I have obtained copies of wills from county and state archives, and transcribed them as well as I could. Please excuse any errors or omissions. Most of the wills here are for surnames of mine, but some are not, or may not be, connected to my own lines. I would very much like to hear from anyone researching any family found here.

Wills are public records; but obtaining, transcribing and html-encoding these was my expense and countless hours of labor. Copying and pasting to your pages is not ethical. LINK to me if you like my content! I'll reciprocate to related, free content, if you wish.

See the index of ENGLISH WILLS.

Benjamin ABBOTTApr 1813Aug 1816Rowan NC
William ABBOTT Jun 1777 WakeNC
John ALFORD13 Nov 1748  FrederickVA
Robert ADKINS17 Feb 17153 Sep 1717Accomack VA
James BOAZ16 Aug 1847------PatrickVA
Benjamin BORDEN3 Apr 17429 Oct 1743OrangeVA
Thomas BRANSON Nov 1744 BurlingtonNJ
John (Day) BRANSONNov 1769Nov 1770 FrederickVA
Martha ANTRAM Osmund BRANSON12 d 2 m 1805 2 Feb 1808FrederickVA
Sarah (nee WHITE) BRANSON16d 6m 18295 Mar 1832 FrederickVA
William BUMPASS10 Mar 1776  OrangeNC
Jemima Smith [Merrill] BUTNER7 May 1801died 1803 RowanNC
Sampson DAVID26 April 182612 Jun 1826Campbell TN
John DAYFeb 1723/4Jun 1724Burlington NJ
Isham EAST12 Dec 1830Mar 1835 PatrickVA
Ann ELLIOT18 Jul 1777Aug 1777 SurryNC
George ELLIOT26 Feb 1803Mar 1805 MecklenburgNC
James ELLET / ELLIOTT4 Oct 1799May 1803 OrangeNC
William ELLET / ELLIOTT30 Mar 1791? RowanNC
Evan ELLIS8 Dec 1796  RowanNC
James ELLIS17 Sep 1817Nov 1817 LincolnTN
James ELLIS16 Aug 1845Jul 1849 LincolnTN
David EVANSOct 18081809 RowanNC
Hannah EVANS 28 Mar 1846 Jun 1846 LincolnTN
John EVAN(S) 8 May 1748 6 Jun 1748 LancasterPA
John EVENS 13 Dec 1759 Jul 1760 JohnstonNC
Morgan EVANS21 Jan 1747/8Apr 1748 LancasterPA
Nathan EVANS 11 May 178917 Sep 1798 LancasterPA
Nicholas EVANS18 Dec 17731773-1774 SurryNC
Sarah EVINS12 Sep 17113 Mar 1712/3 AccomackVA
William EVANS13 Oct 17572 May 1758 LancasterPA
David GEORGE5 Feb 1821May 1821 JohnstonNC
David W. GEORGE27 Jun 18344 Sep 1834 LincolnTN
Edward GEORGE25 Jun 1798  JeffersonTN
James GEORGE23 Feb 1810Apr 1810Knox TN
James GEORGE26 Feb 1832Sept 1832Wilson TN
Thomas GEORGE9 Nov 1842Feb 1844 GreenbrierVA > WV
James GOIN(G)24 Aug 1807Jan 1807(=08?)Patrick VA
Joseph GRAVES12 July 1774Aug 1774Surry NC
John HANCOCK10 Nov 1802Dec 1807 PatrickVA
Alexander HAWKINS Sr18 Aug 180416 Jan 1807 OglethorpeGA
Alexander HAWKINS22 Oct 18166 Mar 1822 OglethorpeGA
Bazel HAWKINS18 Jul 1836Nov 1836 OnslowNC
Eaton HAWKINS25 Jan 181214 Feb 1812 Greenville Dist.SC
Ezariah HAWKINS24 Jan 1826Nov 1829 OnslowNC
Fredrick HAWKINS24 Jun 182011 Aug 1820 Greenville Dist.SC
James HAWKINS18 Feb 175522 Mar 1755 PhiladelphiaPA
James HAWKINS Sr24 Feb? 1790    
Jesse HAWKINS26 Jun 184810 May 1853 Greenville Dist.SC
Joshua HAWKINS16 May 1801 Greenville Dist.SC
Pinkney HAWKINS20 Jul 184913 Aug 1849 Greenville Dist.SC
[Thomas E.] ASA HAWKINSFeb 1853Mar 1853 Scott MO
Thomas E. HAWKINS IIAug 1907Mar 1915 ScottMO
Willis Alston HAWKINS1876  SumterGA
William HUDGENSJun 1795abt 1799 RowanNC
James McGOWNNov 1769  OrangeNC
John McGOWAN17 Oct 177513 Nov 1775 or 1776 LancasterPA
Patrick McGOWAN20 Feb 182822 Feb 1828 LancasterPA
William McGOWAN5 Oct 1792Oct 1792 DuplinNC
William McGOWEN24 Sep 1853Jul 1860 DuplinNC
James McNEIL8 Oct 186431 Oct 1864 FayetteKY
Benjamin MERRILL1 Jun 1829Jan 1830 LincolnTN
James PATTERSON 3 Oct 173511 Nov 1735 LancasterPA
James PATTERSONFeb 1793Sep 1807 AugustaVA
John PATTERSON Sr10 Jul 1790May 1791 OrangeNC
John PATTERSONundatedJun 1844 GreenbrierVA > WV
Mary PATTERSON ? 5 Dec 1809 LancasterPA
Nathaniel PATTERSON25 Dec 1789May 1791 OrangeNC
Rebecca PATTERSONAug 18015 Aug 1805 LancasterPA
Samuel PATTERSON24 Mar 17728 Dec 1772 LancasterPA
Samuel PATTERSON2 May 1859  AugustaVA
William PATTERSON17 Apr 1833Jan 1835 LincolnTN
John PATTON7 Jan 1799  OrangeNC
Bennett PHILLIPS10 Nov 1776Aug 1777 SurryNC
John PHILLIPS Sr26 Sep 1839Nov 1839 JohnstonNC
Rainey PHILLIPS31 Mar 1798  OrangeNC
Philip ROBINSON3 Apr 176913 Jun 1770 LancasterPA
John SHOCKLEYJan 1761Jun 1766 WorcesterMD
Richard SHOCKLEY IDec 1708Aug 1716SomersetMD
Robert WRIGHT SrundatedJul 1809 PatrickVA
Andrew YOUNG Sr26 Feb 1855  AugustaVA
William S. YOUNG17 Sep 1858  Augustava
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