct 1545Shelf, Halifax, YKS----